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Aarons, Joshua, private
Adams, Isaac, private
Adams, John, private
Adams, William, private
Adcock, Reuben, private
Alexander, Robert, Ensign
Allen, William, private
Allison, William, private
Anderson, Absalom, private
Anderson, Harriss, corporal
Anderson, John, private
Anderson, Robert, sergeant
Anderson, Samuel, private
Anding, George, private
Anding, John, private
Andrews, Clevers, private
Andrews, Philo, quartermaster
Applewhite, Stephen, corporal
Armstrong, William private
Arnold, James, private
Arthurs, George, corporal
Ashton, Henry, corporal
Ashwell, Solomon, private
Asque, Henry, private
Babcock, Jesse, private
Bagby, John, sergeant
Baker, John, private
Baker, Joseph, private
Baldridge, Francis, private
Baley, James, private
Ball, Sampson E., corporal
Ball, Spencer, private
Ballard, Lewis, private
Ballard, Nathan, private
Bankston, James, private
Barker, David, private
Barksdale, Richard H., private
Barnes, John, private
Barnes, Samuel, private
Barnes, Thomas, private
Barnett, Joshua, private
Bass, Robert, private
Batchelder, Samuel, captain
Bates, Elijah, private
Batson, Seth, private
Beauford, Bird, private
Season, William, private
Beaty, Thomas, corporal
Beck, John, private
Bell, William, private
Bender, Lot, private
Bennett, David, corporal
Bennett, Henry, private
Benson, James, private
Benson, Samuel, private
Berkley, Abraham, private
Bernard, Heslen, private
Berry, John, private
Berry, Middleton, corporal
Berry, Thomas, private
Berry, Young, sergeant
Biggs, David, corporal
Biggs, James, private
Bill, ,waiter
Binum, Parham T., private
Black, George, private
Blackman, Carrol, private
Blackman, Peter, corporal
Block, George, private
Bond, James, ensign
Bond, John, captain
Bond, Moses, private
Bond, William, private
Booth, John, private
Bossley, William, private
Bostwick, Nathaniel, private
Bowie, John, private
Bowie, John F., adjutant
Bowling, Arthur, sergeant
Bradey, Samuel, private
Bradley, Luther, sergeant
Bradshaw, Richard, private
Brady, William, private
Brandon, Joseph, private
Brazil, Isham, private
Breland, Hilry, private
Brewer, Osborn, private
Brice, James, private
Bridgers, William sergeant
Bridges, John, private
Briley, Job, private
Brimmer, Charles, sergeant
Briscoe, Parmenas, captain
Britton, James, private
Brooks, Charles, private
Brooks, Joseph, private
Brown, George, private
Brown, James, private
Brown, Jesse, corporal
Brown, John, corporal
Brown, John, private
Brown, John A., private
Brown, Moses, private
Brown, Wylie, private
Bucannan, John, private
Buchanan, Hector, private
Buck, John F., private
Buckley, John, private
Buckley, William C, private
Buford, Josiah, private
Bullock, James, private
Burch, William H., private
Burk, James, private
Burk, Martin, private
Burk, William, private
Burnett, John, private
Burney, Joseph, private
Burnham, Gabriel, private
Burns, James, corporal
Burns, John, drummer
Cade, William, private
Cain, William, private
Calcote, James, private
Calvit, Stephen, corporal
Campbell, Silas, private
Carney, Jerry, corporal
Carpenter, Solomon, private
Carroll, William, private
Carson, Samuel M., private
Carson, William, private
Carter, Isaac, private
Carter, Marcus E., private
Carter, Mashak, private
Carter, Moses, private
Case, Joseph, private
Cashin, Lawrence, private
Cassells, Henry, major
Catoo, Wyche, private
Causey, Jonas, private
Causey, Solomon, private
Causey, William, private
Ceaser, Reuben, private
Chambers, Israel, private
Chancy, Ausbon, private
Chapman, George, private
Cheatham, Thomas R., corporal
Cheek, Henry H., Lieutenant
Chestnut, David, private
Chisholm, Cockburn, private
Clark, Lewis, private
Clark, William, private
Clarke, John, private
Clarke, Thomas, private
Clayton, Samuel, private
