The third General Assembly convened at Iowa City on the 2d of December, 1850, and adjourned Feb. 45, 1851. At this time about forty new counties in the north and southwestern part of Iowa were created. Mitchell county was among this number. Its boundaries were minutely defined and organization was authorized as soon as the population warranted it. The name, it is thought by many, was bestowed in honor of that noble Irish patriot, John Mitchell. Others think it was named in honor of a surveyor by that name. Who suggested the name is unknown.

This collection contains only the farmers directory of the manuscript.

1911 Mitchell County Iowa Farmers Directory

Name Township Sect. Address Farm Name
Ackles, Tim Burroak R Osage
Adams, A. E. Wayne 36 McIntire
Adams, Hubert Stacyville Meyer
Adams, Matt Stacyville 15 Stacyville
Adams, W.W. Douglas 5 Riceville
Addington, A. M., Mrs. Union 25 Stacyville
Adrian, Alfred Cedar R Osage
Adrian, F. E. Rock 15 Mitchell
Adrian, F. Julius Cedar 11 Osage Spruce Lawn Farm
Adrian, George E. Rock 10 Mitchell
Adrian, Herman Cedar R Osage
Adrian, Mary Cedar 10 Osage
Ahrens, Deidrich Cedar 20 Osage
Ahrens, H. J. Cedar 19 Osage Clover Leaf Farm
Ahrens, Richard Cedar 20 Osage Fairview
Ahrens, William Mitchell 17 Mitchell
Albaugh, Albert Wayne 24 McIntire
Alf, Ed Newburg R St. Ansgar
Allison, William Burroak 15 Osage Hawkeye Stock Farm
Alms, Hans Pedersen West Lincoln 12 Osage
Ammunson, Amund, Mrs. Rock 33 Osage
Anderson, Amelia Otranto 15 Lyle, Minn.
Anderson, Andrew J. Jenkins 14 Riceville
Anderson, Anna Jenkins Riceville
Anderson, Gustave Cedar R Plymouth
Anderson, Jens Mitchell R Osage
Anderson, John G. Cedar Plymouth
Anderson, Maren Otranto 27 Lyle, Minn.
Anderson, N. H. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Anderson, Nels Cedar 11 Osage
Anderson, Rosine Otranto 15 Lyle, Minn.
Andrews, L. W. East Lincoln 12 Orchard
Angell, Elliott E. Burroak 3 Osage Wellspring Farm
Angell, G. G. Burroak 10 Osage
Angell, W. A. Burroak 10 Osage
Angell, W. H. Burroak 11 Osage
Apel, Conrad G. Cedar 15 Nora Springs Maple Lawn Farm
Armstrong, Thomas West Lincoln 2 Orchard
Arneson, Elliott Otranto 16 Husted
Arneson, Theodore Otranto 16 Lyle, Minn.
Arno, O. K. Rock 20 Osage
Asfahl, Albert Jenkins R Riceville
Asfahl, Lewis Jenkins R Riceville
Ashmore, J. C. Rock 31 Osage
Ask, A. L. Mitchell 7 Mitchell
Ask, L. A. Rock 12 Mitchell
Ask, Ole L. Rock 14 Osage
Ask, W. B. Rock 11 Osage
Aspel, James Jenkins 5 McIntire
Aspenholt, Iver O. Rock 36 Osage
Assorson, Knud St. Ansgar 11 St. Ansgar
Avery, Ebenezer East Lincoln 13 Orchard
Avery, Ole East Lincoln R Orchard
Babcock, F. A. Liberty R Osage
Baker, L. C. Union 21 St. Ansgar
Baker, W. E. West Lincoln 13 Orchard
Baldner, H. D. Union 19 St. Ansgar
Baldner, j. P. Union 21 St. Ansgar
Baldner, John St. Ansgar 5 Toeterville
Baldner, Martin Union 22 St. Ansgar
Balsley, A. E. West Lincoln 16 Orchard
Balsley, Clifford East Lincoln R Orchard
Balsley, H. H. West Lincoln 2 Osage
Balsley, J. F. East Lincoln 12 Orchard
Balsley, Melvin West Lincoln R Osage
Balsley, W. A. Osage 25 Osage
Balton, R. Burroak R Osage
Barcel, Emil Mitchell 6 Mitchell
Barenz, George Jenkins 5 McIntire Spruce Lawn Farm
Barenz, Henry R Jenkins McIntire
Barker, E. D. Liberty 27 Little Cedar
Barker, W. R. Burroak 3 Osage Sunnyside Stock Farm
Bartholemy, J. P. Stacyville 33 Stacyville
Bartz, H. A. St. Ansgar 23 St. Ansgar
Bartz, Robert Newburg R Mitchell
Barwin, George Union 13 Stacyville
Bascom, Ernest A. Mitchell R St. Ansgar
Bauer, George Liberty 27 Little Cedar
Baus, Electa M. Jenkins 6 McIntire
Baus, John Jenkins 6 McIntire
Beaker, John Jenkins McIntire
Bechtum, Theo Jenkins 29 Riceville
Becker, Ernest Cedar 11 Osage Plain View Farm
Becker, Gust Cedar 11 Osage
Beckner, George Mitchell R Mitchell
Belden, Edward Rock 27 Osage
Belz, A. W. Newburg 20 St. Ansgar
Belz, F. H. Newburg 19 St. Ansgar
Bemis, M.N. Douglas 23 Riceville
Bensend, Gust Jenkins Riceville
Benson, Fred Liberty 21 Little Cedar
Benson, John Cedar 35 Osage
Benson, Nels Mitchell R Osage
Benson, Otto Cedar 10 Osage
Benson, P. H. St. Ansgar 26 St. Ansgar
Berg, G. G. Otranto 15 Lyle, Minn.
Berg, Henry Rock R Osage
Berg, Henry Rock 15 Osage
Berge, Lars P. Cedar 3 Osage
Berges, Henry Cedar 3 Osage
Berges. George A. Cedar R Osage
Bergs, Peter Liberty 4 Stacyville
Bernstein, A. S. Newburg R Carpenter
Bernstein, C. F. W. Newburg R St. Ansgar
Betts, Clifford E. Jenkins R McIntire
Beutler, August Douglas R Riceville
Beyer, A. J. Newburg R Mitchell
Beyer, A. W. Newburg 34 Mitchell
Beyer, Emil St. Ansgar 26 St. Ansgar
Beyer, Julius Rock 3 Mitchell
Bilharz, L. O. East Lincoln 9 Orchard Mt. Pleasant Farm
Bird, E. J., Mrs. Liberty Little Cedar
Bird, George W. Liberty 27 Little Cedar
Bischoff, G. A., Rev. Rock 9 Mitchell
Bissen, John P. Union R Stacyville
Bissonette, G. M. East Lincoln 10 Orchard
Bissonette, Philip East Lincoln 9 Orchard
Black, George Liberty R Little Cedar
Blake, Joseph Stacyville 35 Stacyville
Blakestad, Halvor Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Blakestad, O. G. Otranto 21 Otranto Sta.
