Ship “Golden Eagle” Original painted in Hong Kong, China, owned by Capt. Fabens family

Fabens, Samuel Augustus

____ Ship “Challenge.”
____ Ship “Golden Eagle.”
____ Ship “Ganges.”
____ Barque “Wessaeumcon,” 320T.
____ Ship “Ariosto.”

Capt. Fabens was born in Salem in 1813. Made his first voyage as cabin boy in the Ship “Tarquin” owned by his father Wm. Fabens. The next year was mate on one of his father’s vessels.

Between 1834 and 1850, made sixteen voyages to St. Petersburg, in the Ship “Ariosto,” owned by Samuel C. and F. H. Gray of New York going via Havana; returning via Elsinore or Antwerp, Rio Janeiro, New Orleans. In 1850-51 sailed the Bark “Wessaeumcon,” being part owner, from Boston to San Francisco via Talcahuana, Chili, returning via Honolulu, Calcutta and St. Helena. The latter part of 1852 supervised the building of the Ship “Golden Eagle” in Medford, Mass., in which vessel from 1853 to 1856 made voyages to China, San Francisco, Callao and France. From 1858 to 1860 in command of the Clipper Ship “Challenge” from New York to San Francisco and Hong Kong, China, until she was dismasted in the China Seas and sold in Hong Kong. In 186′-2 and 1863, commanded the Ship “Ganges” to Calcutta thence to London where she was sold.

This Ship “Ganges” was not the one mentioned in the twenties.

Ship “Challenge,” Capt. S. A. Fabens Original painted in Hong Kong, China, owned by Capt. Fabens family

Farrow, Timothy

1817 Schooner ‘America.”

Featherstone, Robert

____ Barque “Rocket.”
____ Barque “Nabob.”
Lost in the Nabob on passage from Astoria to Queenstown.

Fettyplace, Edward 3d.
Bpt. Oct. 10, 1778.

1800 Schooner “Success,” 74T.
1803 Ship “Amelia.”

Fettyplace, William
Bpt. Sept. 29,1782.

1805 Snow “Pallas.”
1805 Ship “Halcyon.”
1809 Brigantine “Elizabeth,” 171T.

From Sardinia, July 2.
Brigantine “Elizabeth” Wm. Fettyplace of Marblehead, was taken by a privateer from Marseilles. A British Frigate hove in sight, the Frenchman then ordered his men back from the “Elizabeth,” and returned Capt. Fettyplace’s men, except his mate, and instead of him sent a prize master with directions to follow him. But Marblehead men not being apt to obey such directions, Capt. Fettyplace preferred to bring her in here. (Salem Gazette, Sept. 29, 1809.)

Capt. Benj. Gardners Clearance Paper from Gibraltar Original owned by Marblehead Historical Society

Ship “Saracen,” Capt. John Devereux at anchor in Table Bay Original owned by H. K. Devereux, Cleveland, O.

Flint, Thomas
Bpt. Dec. 21, 1771.

1796 Schooner “Speedwell.”

Francis, Christopher

1805 Schooner “Sally,” 58T.
1805 Schooner “Ann,” 75T.
1806 Schooner “Joseph.”
1809 Schooner “Betsy,” 6lT.

Freeto, Francis
Born Aug. 8, 1791.

1812 on Privateer Brigantine “Montgomery.” (G. B.)
1828 Schooner “John George.” 87T.
1832 Brigatine “Globe.”
1833 Ship “Mariposa.”
1835 Barque “Mary Kimball.”
1839 Ship “Nathaniel Hooper.”
1853 Bark “Francis.”
1856 Ship “Riga.” Launched in Marblehead, Dec. 12, 1856.

Ship “Riga” at New Orleans for Boston, reports Jan. 20 in heavy gale, had bowsprit carried away just inside of the cap; at 2 P.M., cut away the fore topmast which carried away the head of the foremast and main royal mast just above the eyes of the top gallant rigging. Had to cut everything adrift, there being a heavy sea running, it being dangerous to keep them alongside for fear of staving a hole in the ship. (Salem Register, Feb. 26, 1857.)


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915