Clowwewalla Indians. Significance unknown. Phonetically GiLā’wēwalamt. Also called:

  • Fall Indians,
  • Tumwater Indians, popular names.
  • Willamette Indians,
  • Willamette Falls Indians, popular names.

Clowwewalla Connections. The Clowwewalla belonged to the Clackamas division of the Chinookan linguistic stock.

Clowwewalla Location. At the falls of Willamette River.

Clowwewalla Subdivisions. The Clowwewalla may have included the Cushooks, Chahcowahs, and Nemalquinner of Lewis and Clark.

Clowwewalla Population. The Clowwewalla, or a part of them, were called Cushook by Lewis and Clark, who estimated that they numbered 650 in 1805-6. On this basis Mooney (1928) estimated there might have been 900 in 1780. They were greatly reduced by the epidemic of 1829 and in 1851 numbered 13. They are now apparently extinct.