Blazer, John Union R Stacyville
Bless, Louis Rock 7 Mitchell
Blonigan, Philip Douglas 32 Osage
Blonigen, Frank Burroak 25 Osage
Blumenrader, C. F. Union R Toeterville
Boeck, C. H. Cedar 9 Nora Springs Cloverdale Stock Farm
Boening, Robert St. Ansgar 11 St. Ansgar
Bohach, Frank St. Ansgar 9 St. Ansgar
Bohach, J. F. Mitchell 28 Osage
Bohnaman, William Douglas R Elma
Booen, D. E. Cedar R Osage
Borchardt, Frank Mitchell 21 St. Ansgar
Borsheim, Nelson T. Rock 2 Mitchell
Boswell, Robert E. Jenkins Riceville
Bottomly, Thomas J. Jenkins Riceville
Boughton, C.E. West Lincoln 15 Orchard
Bower, Jacob F. Burroak 26 Osage
Bowers, A. W. West Lincoln R Orchard
Bowers, Henry Mitchell R Osage
Bowers, John Mitchell R Mitchell
Brachle, P.J. Burroak 22 Osage
Brainard, Henry Union 22 Stacyville
Brand, Jacob Douglas 16 Osage
Brandt, Fred Newburg 10 St. Ansgar
Brazzle, Edward Douglas R Osage
Brenden, C. H. Rock R Osage
Brenden, E. H. Rock R Osage
Brenden, H. O. Rock 35 Osage
Brenna, Peter Otranto 36 St. Ansgar
Brockney, Charles Douglas R Elma
Brockney, Fred Wayne 25 Mc Intire
Brockney, William East Lincoln 1 Elma
Bronson, George F. Jenkins R Riceville
Bronson, George T. Jenkins 13 Riceville
Brown, C. D. West Lincoln 18 Orchard
Brown, J. W. Stacyville R Stacyville
Brown, Valentine Stacyville R Stacyville
Bruggemann, Albert Union 14 Toeterville
Bruggemann, Fred, Mrs. Union 30 Toeterville
Bruggemann, Henry Union 20 St. Ansgar
Bruggemann, William H. Union 20 St. Ansgar
Brumm, John St. Ansgar R Osage
Bryant, C. W. West Lincoln 3 Orchard
Bublitz, A. L. Newburg 29 St. Ansgar
Bublitz, Emil Rock R Mitchell
Bublitz, L. F. Newburg 30 St. Ansgar
Bublitz, Rhinhold Newburg 31 St. Ansgar
Buckman, C.E. Burroak 6 Osage Broad Acres
Buckman, T. A. Liberty 27 Little Cedar
Buntrock, Frederick Union R Toeterville
Burdett, Herbert East Lincoln R Osage
Burdett, P. K. East Lincoln R Osage
Burke, Thomas Jenkins 36 Riceville Wapsie Valley Stock Farm
Burroughs, F. W. St. Ansgar 8 St. Ansgar
Burtch, A. J. Osage Osage
Bush, F. A. Osage 32 Osage
Bush, Laura E. Osage 32 Osage
Buttolph, E. E. Rock 14 Mitchell
Buttolph, Elmer Jenkins R Riceville
Button, Charles F. Jenkins R Riceville
Byrnes Brothers Douglas R Riceville
Bywater, C.J. Jenkins 17 Riceville
Carlsen, J. B. St. Ansgar 30 St. Ansgar
Carlson, Gustaf Otranto 23 Husted
Carrison, Clinton J. Burroak 10 Osage
Carrison, E. C. Burroak 3 Osage
Carrison, Percy Burroak 22 Osage
Carroll, Bridget Douglas 8 Osage
Carstens, Carl Douglas 3 Riceville
Carter, Burton Cedar R Osage
Carter, Fred Cedar R Osage
Carter, G. A. Cedar 28 Osage
Carter, J. J. Wayne 22 Bailey
Carter, R. W. Wayne 15 Bailey
Carter, Ray Rock R Osage
Case, William Jenkins R McIntire
Chatman, Frank West Lincoln 4 Osage
Chatman, J. H. Liberty 16 Little Cedar
Cheney, George East Lincoln R Orchard
Cherney, John Mitchell R Osage
Cherney, Joseph St. Ansgar 8 St. Ansgar
Chinn, George H. Rock 19 Osage
Chinn, Mary, Mrs. Rock 19 Osage
Christian, Hans Cedar R Nora Springs
Christiansen, Andrew Cedar 2 Osage
Christiansen, Peter Cedar R Osage
Christiansen. E. A. Cedar R Osage
Christianson, John A. Rock 34 Osage
Christianson, O. C. Rock 35 Osage
Claasen, Gustaf Douglas 27 Elma
Clark, D. J. West Lincoln 14 Orchard
Clark, E. C. Cedar 29 Osage
Clark, Frank East Lincoln 12 Alta Vista
Clark, John J. East Lincoln 12 Elma
Clark, R. L. West Lincoln 11 Orchard
Clason, Isaac Osage Osage
Clausen, J.E. Jenkins Riceville
Clausen, Jacob Union 24 Stacyville
Clausen, Nicolaus St. Ansgar 11 Osage
Clawson, Albert Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Clement, George Cedar 2 Osage
Cleveland, Ella Rock 11 Mitchell
Cole, A.L. Osage Osage
Cole, B.P. Burroak 7 Osage Colegrove Farm
Cole, H. J. Newburg 19 St. Ansgar
Colton, George D. West Lincoln 5 Osage
Colton, Silvey West Lincoln 8 Orchard
Colton, Sophia West Lincoln 8 Orchard
Condon, Edwin T. Jenkins 17 Riceville
Conger, Claud Jenkins 27 Riceville
Conrad, Henry Liberty R Little Cedar
Coonradt, L.W. Burroak 14 Osage
Coonradt, Lester Osage Osage
Coonradt, Lillian Burroak 14 Osage
Coonradt, R. A. East Lincoln 4 Orchard Flowing Well Farm
Cooper, W. P. Burroak 29 Little Cedar
Corbett, John J. Wayne 21 McIntire
Corbett, William Wayne 28 McIntire
Cordes, W. J. Mitchell 7 Mitchell
Costley, S. L. Cedar R Osage
Cotter, C. H. Osage Osage
Counsell, E.A. Douglas 19 Osage Spruce Grove Stock Farm
Counsell, Frank Burroak 27 Osage
Counsell, Fred Liberty 35 Osage
Counsell, George Burroak 24 Osage
Counsell, James Burroak 36 Osage
Counsell, Lee Jenkins R Osage
Covey, J. L. East Lincoln R Orchard
Crawford, F. E. West Lincoln 10 Orchard
Crawford, F. H. West Lincoln 11 Orchard
Crawford, G. W. West Lincoln 10 Orchard
Crawford, Isaac West Lincoln 10 Orchard
Crum, Amy E. Jenkins 22 Riceville
Crum, Nelson E. Jenkins 22 Riceville
Cummings, C. B. Liberty 22 Little Cedar
Cummings, Myron Mitchell 24 Little Cedar
Cummings, William F. St. Ansgar 13 Osage
Curtis, J.E. Jenkins 24 Riceville
Cushatt, Ray Douglas R Riceville
Cutler, James West Lincoln 8 Orchard
Dahl, Seranna Otranto 28 Otranto Sta.
Dahl, Thomas Otranto R Otranto Sta.
Dahley, Ole Cedar Nora Springs
Dalton, Joseph T. Douglas 34 Osage Grand View
Dammen, G. J. Mitchell 15 Osage
Dane, Henry Newburg R St. Ansgar
Danforth, W. B. Liberty 22 Little Cedar
Davis, W. H. Otranto 19 Otranto Sta.