Clear, John, private
Cobb, Frederick, private
Cockerham, Benjamin, private
Cockerham, David, private
Cockerham, George, private
Coddle, William, private
Coker, Bryant, private
Cole, Mason G., private
Coleman, George, private
Coleman, Levi, private
Coleman, Nathaniel, private
Coleman, Robert, private
Collier, Vines L., ensign
Collins, John, private
Collins, Joshua, private
Collins, William, private
Colvinn, Andrew, private
Conner, Thomas, corporal
Cook, Isaac, private
Cook, Matthew, private
Cook, Tirey, private
Cooper, Jesse, private
Cooper, William, private
Coopper, Hamelton, private
Coopper, John, private
Copeland, Moses, private
Corley, Henry, private
Cotton, Eli, private
Cotton, Willis, private
Coulter, William E., fifer
Courtney, James, private
Coward, Hezekiah, private
Cowen, John, corporal
Cox, Ignatius, private
Cox, Kullin, private
Cozby, William, private
Craven, William, private
Cravens, Michael, private
Crawford, William, private
Crumpton, William, private
Culby, James, drum major
Culwell, Thomas, sergeant
Cup, Michael, private
Currie, Malcome, ensign
Curry, Robert, sergeant
Curtis, Reuben, private
Dadon, Chevalier, private
Daniels, Shem L., private
Darden, Washington, captain
Dagghdrell, John, private
Davis, David, private
Davis, James, private
Davis, John, private
Davis, John, private
Davis, Joseph, private
Davis, Robert P., private
Davis, Samuel, private
Davis, Zacheus, corporal
Dawson, Thomas, ensign
Day, Benjamin B., private
Dean, John, private
DeGraftenreed, Francis, private
Delaney, William, private
Delling, Willis, private
Delvach, Jesse, private
Dennis, George P., private
Dennis, James, private
Denton, James, private
Desha, Benjamin, private
Devine, William, private
Dixon, Shadrack, private
Dodd, John, first lieutenant
Donahoe, John, private
Donley, William, private
Donchoo, Charles, private
Doss, Henry, corporal
Douthill, Jedikial, private
Dowling, John, private
Downs, Jeremiah, captain
Drake, Edmund, sergeant
Drear, Christopher, private
Druyard, Antonio, private
Dukes, Jeptha, private
Dunnum, Robert C., corporal
Durant, Locklin, private
Durdoe, Clement, private
Duvall, John, private
Dyer, Absalom, private
Dyer, Obadiah, private
Eastin, Thomas, first Lieutenant and quartermaster
Edmond, , waiter
Edwards, Everett, private
Edwards, Jesse, private
Edwards, Matthew, corporal
Elkins, Ralph, private
Elliot, John, private
Elliott, Samuel, private
Ellis, Stephen, private
Ellison, William, private
Ellmore, George, private
Elmore, John, private
Embrey, Elijah, private
Emery, William, private
Eubanks, John, private
Evans, Gideon I., corporal
Evans, Isaac, private
Evans, John, first sergeant
Evans, William, private
Ewell, Reuben, private
Ewell, William, sergeant
Fagan, William, private
Fairman, Benjamin, private
Fake, John, private
Fanner, Joseph D., private
Farchild, John, private
Farley, Elihu, private
Farrar, Dennis B., private
Fatheree, Reading, corporal
Ferguson, Edward, private
Ferguson, William, private
Ferrell, Daniel, sergeant
Ferrell, John, sergeant
Ferry, John, private
Fielder, William, private
Fields, James, private
Finney, John, private
Flemming, William, private
Flowers, James, private
Ford, Absalom, sergeant
Ford, Joseph, private
Fountain, William M., sergeant
Fuller, Oliver W., fife major
Fuller, Richard, corporal
Futch, Onesemus, private
Gardner, William, sergeant
Garlington, Benjamin, musician
Garrada, William, private
Catling, John, private
German, Presley, private
Germany, Benjamin, private
Germany, Washington, sergeant
Gibson, Michael, private
Gibson, Reuben, private
‘ Gilbert, Philip, private
Gilbert, William, private
Gilchrist, Malcolm, sergeant major
Gillaspie, Robert, ensign
Gillman, James, private
Gilmore, George, private
Glassburn, Godfrey, captain
Glasscock, Elijah, private
