According to the census taken, under the agency of Mr. Henry K. Schoolcraft, in pursuance of the act of Congress passed in March 1847, the following returns were made of the numbers of the Indian tribes subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

The grand total was set down at 388,229, and about 30,000 more was considered a probable estimate of tribes inhabiting districts yet unexplored. The “Ultimate Consolidated Tables of the Indian Population of the United States,” containing the results of the proposed investigation, are given substantially as follows, in Schoolcraft s “History, Condition, and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States: ”

  1. “Tribes whose vital and industrial statistics have been taken by Bands and Families, under the direction of the act of Congress,” including Iroquois, Algonquin, Appalachians, and Eastern Sioux 34,704
  2. “Tribes of the new States and Territories, South and West, including the acquisitions from Mexico, under the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,” viz.: of Texas, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Utah, and Florida, and consisting of Camanches, Apaches, Utahs, Shoshonees or Snake Indians, &c. 183,042
  3. Tribes between the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains, to the northward of Texas and New Mexico, viz.:
Assinaboins, south of lat. 49 deg. 1,000 Miamies 500
Arapahoes 3,500 Missouris 500
Absarokes, or Crows 4,000 Munsees 200
Aurickarees 1,500 Ottawas, west 300
Blackfeet 13,000 Otoes 500
Blood Indians (few reach the Missouri) 500 Omahas 2,000
Brothertons 600 Ogellahs 1,500
Cherokees 26,000 Pawnees 17,000
Creeks 25,000 Poncas 700
Chickasaws 5,000 Pottawatomiee 3,200
Choctaws 16,000 Peorias 150
Cheyennes 2,500 Piankeshaws 200
Caddoes 2,000 Quappas 400
Chippewas,west,and Red River, north ,l,500 Shawanees 1,600
Cayugas and Iroquois, west 30 Sioux of the Mississippi (not
Delawares 1,500 enumerated in No. 1) 9,000
Foxes and Sacs 2,400 Sioux of the Missouri (not
Gros Ventres 3,000 enumerated in No. 1) 5,500
Kiowas 2,000 Stockbridges 400
Kickapoos 600 Seminoles 1,500
Kanzas 1,600 Swan Creek and Black River
Kaskaskias 200 Chippewae (not enumerated
Menoinonies 2,500 in the Algonquin group) 200
Mandans, (?) 300 Tetans 3,000
Minitarees 2,500 Weas 250
Within the old States are the following remnants of ancient tribes:
Maine 956 Virginia Nottoways, mixed with the African race 40
Massachusetts 847 South Carolina Catawbas 200
Rhode Island Narragansetts 420 North Carolina Catawbas 250
Connecticut Mohegans 400 Together with Cherokees included in former table.
New York, besides the Iroquois before enumerated 40