Eaton, Ellis M. (See Grant and Downing)—Ellis Menchell, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Alberty) Eaton born Jan. 18, 1861.

Married Jan. 3, 1886, Mary, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth (Buffington) Alberty born Dec. 19, 1865.

They are the parents of: Lelia, born Apr. 7, 1887 and graduated from Female Seminary May 29, 1907; Richard, born Oct. 7, 1890, married Esther Gardner; William M,. born March 25, 1898 married Corn Thompson and Edgar W. Eaton born Aug. 29, 1899.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis M. Eaton are members of the Methodist church and he belongs to both of the Woodmen Orders.

Ellis Menchall Eaton was elected to the Council from Cooweescoowee District on August 7, 1899, and August 5, 1901. Moses Alberty, father of Mrs. Eaton was born April 22, 1820. He was Justice of the Middle Circuit of the Cherokee Nation from 1855 to 1859 and was elected Executive Councilor in 1867. He was the chief attorney for Ezekial Proctor who was charged with the murder at the time of the Going Snake court house fight in 1872 and during the fight he was shot and killed by what was supposed to have been an accidental stray shot.