Gold, William, private
Goodson, Benjamin, private
Goodson, James, trumpeter
Gordon, John M., private
Gordon, Sandy, private
Gradey, William, private
Graham, George, private
Graham, James, private
Graham, William, corporal
Graves, Augustus A., private
Gray, David I., private
Gray, George, private
Gray, John, private
Grayson, Robert, private
Green, Ephraim, trumpeter
Green, John, private
Green, Leonard, private
Green, William, private
Greenlee, Elisha, private
Griffen, David, private
Grigg, Hervey, sergeant
Grimes, William, private
Groves, Moses, private
Groves, Richard, private
Guice, Jesse, private
Guice, Jonathan, private
Haddon, Thomas, private
Hale, Thomas, private
Hamberlin, Anthony, private
Hammond, Joshua, private
Handbury, Moses, private
Harden, Abraham, private
Hardin, Jeremiah, corporal
Harkness, Richard, private
Harleston, Solomon, private
Harmon, James, private
Harmon, Joseph, private
Harrill, Edward, private
Harrison, Lewis, private
Harrison, William, private
Harriss, Edward, private
Harry, , servant
Hartley, Francis, private
Harvey, Lemuel, private
Harvey, Nehemiah, sergeant
Harvey, Richard, private
Hatton, John, private
Havard, David, private
Havens, James, private
Havens, Joseph, private
Hawk, John, private
Haynes, George, private
Hays, Nathaniel, private
Heath, Joseph, sergeant
Hemby, James, private
Henderson, Joseph, private
Henderson, Samuel, sergeant
Henning, Robert, private
Herbert, William, sergeant
Herring, Samuel, private
Hickling, Robert, private
Higgins, Moses, private
Hill, Jacob, sergeant
Hill, William, private
Hilliard, Reuben, corporal
Hilson, Silas, first lieutenant
Hilton, Benjamin, corporal
Hogg, James, private
Hoke, John, private
Hollinger, Alexander, ensign
Holloway, Allen, corporal
Holmes, Drury, private
Holmes, James, private
Holmes, Liberty, private
Holston, King, private
Holt, Isaac, corporal
Honey, Thomas, private
Hood, John, corporal
Hooter, Jacob, private
Hopper, John, private
Houston, John, private
Howell, Joseph, private
Hubbard, James, corporal
Hubert, David, sergeant
Hudnell, Isaiah, private
Huff, Daniel, private
Hull, Miles, private
Humble, John, private
Humphreys, Jonathan, private
Huntsman, John, private
Huston, John, private
Hutchins, Anthony, private
Hutchins, John, musician
Hutchinson, John, private
Isaacs, Samuel, private
lies, William, sergeant
Isham, , servant
Jackeway, John, private
Jackson, Andrew, private
Jackson, Davis, private
Jackson, Henry, private
Jacobs, Silas, private
Jenkins, John, private
Jenkins, Nathan, private
Jenkins, William, private
John, , servant
Johns, John, private
Johnson, Absalom, private
Johnson, James, private
Johnson, Jesse, corporal
Johnson, John, private
Johnson, Nathaniel, private
Johnson, Simon, sergeant major
Johnson, William, corporal
Johnston, James, private
Johnston, Jesse, private
Johnston, William A., private
Jones, Abraham B., private
Jones, Henry, private
Jones, Matthew, corporal
Jones, Micajah, private
Jones, Samuel W., private
Jones, Sterling, sergeant
Jones, Thomas, private
Jordan, John, corporal
Keen, John, private
Keen, Joseph, private
Keen, Josiah, corporal
Keethly, John, private
Kelly, Thomas, private
Kennedy, Cade L., private
Kennedy, David, private
Kenton, William, corporal
Kimbrall, William, private
King, Thomas, private
King, William, private
Kinnison, Nathaniel, private
Kirkland, Obed, private
Knight, James, private
Knox, Andrew, corporal
Land, Benjamin, private
Landham, Elias, private
Landingham, Malachi, private
Landram, Meredith, private
Landrum, Peter, private
Lane, John T., private
Langly, John H., ensign
Larry, Daniel, private
Laughorn, William, private
Lazarus, Nicholas, private
Leake, Walter, private
Leathlighter, Peter, private
Legrand, Malachi, private
Lewis, David, private
