The Choctaws, or Chahta, at the time of De Soto’s visit in 1540, were living south of the Chickasaws, and west of the Creeks. Unlike the surrounding tribes, they were peaceably disposed, and a nation of farmers, and much farther advanced in civilization than any of their neighbors. Coming in contact with the French, Spanish, English, and Americans, they have never been at war with any of them. Commenced moving west of the Mississippi in 1801, and by 1830 had exchanged all their lands for other in the Indian Territory. By 1861 had advanced far in civilization, numbering with the Chickasaws 25,000, with 5,000 slaves. In the civil war they joined first the South and then the North, losing a great deal in property, and a reduction to 17,000 of their population. They now number 16,000, of whom two-thirds are of mixed blood. Are governed by a written constitution; elect their chief every four years; have a council, consisting of 40 members, and a judiciary, and trial by jury.

Of the following subjects, nearly all are of mixed blood.

List of illustrations.

88. Israel Folsom.

89. Peter Folsom.

90. Samuel Folsom.

91. _______ Folsom.

92. Faunceway Baptists.

93. B. L. Le Flore.

94. Samuel Garland.

95. Colonel Pytchlynn.

96. Allen Wright.

936-7. Squaws.

938-9. Young Boys.