List of Staff Officers of the Confederate States Army 1861-1865

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Surnames that start with Q

  • Quaite, A. G., maj., chief Q. M. to Brig. Gen. S. D. Lee, November, 1862; maj., chief Q. NI. of cavalry in Mississippi; staff of Maj. Gen. S. D. Lee, September 7, 1863, February, 1864; with Brig. Gen. J. C. Moore, June, 1864.
  • Quaite, R., maj. Q. M. to General Ross, December 21, 1863-’65. Quattlebaum, Paul J., maj., A. A. G. to General Wigfall, October 30, 1861.
  • Quesenbury, William, maj., Q. M., to Brig. Gen. A. Pike, June 24, 1862, to June 30, 1864.
  • Quillian, Geo. T., capt., A. C. S., 52d Georgia Volunteers; to Brig. Gen. S. M. Barton, 2d Military District, February 7, 1863 C. S. (post) at Atlanta, Ga., June and July, 1864.
  • Quincy, W. H., capt., A. A. G. to Brig. Gen. John Bratton; maj., A. Q. N. to same, November, 1862; same to N. Jenkins, November 4, 1862; brig. Q. M., January 1, 1863.
  • Quinlan James NI., , com’y 1st Regiment Missouri Volunteers; staff of Brig. Gen. John S Bowen, 1st Division, Western Department; to Gen. J. E. Johnston, at Meridian, Miss., October 21, 1863; at Okolona, Miss., June and July, 1864.
  • Quintard, C. T., lieut., A. 14. C. to Gen. Loring, January 10,1862; chap-lain June 14, 1862.
  • Quitman, F. H., capt., A. Q. N. to Maj. Gen. M. Lovell, October, 1862. Rabb, Robert L., V. A. D. C. to Brig. Gen. Charles W. Field, June and July, 1862; lieut., A. D. C. of division, January, 1864; resigned August, 1864.