Lewis, John S., captain
Lewis, William, private
Liming, Joel, private
Linder, Daniel, private
Linssey, Isaac, private
Lisenby, David, private
Loflin, James, private
Loflin, William, private
Lofton, Ezekiel, private
Lofton, Thomas, private
Longmire, Robert, sergeant
Lott, Amos, ensign
Lott, Arther, Jr., private
Lott, Arther, Sr., private
Lott, Solomon, private
Lowry, John, captain
Lum, Erastus, private
Mackey, Alexander C., quartermaster service
Magruder, John, sergeant
Manning, James, private
Marshall, Christopher, corporal
Marten, Phillip, private
Martin, Albert, private
Martin, Charles, corporal
Martin, Henry, private
Martin, Richard, private
Martin, Samuel, corporal
Martin, William, private
Mason, Jacob, private
Massey, Drury, private
Maten, Aron, private
Mathis, John, private
Matthews, Lyman, sergeant
May, Ethelridge, private
May, Joseph, private
May, Phillip, private
Mays, John, corporal
McAlister, Archibald, private
McAllister, Benjamin, private
McAnulty, Robert, private
McAnulty, William, private
McCaleb, Daniel, private
McCarty, Jacob, sergeant
McCombs, William M., private
McCook, John, sergeant
McCormack, Samuel, corporal
McCoy, Daniel, corporal
McCoy, Jesse, private
McCrory, John, sergeant
McDaniel, Alexander, private
McDaniel, Benjamin G., private
McDonald, Elam H., private
McDonald, John, private
McDowell, William, private
McDowell, William, private
McDugald, Daniel, private
McGahey, Daniel, captain
McGehee, William, Lieutenant
McGinty, Reuben, private
McGowen, James, Lieutenant
McGowen, Russell, private
McGowen, William, private
McGraw, David, private
McGraw, James, private
McGrew, Robert, private
McGuffee, Alfred, sergeant
Mclntire, Dougald, private
Mclntire, Hugh, private
Mclntosh, John, private
Mclntire, Daniel, private
McKahan, John, private
McKenzie, John, private
McKinsey, Alexander, private
McLaughlin, John, private
McLaughlin, Patrick, corporal
McLaughlin, William, private
McLaughlin, William, private
McMellon, Daniel, private
McMillan, Dugald, corporal
McMillan, James, private
McMullin, John, private
McMullin, Robert, corporal
McNamee, John R., sergeant
McNeir, John, private
Melvin, Daniel W., private
Mercer, Eli, fifer
Mercer, Simeon, private
Meriwether, John M., private
Merkinson, John, private
Merrell, Elijah, private
Middlemist, John, private
Middleton, Henry, lieutenant
Middleton, Joseph, private
Miller, Andrew, sergeant
Miller, Cader, private
Miller, George, private
Miller, James, private
Miller, John, private
Milton, Michael, private
Minor, Marshall, private
Mitchel, William, corporal
Mixon, Abed, sergeant
Moke, Andrew, private
Monger, William, private
Montgomery, Alexander, sergeant
Montgomery, Hugh, private
Montgomery, James, private
Montgomery, James S., ensign
Moore, James J., private
Moore, James, 1st, private
Moore, Jefferis H., ensign
Moore, Joseph, corporal
Moore, Samuel, private
Morgan, Elijah, private
Morgan, Thomas, sergeant
Morris, James, private
Morris, John, private
Morrus, William, private
Morton, Hughes, private
Murphy, Jonas, private
Murphy, Morris, sergeant
Murphy, Vincent, private
Murray, John, private
Murray, Joshua, private
Nealy, Parris, sergeant
Ned, , servant
Need, David, private
Neely, David, second lieutenant-lieutenant
Nelson, James, sergeant
Nelson, Peter, private
Nelson, Thomas, private
Nevills, William, private
Newman, Reuben, private
Nicholls, Joseph, first lieutenant and adjutant
Nickols, David, fifer
Nixon, George H., lieutenant-colonel
Noble, Isaac, private
Noble, Levi, private
Nobles, John, private
Nobles, Marke, private
Norman, Presley, private
O’Bannion, Darson, private
Ogden, Elijah, private
Oliphant, James, private
Oliver, Andrew, private
O’Neal, Peter, private
Orr, John, private
Ott, William, private
Owens, Walter, private
Pace, John, private
