(See Grant, Ghigau, and Adair) William Penn, son of Dr. Walter Thompson and Mary B. Adair was born January 10, 1861, educated at Male Seminary.

Married at Salina, April 12, 1891 Margaret, daughter of Virgil and Eliza Rogers born May 25, 1875.

They are the parents of DeWitt Jacob, born January 14, 1892, married Josephine Hume; Walter Thompson, born June 2, 1894, married Lina B. Reagan; Mary Ellen, September 18, 1897 and William Commodore Adair, born October 17, 1905.

Mr. Adair belongs to the Deer Clan and his Cherokee name is Augona. He is the owner of the telephone exchange at Adair.

John and Edward Adair, Scotchman and brothers, married into the Cherokee Nation in about 1770. John was the father of Walter Adair, called “Black Watt’ and Edward had a son, Walter Scott Adair, called “Red Watt’ Adair. Dr. Walter Thompson Adair, son of Geo. Washington and grandson of ‘Black Watt’ married Mary Buffington Adair the daughter of “Red Watt” Adair and they were the parents of William Penn Adair, the subject of sketch.

Mary Buffington Adair graduated from the Female Seminary in the first class in February, 1855. While the parents of Mrs. Adair were both Rogers’ before their marriage, they were not blood relatives.