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Canton Asylum, 1910, List of Patients

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In 1898, Congress passed a bill creating the only ‘Institution for Insane Indians’ in the United States. The Canton Indian Insane Asylum, South Dakota (sometimes called Hiawatha Insane Asylum) opened for the reception of patients in January, 1903.

Many of the inmates were not mentally ill. Native Americans risked being confined in the asylum for alcoholism, opposing government or business interests, or for being culturally misunderstood. A 1927 investigation conducted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs determined that a large number of patients showed no signs of mental illness. The asylum was closed in 1934. While open, more than 350 patients were detained there, in terrible conditions. At least 121 died.

Land was set aside for a cemetery, but the Indian Office decided that stone markers for graves would be an unwarranted expense. Today, the cemetery (121 names) is located in the middle of a golf course in Canton. No one knows the cause of death of the incarcerated or why they were even at the asylum. The National Park Service has recently added the cemetery to the National Register of Historic Places.

This page covers all patients interred in Canton Asylum during the year of 1910.

June 28, 1910 Patients

NumberNameAgeSexFamily Relationship
2Bigmane, Joseph27MaleSingle
3Brings-the-Arroli, John46MaleMarried
4Brown, John43MaleMarried
5Clafflin, Charles79MaleWidower
7Deer, Amos33MaleSingle
8Goforth, William49MaleDivorced
9Hall, John40?MaleSingle
10Harrison, Steve35?MaleUnknown
11Hathorn, James12MaleSingle
12Hedges, Edward40MaleDivorced
13Iron, Herbert32MaleSingle
14Jordan, Joseph51MaleWidower
15McCarthy, Willie28MaleSingle
16Marlow, George24MaleSingle
17Marshall, Jos. D31MaleSingle
18Nakai Yezza33MaleMarried
21Red Cloud57MaleSingle
22Roubideaux, Davis23MaleSingle
23Sheppard, Richard37MaleSingle
24Smith, Frank36MaleWidower
25Starr, Frank21MaleSingle
26Taylor, Joseph21MaleSingle
27Thompson, Robert32MaleSingle
28Three Striker65MaleSingle
29Tom, Bob45MaleMarried
30Turpin, Peter17MaleSingle
31Two Crows, James17MaleSingle
32Wolf, Arch35MaleSingle
33Wolf, Howling53MaleMarried
34Blue Sky65?MaleMarried
45McIntosh, Louisa54FemaleWidow
47Maria, Lupe20FemaleSingle
50Porlier, Louisa34FemaleMarried
51Porter, Isabella22FemaleSingle
52Sheayounena, Minnie19FemaleMarried
53Spicer, Kattie21FemaleMarried
54Taylor, Lulu35FemaleMarried
55Vipont, Lizzie34FemaleMarried
57Waite, Emily41FemaleSingle
58Wash, Rose60FemaleWidow
59Washington, Nannie22FemaleMarried
60Wells, Josephine26FemaleSingle
61Womack, Mrs.88FemaleWidow
Source: Catalogue, United States Indian School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Carlisle Indian Press, Printed by Students, 1912.

MLA Source Citation: Web. 30 August 2016.
- Last updated on Oct 10th, 2013

This page is part of a larger collection. Access the full collection at Indian Schools Seminaries and Asylums.

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