Day, Judson Osage 22 Osage
Decker, Adam Union 14 St. Ansgar
Decker, Albert Cedar 13 Nora Springs
Decker, Frederick Union 12 Stacyville
Decker, George G. Union 13 Stacyville
Decker, J. M. Liberty 22 Little Cedar
Decker, Margaret Union 14 Stacyville
Deitrich, Henrich St. Ansgar 23 St. Ansgar
DeLaney, Charles St. Ansgar 32 St. Ansgar
Delaney, J. D. Mitchell 35 Osage
Delaney, William Union 10 St. Ansgar
Dellage, Louis Osage 25 Osage
Dellage, R. H. Newburg R Mitchell
DeMuth, J. J. Stacyville 25 McIntire
Devitt, John Douglas 18 Osage
Dickinson & Son, William E. Osage 27 Osage
Dickson Brothers Douglas 32 Osage
Dickson, Joseph B. West Lincoln 3 Osage
Dieterich, Louis Newburg R Mitchell
Dieterich, William Newburg 34 St. Ansgar
Dieterichs, Gus Cedar R Osage
Dieterichs, H. F. Cedar 15 Osage
Dieterichs, Henry Cedar R Osage
Dieterichs, Herman Cedar 15 Osage
Dieterichs, Louie Cedar R Osge
Dietericks, L. Rock 4 Mitchell
Dippel, Edward Union 34 St. Ansgar
Doane, L. A. Liberty 24 Little Cedar
Doane, L.M. Liberty 22 Little Cedar
Doane, Thorton Liberty R Little Cedar
Docken, E. J. Cedar 1 Osage
Docken, G. T. Cedar 1 Osage
Dockstader, F. J. Otranto 21 Otranto Sta.
Dodge, E.M. West Lincoln 11 Orchard
Dodge, Edgar West Lincoln 11 Orchard
Dodge, Martin West Lincoln 11 Orchard
Dodge, S. M. West Lincoln 11 Orchard
Donaldson, John Newburg 21 St. Ansgar
Donfelter, H. F. Wayne R McIntire
Donner, G. W. Liberty 30 Little Cedar
Donner, George Osage 17 Osage
Doran, Thomas G. Jenkins 3 McIntire
Dorsey, F. J. Rock 21 Osage
Doscher, H. W. Newburg 9 St. Ansgar
Dostart, S. Douglas 29 Osage
Doudna, Isaac H. Burroak 32 Osage Mulberry Farm
Douglas, Ora East Lincoln R Orchard
Draeger, A. Mitchell 22 Osage
Dreher, William Newburg R Mitchell
Duckwitz, William Liberty R Little Cedar
Duenow, August Rock 17 Mitchell
Duenow, C. H. St. Ansgar 16 St. Ansgar
Duenow, Fred Otranto 28 Lyle, Minn.
Duenow, William St. Ansgar 4 St. Ansgar
Dumire, J. V. Burroak 9 Osage
Dumire, J.H. Burroak R Osage
Dunlay, James Jenkins 26 Riceville
Dunlay, William Wayne 10 Bailey
Durbin, John P. Stacyville 27 Stacyville
Duryee, H. E. Wayne 32 McIntire
DuShane, G. L. Rock 22 Osage
Dutte, Henry Union 30 St. Ansgar
Dybjord, Lars Newburg 16 St. Ansgar
Dynes, Atcheson Jenkins 28 Riceville
Dynes, John Douglas 5 Riceville
Dynes, Valentine Jenkins 29 Riceville
Eastman, Derwood Jenkins 8 McIntire
Eastman, Jesse Jenkins 8 McIntire
Eastman, Solon Jenkins 4 McIntire
Eckford, J. T. Osage 14 Osage
Eckford, J. W. Osage 23 Osage
Eckford, Robert Osage 23 Osage
Eckford, T. W. Mitchell 10 Mitchell
Edge, John W. Burroak R Osage
Egan, John, Jr. Mitchell 22 Osage
Egan, W. H. Osage 23 Osage
Ehlke, J. A. Union 27 St. Ansgar
Ehlke, Sam Union 22 St. Ansgar
Ehlke, William Union 22 St. Ansgar
Eidahl, Ole C. Newburg 9 St. Ansgar
Eidnes, L. J. Cedar 3 Osage
Ellingson, Sam Rock 12 Mitchell
Elliott, Frank Douglas 21 Elma
Emanuel, Oscar East Lincoln Elma
Emerson, George C. Liberty 14 Little Cedar
Emerson, R. E. Liberty R Little Cedar
Emerson, S. E. Liberty 10 Little Cedar
Engebretson, Carl Cedar R Osage
Engebretson, Ed Cedar R Osage
Engels, Michael Stacyville 9 Adams, Minn.
Engels, Nic Stacyville Adams, Minn.
Engesetter, Erick J. Union 16 St. Ansgar
Erbe, Henry Cedar 9 Nora Springs
Erbe, Judson Cedar R Nora Springs
Erdman, Emil G. Newburg R St. Ansgar
Erdman, Gustav Rock 15 Mitchell
Erdman, Otto C. Newburg R St. Ansgar
Erickson, Erick Union 16 St. Ansgar
Erickson, Peter Rock 33 Osage
Erikson, Ed Otranto 16 Lyle, Minn.
Erikson, John Otranto 22 Lyle, Minn.
Eske, Mary Mitchell 5 Mitchell
Espedal, Nels Cedar Nora Springs
Eukel, W. St. Ansgar 15 St. Ansgar
Evans, T. P. Liberty 15 Little Cedar
Evenson, Martin Osage 23 Osage
Everson, Anne Otranto 23 Husted
Everson, Charles Otranto 14 Lyle, Minn.
Everson, Iver K. Otranto 10 Husted
Exstern, Herman Rock R Mitchell
Faas, George Stacyville 16 Stacyville
Faas, Georgie Liberty R Stacyville
Fair, Patrick Wayne 19 McIntire
Fairbrother, F. N. West Lincoln 9 Orchard
Faltesek, W. Jenkins 36 Riceville
Fehr, Anna B. Osage 28 Osage
Fehr, Fred Cedar 13 Osage
Feldt, August Mitchell 17 Mitchell
Feldt, C. F. Rock 10 Mitchell
Feldt, Emil W. Newburg R St. Ansgar
Feldt, Ferdinand Newburg 18 St. Ansgar
Feldt, Gustave Newburg R St. Ansgar
Feldt, W. A. Cedar 10 Nora Springs Prairie Hill Farm
Feldt, William F., Jr. Rock 10 Mitchell
Feldt, William F., Sr. Rock 10 Mitchell
Fessenden, C. L. Rock 18 Osage
Fessenmeyer, Fred H. Jenkins 31 Riceville
Fessenmeyer, Herman Jenkins 31 Riceville
Field, Carl Cedar R Nora Springs
Field, Martin Cedar R Nora Springs
Field, Oscar Cedar R Nora Springs
Field, Peter Cedar R Nora Springs
Filber, Thomas East Lincoln R Elma
Finsand, Peter Cedar Osage
Fish, C. J. Osage 20 Osage
Fisher, Fred Stacyville 18 Stacyville
Fisk, W. E. West Lincoln 13 Orchard
Fisk, W.C. West Lincoln 13 Orchard
Fjeld, Andrew P. Osage 27 Osage
Fjeld, Martin O. Cedar 1 Osage
Fjelde, Ole P. Cedar 8 Osage
Flatla, Kjersti Rock 31 Plymouth
Fleener, P.V. Jenkins 27 Riceville
Fods, O. J. Rock Osage
Follmuth Eliza C. Otranto 9 Lyle, Minn.
Follmuth, Joe Otranto 9 Lyle, Minn.
Foote, Alvin F. Jenkins 19 Riceville Maple Hill Stock Farm
Foote, Edwin H. Jenkins 19 Riceville
Fossey, A. O., Mrs. Otranto 24 Lyle, Minn.
