A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Fax. A former Chumashan village near Purisima mission, Santa Barbara co., Cal. Taylor in Cal. Farmer, Oct. 18, 1861.

Flunmuda. A former village, presumably Costanoan, connected with Dolores mission, San Francisco, Cal. Taylor in Cal. Farmer, Oct. 18, 1861.

Focomae. A Diegueño rancheria represented in the treaty of 1852 at Santa Isabel, s. Cal. H. R. Ex. Doc. 76, 34th Cong., 3d sess., 132, 1857.

Four Creek Tribes. A collective name for the Yokuts tribes or bands that re sided on the four streams tributary to L. Tulare, Cal. McKee (1851) in Sen. Ex. Doc. 4, 32d Cong., spec, sess., 80, 1853; Henley in Ind. Aff. Rep., 511, 1854.

Fyules. A former village in California, said to have been Esselen. Taylor in Cal. Farmer, Apr 20, 1860.