David Baker, son of Robert Baker, of England, married Mary Anderson, in November, 1756, and settled in Norfolk, Va. They had Elizabeth, Mary, Benjamin, David, Robert, Sarah, Dempsey, Thomas, and James. David was born in November, 1763. He married Judith Johnson, and they had-Sylvester, Thomas J., and John. Sylvester, who was born in 1791, married the widow of John Johnson, whose maiden name was Elsey Ward, and settled in Montgomery Co., Mo., in 1820. His children were-Judith, David W., Sylvester, Jr., William M., and John F. Capt. John Baker was born in 1795. He married Lizzie Johnson, and settled in Montgomery County in 1820. They had-Sylvester C., Elsey A., Robert W., John J., Mary K., Judith M., Margaret E., and Dicey B. V. Capt. Baker built a water mill on Loutre creek, and a rather singular circumstance happened to it one day. The mill was running at full speed, with a heavy head of water on, when the wheel suddenly blocked .and the machinery stopped with a jar and crash that shook the mill to its foundation. Upon examining the wheel a large cat-fish was found in it. The fish was taken out, a handspike run through its gills, and two tall Negroes hoisted it on their shoulders and carried it to the house; and it was so long that its tail dragged on the ground. This is a considerable fish story, but it is true.