Fossey, E. S. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Foster, E. P. West Lincoln 18 Orchard
Foster, E.G. Jenkins 23 Riceville
Foster, Frank E. Jenkins 30 Riceville Oak Lawn Stock Farm
Foster, Frank N. Jenkins 25 Riceville
Foster, Ira H. Jenkins 25 Riceville
Foster, Isaac Jenkins Riceville
Foster, James Jenkins 25 Riceville
Fox, Christian Douglas 34 Elma
Fox, Mary A. Cedar 19 Osage
Fox, Mathias Douglas 29 Elma
Fox, Peter East Lincoln 5 Orchard
Fox, W. A. Cedar 19 Osage
Foxen, Theo Douglas 33 Osage
Framstad, Gilbert P. Cedar 4 Nora Springs
Frank West Lincoln R Orchard
Frank, Henry Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Frazer, C.H. Burroak 9 Osage Oakview Farm
Frein, Mathias Stacyville R McIntire
French, C. B. Stacyville R Osage
Frese, Louis Cedar 32 Osage
Freund, John Stacyville 23 Meyer
Freund, Joseph S. Stacyville 23 Meyer
Freund, N. Wayne 29 McIntire
Freze, Albert Cedar R Nora Springs
Frien, Anton Liberty 4 Stacyville
Frien, Mary Liberty 4 Stacyville
Fritchel, John Rock Osage
Fuller, A.M. Burroak 22 Osage
Fuller, Harvey E. Jenkins 17 Riceville
Fuller, June Jenkins R McIntire
Fultz, C. A. East Lincoln 11 Orchard
Fultz, Charles East Lincoln 11 Orchard
Funk, C.C. Burroak 22 Osage
Funte, August East Lincoln 14 Orchard
Funte, Ed Jenkins 33 Riceville
Funte, J.J. Douglas 26 Elma
Funte, W. F. Wayne 25 McIntire
Gaarder, Edward Newburg R St. Ansgar
Gabel, Anton Douglas 34 Elma
Galley, W. R. Osage 36 Osage
Galloway, A.J. Douglas 6 Riceville
Gardner, Roy St. Ansgar R Osage
Gast, George Cedar 8 Nora Springs Prairie Dell Stock Farm
Gast, Henry, Jr. Cedar 8 Nora Springs Cedar Ridge Stock Farm
Geffert, Henry Union 28 St. Ansgar
Geffert, Theo W. Union R St. Ansgar
Geminder, W.M. Burroak R Brownville
Gerbig, Charles Stacyville Stacyville
Gerbig, Edward Union R St. Ansgar
Gerhart, Fred Union 22 Stacyville
Gerhartz, George Liberty R Little Cedar
Gerhartz, George Stacyville R McIntire
Gerhartz, Joseph Stacyville 24 McIntire
Gerlach, F. H. Newburg 17 St. Ansgar
Gerth, R.J. Douglas R Elma
Gilbert, C.O. Burroak 7 Osage
Gilbert, J. W. West Lincoln 15 Orchard
Gilbertson, G. J. St. Ansgar 36 St. Ansgar
Gilbertson, Gilbert I. Cedar 6 Osage
Gilbertson, Ole I. Cedar 6 Osage
Gilchrist, W.R. Burroak 23 Osage Shady Oak Stock Farm
Gilje, Elise Cedar 17 Nora Springs
Gilje, M.E. Cedar 17 Nora Springs Maple Grove Farm
Gilje, Tom Cedar 17 Nora Springs
Gilles, Joseph Douglas 20 Elma
Gilles, Peter Douglas 21 Elma
Gilles, W.J. Douglas 20 Elma
Gilles, William East Lincoln R Orchard
Ginsterblum, Fred Union 23 Stacyville
Glassner, John Osage 35 Osage
Gleason, Alfred Mitchell 22 Osage
Godfredson, Chris Jenkins Riceville
Godfrey, G. W . West Lincoln 34 Osage
Godfrey, W. R. West Lincoln 34 Osage
Goergen, M. P. Wayne 8 McIntire
Golberg, Olaf Union 18 Lyle, Minn.
Golien, Peter Cedar Nora Springs
Gooder, Hiram Jenkins 34 Riceville
Gooder, Oliver Jenkins 3 McIntire
Goodman, Louie Newburg R Carpenter
Goplerud, Chris Rock 22 Osage
Gosney, Rolly Jenkins R Riceville
Gould, William Otranto 22 Lyle, Minn.
Govier, Charles Cedar Osage
Govier, Lucinda Cedar Osage
Govier, William Mitchell R Osage
Grace, A. E. Wayne 36 McIntire
Grace, C. J. Jenkins 2 McIntire
Graff, Ernest Mitchell R Osage
Gratius, Gustave Cedar 14 Nora Springs Sunnyside Stock Farm
Gratius, Oscar Cedar R Nora Springs
Graves, A. E. Liberty 26 Little Cedar
Graves, Isaac Mitchell 26 Osage
Gray, Roy Osage R Osage
Greeley, C. O. Jenkins 28 Riceville
Green, Henry Douglas 21 Osage
Green, John Douglas 32 Osage
Green, W.I. Douglas 33 Osage
Green, William Burroak 25 Osage
Griffen, Francis M. Jenkins 7 David
Griffen, Roscoe Jenkins R McIntire
Groth, H. A. St. Ansgar 12 St. Ansgar
Groth, J. A. St. Ansgar 14 St. Ansgar
Groth, John Otranto 33 St. Ansgar
Grove, A. O. Otranto R St. Ansgar
Grove, Ragnild O. Otranto 35 St. Ansgar
Grovo, Olaus O. Otranto 25 St. Ansgar
Grovo, Theo O. Otranto 36 St. Ansgar
Grube, Henry Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Gulbrandson, Martin A. Cedar 16 Nora Springs
Gullikson, Maria Otranto 22 St. Ansgar
Gunderson, C. G. Newburg 27 St. Ansgar
Gunderson, John Newburg 4 St. Ansgar
Gunsallus, R.A. Burroak 30 Osage
Haas, O. F. St. Ansgar 25 St. Ansgar
Hackbart, Ed Rock R Osage
Hackbart, Gustave Rock R Mitchell
Hackenmiller Union R Stacyville
Hackenmiller, Hubert Stacyville 21 Stacyville
Hackenmiller, Joseph Stacyville R Stacyville
Hadfield, Aaron Burroak Brownville
Haehn, Henry Stacyville 13 McIntire
Haehn, Peter Stacyville 13 McIntire
Haigh, Samuel Jenkins Riceville
Halbach, Anton Stacyville 34 Stacyville
Halbach, Nicholas Stacyville 32 Stacyville
Halverson, Halvor I. Cedar 17 Osage
Halverson, Hans J. Cedar 17 Osage
Halverson, Henry Cedar R Osage
Halverson, Iver Cedar 17 Osage
Halverson, Peter Cedar R Osage
Halvorson, Andrew Newburg 36 St. Ansgar
Halvorson, S. E. Newburg R St. Ansgar
Ham, E. J. Rock 20 Osage
Hambrecht, Frank N. Union 13 Stacyville
Hansen, Andrew Otranto 33 St. Ansgar
Hansen, Caroline Otranto 33 St. Ansgar
Hansen, Chris Jenkins 7 David
Hansen, H. C. St. Ansgar 22 St. Ansgar
Hansen, Halvor Otranto 26 St. Ansgar
Hansen, J. P. St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Hansen, Mogens Otranto 20 Lyle, Minn.
Hansen, Niss St. Ansgar 7 St. Ansgar
Hansen, O. T. Otranto 9 St. Ansgar
Hansen, Soren Jenkins R McIntire
Hanson, A. C. Mitchell 27 Osage
Hanson, Andrew Cedar Nora Springs
Hanson, C. L. Mitchell 2 Osage
Hanson, C. M. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Hanson, E. L. St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Hanson, John Cedar Nora Springs
Hanson, John J. Otranto 21 Otranto Sta.
Hanson, M. J. Otranto 27 Lyle, Minn.