Page, Jesse, private
Page, John W., ensign
Page, Robert, private
Palmer, Reuben, private
Parish, Hezakiah, sergeant
Parker, Aaron, private
Parker, William, private
Parks, Silas, fife major
Parr, Henry, private
Patton, John, private
Payne, Edward, drum major
Peak, Benjamin, sergeant
Perry, Daniel, private
Perry, James, ensign
Petty, Presley, sergeant
Phillips, Isaac, private
Phillips, Lee Marcus, private
Phinney, John, private
Phipps, William, private
Pitchford, Augustin, sergeant
Pitman, Archibald, private
Plaster, Thomas R., private
Platner, Enoch, private
Plainer, William D., private
Plays, Robert W., private
Pollard, John, first corporal
Polatty, Francis, private
Porter, Henry, private
Powell, Ira, private
Powell, William, private
Prescoat, Solomon, private
Prestridge, Robert, private
Price, Ralph, private
Prichard, William, lieutenant
Pritchard, William, private
Ragsdal, Elijah, private
Ragsdale, Edward, private
Ragsdale, William, sergeant
Raines, Stephen, private
Rankins, Frederick, corporal
Rapalje, Isaac, captain
Ratleff, Benjamin, private
Ratliff, James, private
Rayburn, David, private
Rea, Joseph, private
Reagan, John, private
Reaves, Eli, private
Reaves, John, private
Reaves, Thomas, private
Reburn, David, private
Reburn, Mark, corporal
Redman, Jesse, private
Redman, Wilson, private
Reed, James, private
Reeves, William, private
Reynolds, Edward G., surgeon
Rice, Ezekiah, private
Rice, George, private
Richards, Samuel B., lieutenant
Richardson, William, private
Richey, Theodore I. H., sergeant
Richmond, Thomas W., private
Riley, Stephen, private
Ring, Mark, private
Rippy, Jesse, private
Roach, Aaron, private
Roach, Richard, surgeon
Roark, John, private
Robbins, Horace, private
Roberts, George, private
Roberts, Henry, private
Roberts, James, private
Roberts, James P., private
Roberts, John, corporal
Roberts, John, private
Roberts, Phillip, private
Roberts, Raymon, private
Robertson, George, ensign
Robertson, John L, private
Robertson, Thomas, private
Robertson, William, private
Robertson, William H., sergeant
Robins, Horace W., private
Roddy, Peter, private
Rodgers, Evin R., private
Rogers, John, private
Rogers, William, corporal
Rolls, Jabus, ensign
Ross, Samuel, private
Ross, William, private
Rounsoval, William, private
Rowell, Lewis, private
Roycraft, Francis, private
Rude, Abner, private
Rule, William, private
Russell, Alexander, private
Russell, Jacob, private
Rutledge, Dudley, private
Rutledge, Joseph, private
Sandab, Daniel, private
Saucer, Samuel, private
Saucer, William, private
Saunders, Traverse, private
Saval, John, private
Saxton, John, private
Scott, John, private
Scott, Thomas, private
Scott, William, private
Scrivener, Jesse, private
Seals, Eli, private
Seals, Littleton, private
Searcy, Ransome, private
Sedgewick, John, private
Selser, George, private
Selser, Josiah, private
Sermons, Edmond, private
Sermons, Jonathan, private
Sermons, Thomas, private
Sexton, Daniel, private
Shaddock, Isaac, private
Shave, John, private
Shaw, Thompson, private
Shelby, Marquest, sergeant
Sherill, William, private
Shober, William, sergeant
Shuffield, Ishum, private
Sibley, Benjamin, private
Simmons, John, private
Simmons, Richard, private
Simmons, Vincent, private
Simmons, Willis, private
Simolet, Michael, private
Simpson, David B., private
Sims, William G., sergeant
Singleton, Richard, private
Singleton, Washington, private
Six, David, private
Slaughter, David, private
Slaughter, John, private
Slaughter, William, corporal
Slay, Nathan, private
Sluder, Henry, private
Smith, Alexander, private
Smith, Archibald, private
Smith, Carter, private
Smith, Ezechieal, private
Smith, Henry C., private
Smith, James, private
Smith, Jeremiah, sergeant
Smith, Jesse, private
Smith, John, private
Smith, Joseph, private
