George Owings, of Maryland, married a Miss Wells, by whom he had twelve children. He was married the second time, and had twelve children more. Two of his sons, John and Thomas, by his first wife, came to Missouri in 1816, and settled in Warren County. Thomas married Mary O’Brien, and moved to Illinois. John was in the war of 1812. He married Hattie McGarvey, by whom he had fifteen children James M., Richard, George W., David R., Joseph E., John B., Thomas, William H., Wesley, Rachel, Nancy, Julia, Maria, Eliza J., and Emily. All the children lived to be grown, and all married except Wesley and Rachel. Mr. Owings was a devout Methodist, and built a church near his house, which he called Ebenezer. He came to Missouri in a cart, drawn by two horses, one before the other. He kept this cart for many years, and used it on his farm.