Hanson, Peter Jenkins Riceville
Hanson, Sam St. Ansgar 9 St. Ansgar
Hanson, Serenus Wayne 14 LeRoy, Minn.
Harris, Jasper East Lincoln 14 Orchard
Harrison, C.W. Douglas 10 Riceville
Hart, C. H. Osage 32 Osage
Hartnell, W. F Liberty 8 Stacyville
Hartough, John Douglas 35 Elma
Hartwig, C. R. Cedar 34 Osage
Hartwig, Carl Cedar 5 Osage Cedar Valley Farm
Hartwig, Christ Cedar 5 Osage
Hartwig, F. C. Cedar R Osage
Hartwig, Herman Newburg 21 St. Ansgar
Hartwig, Louis Newburg 19 Carpenter
Hartwig, Reinhard Cedar 5 Osage
Hartwig, W. R. Cedar 15 Osage
Hartwig, William Cedar 34 Osage Ideal Farm
Hastings, Michael Wayne 29 Bailey
Hauge, K. E. Otranto 11 Husted
Hauge, O. K. Otranto 24 Lyle, Minn.
Haugen, Carl Cedar R Osage
Haugen, Olaus, K. Cedar 8 Osage
Haugen, Oliver Cedar Osage
Hawkens, Andrew Wayne 12 LeRoy, Minn.
Hawkins, George Liberty 5 Little Cedar
Hawkins, Lon Jenkins R Riceville
Hegg, Albert Cedar 4 Nora Springs
Hegg, Edwin Cedar 4 Nora Springs
Heimer, Henry Stacyville 8 Adams, Minn.
Heimer, Joseph Stacyville 8 Stacyville
Heimermann, Mike Stacyville R Stacyville
Heller, A. F. Jenkins R Riceville
Helm, Jasper Cedar 34 Osage
Helwig, J. W. Burroak R Osage
Hemann, George Stacyville 29 Stacyville
Hemann, John E. Wayne 20 McIntire
Hemann, Mathias Stacyville 19 Stacyville
Hemann, Nick Wayne 39 McIntire
Hemann, P. M. Stacyville 20 Stacyville
Hemann, Peter T. Stacyville 25 Meyer
Henderson, Bert J. Burroak R Osage
Henderson, C.W. Burroak 29 Osage
Hendrickson, H. O. Newburg 26 St. Ansgar
Hendrickson, Iver Wayne 12 LeRoy, Minn.
Hendry, James Osage 27 Osage
Henry, Lena L. Douglas 25 Riceville
Henry, Thomas Douglas 25 Riceville
Hermandson, Peter Wayne 19 McIntire
Herron, C.E. Burroak R Osage
Heusman, John Cedar 9 Osage
Hichliffe, Charles M. Jenkins 19 Riceville
Hilde, Hans A. Otranto 11 Lyle, Minn.
Hill, Fred Liberty 15 Little Cedar
Hill, G. W. West Lincoln 8 Orchard
Hill, J. S. West Lincoln 15 Orchard
Hill, Richard Liberty 15 Little Cedar
Himiller, Julius East Lincoln R Orchard
Hinchliff, Frank Osage R Osage
Hitchcock, Arad Osage 32 Osage
Hitchcock, Clarinda Osage 32 Osage
Hitchcock, E. O. Osage 32 Osage
Hobkirk, J.H. Burroak 27 Osage
Hobkirk, W.T. Burroak 27 Osage
Hockens, H. H. Liberty 23 Little Cedar
Hocum, A. H. Jenkins 18 Little Cedar
Hocum, Fred J. Jenkins 18 Little Cedar
Hocum, H. E. Jenkins 18 David Sunny Hill Stock Farm
Hocum, Jesse Jenkins Riceville
Hodson, John E. Cedar 6 Nora Springs Grand View Farm
Hoel, Anna Cedar 11 Osage
Hoel, Edwin Cedar 11 Osage
Hoel, F. East Lincoln R Orchard
Hoevermann, Henry R. St. Ansgar R Toeterville
Hoffland, O. M. St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Hoffman, Casper Wayne 31 McIntire
Hofland, A. A. Union R Lyle, Minn.
Hofland, E. A. Union 20 St. Ansgar
Hofland, Iver Otranto 13 Lyle, Minn.
Hofland, O. A. Otranto 13 Lyle, Minn.
Hofmeister, John Union 33 St. Ansgar
Hoisington East Lincoln 1 Orchard
Holden, O.C. Douglas 1 Riceville
Hollatz, A. F. Newburg 8 St. Ansgar
Hollatz, Albert Newburg St. Ansgar
Hollatz, E. J. Newburg 4 St. Ansgar
Hollatz, Lisetta Newburg 4 St. Ansgar
Horgan, Henry Jenkins 1 McIntire
Horgen, E. R. West Lincoln R Orchard
Horgen, H. C. West Lincoln 13 Orchard
Horgen, P. M. West Lincoln R Orchard
Horgen, Peter D. Cedar Osage
Horner, G.C. Burroak Osage
Horsfall, H. C. Newburg 19 St. Ansgar
Hough, Alonzo Cedar 35 Osage
House, John Jenkins R Riceville
Hovelson, E. J. Rock R Osage
Hovelson, R. J. Rock R Osage
Howe, A. E. Cedar 4 Osage
Howe, E. J. Cedar 4 Osage Fir Lawn Farm
Howe, Lester Cedar 28 Osage
Huartson, Delbert Newburg R Carpenter
Hudson, George East Lincoln 35 Osage Old Homestead
Hudson, Ray Osage R Osage
Hudson, William East Lincoln 2 Osage
Hultman, August Burroak 3 Osage Wonderland
Huset, Clarence Cedar R Osage
Hvattum, Paul Cedar 10 Nora Springs
Hvattum, T. H. Rock 25 Osage
Hylden, Martha Newburg 35 St. Ansgar
Hylden, Ole A. Newburg 35 St. Ansgar
Indra, Ed Cedar R Osage
Indra, J. M. Cedar R Osage
Ingebretson, S., Mrs. Cedar 36 Osage
Ingraham, William Wayne R McIntire
Inwards, Albert Jenkins 23 Riceville
Inwards, Robert Jenkins 23 Riceville
Isaac, Luis Stacyville 33 Stacyville
Isaacs, Ralph Cedar 31 Osage
Iversrud, Gunner Cedar Osage
Jackson, W. W. West Lincoln 14 Orchard
Jacobs, C.B. Burroak 32 Osage Long View Farm
Jacobs, Frank Burroak 32 Osage Elder Lawn Farm
Jacobs, S.O. Burroak R Osage
Jahnel, F. Douglas 29 Osage
Jeffries, West Lincoln
Jeffries, C.L. Burroak 33 Osage
Jeffries, Edward Rock 32 Nora Springs
Jeffries, George Rock 21 Mitchell
Jeffries, Jesse Rock R Osage
Jensen, Christian St. Ansgar 9 St. Ansgar
Jensen, Lewis St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Jenson, Anton Cedar 16 Nora Springs
Johannes, John Douglas 15 Osage
Johanson, Jens Rock 25 Osage
Johnson, Albert Otranto 33 St. Ansgar
Johnson, Benjamin Cedar 1 Osage
Johnson, Carl T. Union R St. Ansgar
Johnson, Eberhart Otranto 16 Lyle, Minn.
