30 Stat. L. 939

For salaries of four commissioners, appointed under acts of Congress approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, and March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, to negotiate with the Five Civilized Tribes in the Indian Territory, twenty thousand dollars: Provided, That the number of said com missioners is hereby fixed at four. For expenses of commissioners and necessary expenses of employees, sixty thousand dollars: And provided further, That three dollars per diem for expenses of a clerk detailed as special disbursing agent by Interior Department, while on duty with the Commission, shall be paid there from; for clerical help, including secretary of the Commission and interpreters, thirty-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars; for contingent expenses of the Commission, three thousand five hundred dollars ; in all, one hundred and twenty-three thousand four hundred and eighty dollars.

That said Commission shall continue to exercise all authority heretofore conferred on it by law.