Smith, Levy, private
Smith, Thomas, private
Smith, William, private
Smoot, Benjamin S., major
Sojourner, Jacob, sergeant
Sojourner, John, lieutenant
Sojourner, William, private
Solomon, , private
Sones, Henry, private
Sorrells, Jesse, private
Spencer, William, captain
Spradley, William, sergeant
Springer, Solomon, corporal
Sprinkle, John, private
Spurlock, David, private
Stallion, John, private
Stampley, William, private
Stanley, Shadrach, private
Stedham, Jesse, private
Stephenson, Jonathan, private
Stephenson, William, private
Sterns, Peter, private
Stewart, James, sergeant
Stewart, Robert, private
Stiglar, Benjamin, private
Stiglar, George, private
Stoker, Henry, private
Stone, John C., private
Strickland, Simon, private
Stricklin, Henry, private
Stringfellow, James, private
Stroud, Frederick, private
Stroud, Samuel, private
Strouse, Christopher, private
Summerlin, Giles, private
Swan, Thomas T., sergeant
Swearingen, Henry, private
Sweney, John, private
Syx, Benjamin, private
Talbert, Abner, private
Tanner, John, private
Tanner, William, private
Tarver, John, private
Taylor, Brice, corporal
Taylor, James, private
Taylor, Thomas, private
Teek, John, private
Terry, Jeremiah, private
Tervin, Richard, private
Testone, Frederick, private
Thomas, Charles, private
Thomas, Daniel, sergeant
Thomas, David, lieutenant
Thomas, Joseph, Lieutenant
Thomas, Martin, private
Thompson, Archibald, private
Thompson, David, private
Thompson, Felix, private
Thompson, James, captain
Thompson, James, private
Thompson, William, private
Tibbs, William, private
Tidder, Isaac, private
Tidder, Thomas, private
Toler, Elijah, private
Toumbs, William, corporal
Travers, Benjamin, private
Travers, Thomas, private
Travers, William, private
Travis, Prier S., corporal
Trefoe, Michael, private
Troty, Joseph, private
Tucker, John, private
Tucker, William, private
Turvin, Richard, private
Twilley, Robert, captain
Urick, John, private
Usher, William, private
Vancampin, William, private
Vannoy, John, private
Verdiman, Jeremiah, private
Vickory, Charles, private
Vickory, Nathaniel, private
Vincent, Berry, private
Vining, John, private
Wactor, John, sergeant
Wafers, Joel, private
Walker, Felix, private
Wallis, Nazareth, private
Wallis, Oliver, private
Walton, Timothy, private
Ware, Lard, lieutenant
Ware, Nicholas M., private
Ware, William, private
Warner, James, private
Warnuck, Joseph, private
Warren, John, private
Warren, Joseph, private
Warren, Solomon, private
Way, John, sergeant
Way, John, corporal
Wax, John, corporal
Webb, Jesse, private
Weigart, David, corporal
Welch, James, lieutenant
Welch, Nathan, private
Welch, Robert, private
Welch, Young, private
Wells, Edmund, private
Westfall, Samuel, private
Westner, George, private
Westner, Samuel, private
Wetherill, Theophilus, private
Wheat, Joseph, private
White, Isaiah, private
White, James, private
White, Joel, sergeant
White, Joseph, corporal
White, Joseph, private
White, Richard, corporal
White, Thompson, private
White, William, private
Whittington, Elam, private
Whittington, Evan, private
Whittington, Moses, ensign
Wigley, Joab, private
Wigley, Joseph, private
Wilbura, James, private
Wilds, Joseph, private
Wilkinson, Angus, sergeant
Wilkinson, Joseph, private
Wilkinson, William, sergeant
Williams, Benjamin, private
Williams, David, private
Williams, Francis, private
Williams, James, private
Williams, Rafe, private
Williamson, Edward, private
Willis, David, sergeant
Willis, George, private
Wilson, Daniel, private
Wilson, Samuel, private
Wilson, William, sergeant
Windham, Stephen, corporal
Windham, William, private
Winn, John, private
Wise, James B., private
Withers, Silas, private
Wood, Dennis, private
Wood, Ethan A., captain
Yewell, Joel, quartermaster sergeant
Young, Jesse, private