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1730-1 Byfield Massachusetts Parish Records Baptisms

Lydia, dau. of John Lull, Jan. 3, 1730-1
Moses, son of Moses Wheeler, Jan. 3, 1730-1
Martha, dau. of Abner Todd, Jan. 17
Joseph, son of Moses Gerrish, Jan. 17.
Moses, son of Jonathan Spafford, Jan. 24.
Benjamin, son of David Woodman, Feb. 21, 1730-1
Elizabeth, dau. of Nathaniel Dumer, Feb. 21, 1730-1
Mary, dau. of Samll Moodey, Feb. 21, 1730-1
A child each of Jonathan Pearson, Joshua Noyes and Samll Herreman, Mar. __, 1731.
Sarah, dau. of Samuell Hazen, Apr. 11.
Eliza, dau. of William Adams, Apr. 25
Eunice, dau. of Elkanah Lunt, Apr. 25.
Katharine, dau, of John Dumer, esq., May 9, 1731.
Oliver, son of Benjamin Pearson, May 16
David, son of Andrew Stickney, May 16.
Eliza, dau. of Nathaniell Clark, May 23.
Rebecka, dau. of Nathan Wheeler, jr., July 23, 1731.
William, son of Jonathan Wheeler, Aug. 8
Joseph, son of Richard Stewart, Aug. 8.
John, son of Edmund Cheney, Aug. 15, 1731
Francis, son of Francis Brocklebank, Aug. 15, 1731
Hannah, dau. of Elijah Blazedel, Aug. 15, 1731
Eliza, dau. of Samuell Poor, Aug. 15, 1731.
Abigail, dau. of John Wheeler, Aug. 29
Mary, dau. of TimĀ°. Jackman, Aug. 29

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