Johnson, George M. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Johnson, H. L. Cedar 16 Rudd Cedar Vale Farm
Johnson, J. B. Cedar 16 Osage
Johnson, J. T. St. Ansgar 11 Osage
Johnson, John Mitchell 15 Mitchell
Johnson, Joseph Liberty 25 Little Cedar
Johnson, Julius St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Johnson, L. H. Cedar Osage
Johnson, Martin Otranto 25 Toeterville
Johnson, Mex East Lincoln R Orchard
Johnson, N. J. Cedar 12 Osage
Johnson, O. M. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Johnson, Sam, Mrs. St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Johnson, Theodore Jenkins R McIntire
Johnson, William T. Jenkins 3 McIntire
Jones, William Liberty 15 Little Cedar
Jonhus, Ed West Lincoln R Orchard
Jordan, Dick Wayne 18 Bailey
Jordan, Edward Wayne 16 Bailey
Jordan, Ferdinand Rock 3 Mitchell
Jordan, Thomas Wayne 17 McIntire
Jorgenson, A. Rock R Osage
Jorgersen, Rasmus Mitchell R Osage
Judd, M.L. Burroak Brownville
Judd, Malcolm Jenkins McIntire
Julien, Victor Cedar R Nora Springs
Julius, F.A. Liberty 21 Little Cedar
Junger, Joseph Stacyville 29 Stacyville
Junger, Joseph J. Stacyville Stacyville
Junger, Mike Stacyville R Stacyville
Kapka, F.W. Douglas 23 Riceville
Kapka, Lewis East Lincoln 13 Alta Vista
Keating, Fred Cedar 35 Osage
Kelley, M.J. Douglas 23 Riceville
Kephart, A. Douglas 12 Riceville
Ketelsen, August Juergen Burroak 9 Osage
Kildee, J. A. Cedar 32 Osage
Kildson, George Union R Stacyville
Kildson, George E. Union St. Ansgar
Kilts, A. E. Liberty 22 Little Cedar
Kindschuch, Charles Liberty R Little Cedar
Kindschuh, William Liberty 20 Little Cedar
King, Charles Jenkins R Riceville
King, J. P. Stacyville R Stacyville
Kirchgatter, Albert Newburg 17 St. Ansgar
Kirchgatter, G. H. Newburg 21 St. Ansgar
Kirchgatter, R. A. Newburg 21 St. Ansgar
Kirst, J.P.H. Douglas 28 Osage
Kirst, Nick East Lincoln R Orchard
Kittleson, C. E. St. Ansgar 36 St. Ansgar
Kittleson, Henry Newburg 21 St. Ansgar
Kittleson, Theodore Newburg 21 St. Ansgar
Klaes, Mat Douglas 22 Osage
Klapperich, John Stacyville 21 McIntire
Klapperich, Michael Stacyville 12 McIntire
Kleckner, Mary East Lincoln 11 Orchard
Kleinwort, E. J. Newburg 5 Carpenter
Klemesrud, Harold K. Cedar 14 Nora Springs Midway Farm
Klemesrud, Herman Cedar 10 Nora Springs
Klemesrud, Knud Hermanson Cedar 14 Nora Springs Solvang Farm
Klemesrud, Syver K. Cedar 16 Nora Springs Lucky Strike Farm
Klindt, Christian Otranto 14 Husted
Klopperich, Mathias Liberty R Stacyville
Knapp, E. B. Liberty R Little Cedar
Knight, Hugh Douglas R Riceville
Knoll, William St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Knudson Brothers West Lincoln R Osage
Knudson, Chris Union R St. Ansgar
Knudson, K. A. Otranto 8 Lyle, Minn.
Knudson, Ole Osage 25 Osage
Knutson, H. J. St. Ansgar 7 St. Ansgar
Knutson, K. O. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Koch, Carl Cedar R Osage
Koch, Chris Cedar R Osage
Koch, Fred Cedar R Osage
Koenings, Peter C. Stacyville 11 Meyer
Koethke, George Union 20 St. Ansgar
Korte, A.J. Burroak 31 Osage
Koschmeder, Henry Mitchell 17 Mitchell
Koschmeder, Herman Rock 12 Mitchell
Koster, H. L. Mitchell 27 St. Ansgar
Koten, Christan Newburg 15 St. Ansgar
Krahn, Herman Union 19 Lyle, Minn.
Krahn, Paul St. Ansgar 5 Toeterville
Kramer, J. H. Fred Stacyville 15 Stacyville
Kraus, Hubert Union 33 St. Ansgar
Krause, E. A. Newburg 33 Mitchell
Krause, W. F. Newburg 34 St. Ansgar
Kreibs, Henry Liberty R Little Cedar
Kresbach, Nick Liberty 7 Stacyville
Krogstad, A. T. Rock R Osage
Krogstad, O. O. Rock 27 Osage
Kroneman, Emil Rock 5 Mitchell
Kroneman, William Rock 11 Mitchell
Kroneman, William F. Rock 8 Mitchell
Krones, H. Douglas 29 Osage
Kruger, Benjamin Douglas 12 Riceville
Kruger, F.W. Burroak 28 Little Cedar Wayside Farm
Kruger, Julius Douglas 12 Riceville
Krulish, Frank L. Mitchell 21 St. Ansgar
Krulish, W. J. St. Ansgar 9 St. Ansgar
Kuechenberg, B., Mrs. Stacyville 28 Stacyville
Kuechenberg, John Stacyville Stacyville
Kuhn, W. H. 12 Mitchell Osage
Lack, H. W. West Lincoln 7 Orchard
Lacker, Joseph, Jr. Stacyville Adams, Minn.
Lambert, Irvin Mitchell R Osage
Lamm, Charles Mitchell 22 St. Ansgar
Lane, Carl Otranto R Otranto
Larson, A. S. Otranto 32 Meltonville
Larson, Andrew Rock 28 Osage
Larson, G. A. Otranto 16 Lyle, Minn.
Larson, George Otranto 14 Lyle, Minn.
Larson, Henry Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Larson, Jacob Wayne 11 LeRoy, Minn.
Larson, John Otranto 14 Husted
Larson, Lars Bastian Cedar 18 Osage
Larson, Nels Rock 2 Mitchell
Larson, O. M. Otranto 16 Lyle, Minn.
Larson, Peter Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Larson, Peter Bastian Cedar 18 Osage
Laughlin, W.L. Burroak 16 Osage
Lee, J. C. West Lincoln 18 Orchard
Leidall, Knud L. Union 8 Lyle, Minn.
Lemon, F.W. Burroak 32 Little Cedar Evergreen Lawn Farm
Lentz, Michael Douglas 36 Elma
Lesch, Alfred H. Cedar 11 Osage
Lesch, August Rock 21 Osage
Lesch, H. P. Cedar 1 Osage Riverside Farm
Lester, Ingeborg Union 9 Lyle, Minn.
Leverson, Ole Cedar R Osage
Leverson, Otto G. Rock R Osage
Lewis, A. K. Rock 13 Osage
Lewis, C. B. Cedar R Osage
Lewis, Charles West Lincoln 31 Osage
Lewis, M. C. West Lincoln 4 Orchard
Lewis, Mary A. West Lincoln 31 Osage
Lewis, R. West Lincoln R Orchard
Lewis, S. S. West Lincoln 6 Osage
Lewis, Wellington West Lincoln 33 Osage
Libersky, Anton Otranto 25 Lyle, Minn.
