Capt. Hart was a native of the State of New Jersey, where, during the French and Indian war, previous to the American Revolution, he raised a company of men and was commissioned Captain. He was with General Wolf’s army at the battle of Quebec, in Canada, in 1759, where that gallant young general fell. Capt. Hart’s company behaved with great gallantry on that occasion, and the men, who were dressed in blue uniforms, were afterward known as the “Jersey Blues.” Honest John Hart, as he was called, was a son of Capt. Hart, and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Nathaniel, the fourth son of Honest John Hart, settled in Mason County, Ky., in 1795. His son, also named Nathaniel, was born May 5, 1794, and came to Missouri in 1819. He settled first in St. Charles County, where he remained one year, and then, in 1820, removed to Warren County, and settled near Pinckney; where, on March 6th, 1823, he was married to Unity L. Marshall, daughter of John Marshall, of Montgomery County, Ky., who was one of the first settlers of Warren County. Mr. Hart is now living in Boone County, in his 83’d year. He had several children, but they all died in infancy, except two sons, Joseph E. and Alfred H., who also live in Boone County. He has in his possession a cane that belonged to his grandfather, Honest John Hart.