The Dunbars are all descended from Obed and Abigail Dunbar, who were early settlers in Steuben, and came from Taunton, Massachusetts. Their children were:

  1. Caleb Dunbar m. Lovina Marston. Children:
    1. Obed Dunbar m. Sarah Fickett.
    2. Abiah Dunbar m. William. Pineo.
    3. Tileston Dunbar m. Abigail Guptil.
    4. Josiah Dunbar m. Susan Cole.
    5. Manning Dunbar m. Susan B. Hinkley.
    6. Charity Dunbar m. a Herrick of Sedgwick.
    7. John Dunbar m. Betsey Sowle.
    8. Joshua Dunbar m. a Perry.
    9. William Dunbar married and left a family at Jonesport.
  2. Peter Dunbar m. Kate Yeaton. They had two or three children that died young, along with:
    1. Sally Y. Dunbar m. Joseph Tucker.
    2. Emma Dunbar.
    3. Dexter Dunbar m. 1, Mrs. Norton, 2, Mrs. Nash, 3, Mrs. Young.
    4. Susan Dunbar.
    5. Mary Ann Dunbar m. Caleb Tracy.
    6. George Dunbar m. Delilah Sargent.
    7. Henry Dunbar m. Emeline Strout.
    8. Abby Dunbar m. James Steele.
    9. John Y. Dunbar m. Caroline Atwater.
  3. Humphrey Dunbar m. Lovicie Stevens. Children:
    1. Alfred F. Dunbar m. ____ Ricker.
    2. Charlotte Dunbar.
    3. John B. Dunbar.
  4. Polly Dunbar m. Hatevil Leighton. 1See Leighton Genealogy

I have no further record of the Dunbar family.

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1. See Leighton Genealogy