Liberty, J. F. Wayne 13 McIntire
Liberty, John Wayne 17 Bailey
Liberty, Michael Wayne 16 McIntire
Liberty, William Wayne 16 McIntire
Lighthizer, Leroy Liberty 19 Little Cedar
Linda, A.A. Douglas 10 Riceville
Lindelien, H. K. Rock 35 Osage
Lindley, Ole L. Olson Cedar 4 Nora Springs
Lippert, Adams Mitchell 27 Osage
Lively, Charles Jenkins R Riceville
Lively, Frank Jenkins R Riceville
Lively, Margaret Jenkins 15 Riceville
Lively, Patrick Jenkins 15 Riceville
Lockie, R. . Jenkins 3 McIntire
Lockie, W. G. Wayne R McIntire
Lockwood, C.A. Douglas 33 Osage
Loftus, M.J. Douglas 20 Osage
Lohn, H. W. Newburg 36 Mitchell
Lombard, Herbert Cedar 32 Osage
Loney, Ed Liberty R Stacyville
Loney, Myron Mitchell R Osage
Lorenzen, Martin St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Louie, W. J. Wayne 24 McIntire
Love, Isaac West Lincoln R Orchard
Lower, J. W. Osage 27 Osage
Lunde, G. O. Cedar R Nora Springs
Lybarger, W.I. Burroak 4 Osage Brooklawn Farm
Maakestad, Christie Cedar 11 Nora Springs
Maakestad, M. H. Cedar 13 Osage
Maakestad, Syver J. Cedar 11 Nora Springs Cedar Lawn Farm
Mackin, John Rock 20 Osage
Madera, F. W. Otranto 14 Lyle, Minn.
Madison, T. G. Cedar R Osage
Mahaffey, Andrew Douglas 1 Riceville
Mahoney, J. H. East Lincoln 12 Alta Vista
Maitland, J. F. Jenkins Riceville
Makepeace, C. L. Liberty 26 Little Cedar
Makepeace, O. C. Liberty R Little Cedar
Marcks, August F. Rock Mitchell
Marcks, William F. Rock 3 Mitchell
Marcusson, Christian, Otranto 25 St. Ansgar
Mark, A. L. West Lincoln 36 Osage
Mark, W. H. Cedar 36 Osage
Markham, Allon Burroak R Osage
Markham, John Burroak R Osage
Markham, R.H. Burroak R Osage
Markham, W.A. Burroak 5 Osage Maplehurst Farm
Marks, August Newburg R St. Ansgar
Marly, David Douglas 5 Riceville
Marr, P.J. Douglas 24 Riceville
Marr, W. H. Douglas 29 Osage Maple Grove
Marsh, Scott St. Ansgar R Osage
Martin, T. W. Liberty Little Cedar
Martin, William, Mrs. Jenkins 34 Riceville
Mathieson, Nels Mitchell R Osage
Mauer, Anton Stacyville 27 Stacyville
Mauer, Joseph Liberty R Stacyville
Mauer, Michael Stacyville 30 Stacyville
Mauer, Michael Stacyville 30 Stacyville
Maxham, Caleb Burroak 12 Osage
May, Casper Stacyville Meyer
May, Henry Stacyville 14 Meyer
May, Henry J. Stacyville Meyer
May, John P. Stacyville Meyer
May, Mathias Stacyville Meyer
May, Peter Stacyville 24 McIntire
Mayer, Joseph Stacyville 28 Stacyville
Mayer, Peter Stacyville 33 Stacyville
Mays, Lewis Wayne 23 McIntire
Meehan, Jasper Stacyville 13 McIntire
Meehan, Martin Stacyville 12 McIntire
Mehus, Hans Otranto 34 St. Ansgar
Meister, E. H. Cedar 33 Osage
Merkel, Henry Newburg 29 St. Ansgar
Merrick, J. B. East Lincoln 10 Orchard
Merten, Martin Stacyville 11 McIntire
Messerlie, Rudolph Mitchell R Mitchell
Metz, F.E. Douglas R Osage
Metz, John Wayne 29 McIntire
Meyer, August Rock 12 Mitchell
Meyer, Barbara Douglas 29 Osage
Meyer, Bernard Stacyville 22 Stacyville
Meyer, Hubert Stacyville 22 Stacyville
Meyer, Joseph C. Stacyville 26 Meyer
Meyer, Peter East Lincoln 16 Orchard
Meyer, Peter Stacyville 24 Meyer
Meyer, Stephen East Lincoln 9 Orchard
Meyer, William Douglas R Osage
Meyerhoffer, Andrew Stacyville 20 Stacyville
Meyerhoffer, Hubert Stacyville 22 Stacyville
Meyers, William Liberty R Osage
Michels, Mathias Burroak 23 Osage
Michels, Mike Burroak 23 Osage
Michels, Peter Liberty 10 Stacyville
Mielitz, Charles A. Jenkins 4 McIntire
Mikkelson, Jacob Mitchell R Osage
Miles, H. L. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Miller, Carl St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Miller, H. E. Union R St. Ansgar
Miller, J.J. Douglas 22 Osage
Miller, Joe Douglas R Osage
Miller, John A. Stacyville 16 Stacyville
Miller, Louis Union R Lyle, Minn.
Miller, Matt Douglas R Osage
Miller, Peter Douglas 22 Osage
Miller, W. H. St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Millington, Byron West Lincoln 7 Orchard
Millington, Charles St. Ansgar 15 Osage
Milton, H. H. Liberty 16 Little Cedar
Minnis, Arthur Jenkins 17 Riceville
Minnis, Hugh Jenkins 17 Riceville
Minnis, James Jenkins 21 Riceville
Minnis, M. E., Mrs. Jenkins 17 Riceville
Minnis, Raymond Jenkins 20 Riceville
Minnis, William Jenkins 17 Riceville
Minor, Bert L. Jenkins 16 Riceville
Miskimmins, J. G. East Lincoln 1 Elma
Moe, George Cedar 31 Nora Springs
Moe, Georgia Cedar 3 Nora Springs
Moe, Gulbrand O. Cedar 7 Osage
Moe, Marie Cedar 3 Nora Springs
Moe, Martin O. Cedar 7 Osage
Moeller, Henry Burroak 25 Little Cedar
Moody, Alex Osage 13 Osage
Moody, Garfield Osage 13 Osage
Moody, George Osage 13 Osage
Morey, H. B. Osage 27 Osage
Morey, Mary A. Osage 27 Osage
Morris, J. M. Osage 19 Osage
Morrisey, T. W. Liberty R David
Morrissey, J.M. Burroak 12 Osage
Morrissey, John Burroak 12 Osage
Morrissey, Thomas Burroak 12 Osage
Morrow, R. B. Osage 24 Osage
Morse, A. H. Osage R Osage
Mosher, E. E. Douglas 4 Riceville
Mosher, E. L., Mrs. Douglas 3 Riceville
Moss, F. J. Jenkins 21 Riceville Maple Ridge Stock Farm
Moss, Gilbert Jenkins 21 Riceville
Moss, Mary L. Jenkins 21 Riceville
Motland, Eddie Cedar R Plymouth
Motland, Peder I. Cedar 5 Nora Springs Willow Grove Farm
Motley, George Jenkins 12 Riceville
Mueller, Nick Liberty R Little Cedar
Mueller, William Liberty 2 Stacyville
Muller, Albert Cedar 33 Osage
Muller, August, Rev. Cedar Osage
Muller, F. G. Cedar 8 Osage
Muller, Ferdinand C. Cedar 11 Osage
Muller, Fred Cedar 33 Osage
Muller, Gustave Cedar 4 Osage Willow Creek Stock Farm
Muller, Herbert Cedar R Osage
Muller, Herman A. Cedar 33 Osage Maple Lane Farm
Muller, John Cedar 8 Osage
Muller, Louis Cedar 8 Osage
Mulvehill, John Wayne 28 McIntire
Murphy, Albert J. Jenkins 31 Riceville
Murry, John Wayne 18 McIntire
Myrick, C. E. Liberty 15 Little Cedar
Myrick, Jane, Mrs. Liberty 15 Little Cedar
Myrick, William Liberty 15 Little Cedar
Myrtle, Louie Burroak R Osage
McCabe, W. D. Mitchell R Osage
McCarty, James Douglas 17 Osage
McConnell, Edith N. Jenkins 34 Riceville
McConnell, R. C. Jenkins 34 Riceville
McCulla J. E. Stacyville 12 Osage
McCulla, H. L. Union R St. Ansgar
McCulla, William Mitchell 10 Mitchell
McCurdy, G.E. Burroak 34 Osage
McCurdy, J.W. Burroak R Osage
McDougall, Archie Mitchell 24 Osage
McGill, E. E. East Lincoln 7 Orchard
McGill, William East Lincoln 7 Orchard
McGrans, Frank Douglas 19 Osage
McIlnay, J.R. Burroak 1 Osage
McInroy, Frank Jenkins R Riceville
McKann, William M. Burroak 5 Osage
McKanna, Arthur Jenkins 8 Riceville
McKanna, John Jenkins 8 Riceville
McKinley, L. G. Newburg 14 St. Ansgar
McNulty, Lorin Jenkins McIntire
McPhail, A. J. Liberty 14 Little Cedar
McRoril, Henry Jenkins Riceville
McSweeney, J. W., Jr. Burroak R Osage
McSweeney, J. W., Sr. Liberty Little Cedar
McSweeney, John Burroak R Osage
McSweeney, Steward Liberty R Little Cedar
Nack, Daniel St. Ansgar 36 St. Ansgar
Nack, Hendrick Rock 7 Mitchell
Naversate, Ole A. Union 17 Lyle, Minn.
