A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Fetkina. A Chnagmiut village on the n. arm of the Yukon delta, Alaska; pop. 30 in 1880. Petroff in 10th Census, Alaska, 111, 1884.

Fetutlin. A Hankutchin village of 106 people on upper Yukon r., Alaska, near the mouth of Forty-mile cr. Petroff, 10th Census, Alaska, map, 1884.

Fort Yukon. A Kutchakutchin village and trading post of 107 inhabitants at the junction of Yukon and Porcupine rs., Alaska. Petroff in 10th Census, Alaska, 62, 1884.

Fotshou’s Village. A summer camp of one of the Taku chiefs of the Tlingit named Gochai; 24 people were there in 1880. Petroff in 10th Census, Alaska, 32, 1884.

Fugitive. A former Kaniagmiut Eskimo village at Hobson harbor, Sitkalidak id., near Kodiak, Alaska. Lisiansky, Voy., 178, 1814.