Clatsop Indians (La-‘k!e-lak, ‘dried Salmon.’ boas). A Chinookan tribe formerly about Creek Adams on the south side of the Columbia River and extending up the river as far as Tongue Point and south along the coast to Tillamook Head, Oregon.  In 1806 their number, according to Lewis and Clark, was 200, in 14 houses.  In 1875 a few Clatsop were found living near Salmon River and were removed to Grande Ronde Reservation in Oregon.  The language is not practically extinct, and the remnant of the the tribe has been almost wholly absorbed by neighboring groups.  The villages of the Clatsop, so far as known, were Konope, Neacoxy, Neahkeluk, Niakewankih, Neahkstowt and Necotat.