Neis, Anton Liberty R Stacyville
Nelson, C. M. Otranto 16 Lyle, Minn.
Nelson, Christian C. Jenkins 26 Riceville
Nelson, E. G. Otranto 32 St. Ansgar
Nelson, E. T. Rock 32 Nora Springs
Nelson, Edward Cedar 17 Osage
Nelson, F. J. Otranto 26 Toeterville
Nelson, Hans Burroak R Osage
Nelson, Isabel St. Ansgar 2 St. Ansgar
Nelson, Nels E. Cedar 17 Osage
Nelson, Ola Cedar Osage
Nelson, T. O. Rock R Nora Springs
Newton, Robert East Lincoln R Orchard
Nicholas, John F. Jenkins 7 David Willow Lawn Farm
Nichols, T. E. Jenkins 2 McIntire
Nicholson, Fred Liberty R Little Cedar
Nicholson, G. W., Jr. Liberty R Little Cedar
Nicholson, G. W., Sr. Liberty 23 Little Cedar
Nicholson, H. L. Liberty R Little Cedar
Nicholson, Henry Jenkins McIntire
Nicholson, Rebecca Liberty 23 Little Cedar
Nicol, D. A. Liberty 18 Little Cedar
Nicol, D. M. Union 35 Osage
Nicol, M. P., Mrs. Liberty 22 Little Cedar
Niels, Charles St. Ansgar R Osage
Nixon, F. M. Osage Osage
Noble, Floyd Jenkins R Riceville
Noble, Joseph H. Jenkins 27 Riceville
Noble, R. D. R Mitchell Osage
Norby, Carl Rock 11 Osage
Norby, Iver Cedar R Osage
Norby, Lauritz H. Cedar 7 Osage
Northcraft, S. Wayne 8 McIntire
Norton, Agnes M. Douglas 22 Osage
Norton, C. D. Liberty 14 Little Cedar
Norton, T.W. Douglas 19 Osage
Nubson, C., Mrs. Cedar 11 Osage
Odden, Carl N. Cedar 16 Rudd Spring Brook Stock Farm
Ogden, B. A. Otranto 33 St. Ansgar
Ohland, John Douglas 18 Osage Pleasant View Farm
Olesen, F. I. Cedar 11 Osage
Oleson, Chris St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Olsen, J. O. Newburg 22 St. Ansgar
Olsen, Lars Iver Cedar Osage
Olson, B. C. Cedar 11 Nora Springs
Olson, Brenden Cedar R Osage
Olson, Gust Cedar R Osage
Olson, Gustave Rock 33 Nora Springs
Olson, J. G. Rock 35 Osage
Olson, Johanna, Mrs. Otranto 22 Lyle, Minn.
Olson, John Otranto 21 Otranto Station
Olson, John Rock 34 Osage
Olson, L. O. Rock 35 Osage
Olson, M.B. Burroak 15 Osage Pleasant View Stock Farm
Olson, Ole Jenkins Riceville
Ones, Iver Rock 29 Osage
Overkamp, William Osage 19 Osage
Pacy, Fred Union R Stacyville
Paddock, Francis Liberty 24 Little Cedar
Pagel, William Newburg 30 St. Ansgar
Pahl, E. G. Rock R Mitchell
Pahl, F. A. Rock 6 Mitchell
Palmer, James H. Union 10 St. Ansgar
Palmer, James, Jr. Union 9 St. Ansgar
Palmer, Link Union 26 Stacyville
Parkhurst, A. W. Osage R Osage
Parrish, H.E. Burroak 28 Little Cedar Prairie View Farm
Paulson, George K. Cedar 7 Nora Springs
Pederson, Nels Rock R Mitchell
Peff, Katherina Rock 23 Osage
Pelton, F. A. Osage 25 Osage
Penney, Albert W. Liberty 6 Stacyville
Penney, Charles A. Liberty 5 Stacyville
Penney, Frank Liberty 7 Stacyville
Penney, H. L. Liberty 9 Little Cedar
Penney, Jasper H. Stacyville 31 Stacyville
Penney, Sidney Liberty 9 Little Cedar
Penney, W. F. West Lincoln 18 Orchard
Penny, Sam W. Union 36 Stacyville
Perau, G. H. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Perau, L. W. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Perry, A.D. Douglas 2 Riceville
Peterson, A. E. Union 17 Lyle, Minn.
Peterson, J. M. Wayne 10 McIntire
Peterson, Nicholai Cedar Osage
Pillsbury, C. W. Wayne 33 McIntire
Pingrey, Adelbert Jenkins 19 Riceville Spring Grove Farm
Pingrey, Gary Jenkins 19 Riceville
Pinke, Herman St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Pint, James Wayne R McIntire
Pitzen, Fred Stacyville 18 Stacyville
Plummer, F. J. Wayne 24 McIntire
Plunkett, Francis Douglas 7 Riceville
Pope, William Otranto 28 Otranto Station
Potter, Charles C. Jenkins 6 McIntire
Potter, L. A. Jenkins 6 McIntire
Potter, Oscar B. Jenkins 6 McIntire
Potter, Ray Jenkins 6 McIntire
Potter, Willis Jenkins 6 McIntire
Powell, A.M. West Lincoln 5 Orchard
Powers, Robert A. Osage 14 Osage
Preston, Tate Douglas R Osage
Priem, A. F. Newburg R St. Ansgar
Priem, E. W. Newburg 16 St. Ansgar
Priem, F. J. Otranto 32 St. Ansgar
Priem, Ferdinand, Mrs. Newburg 16 St. Ansgar
Priem, Frederick, Mrs. Newburg 20 St. Ansgar
Priem, Henry Otranto R St. Ansgar
Priem, William Newburg 16 St. Ansgar
Proett, A. F., Rev. Cedar Nora Springs
Purcell, T.P. Douglas 34 Elma
Quick, James Jenkins R Little Cedar
Quinn, Barney Jenkins 12 McIntire
Quinn, Joseph Jenkins 11 McIntire
Quinn, Mary Jenkins 12 McIntire
Ragen, M. J. Wayne 17 McIntire
Rauen, Mathias, Jr. Stacyville 10 Adams, Minn.
Rawley, Ed East Lincoln R Orchard
Reed, J. E. Jenkins R McIntire
Reed, J. M. Osage R Osage
Reichuts, Peter Douglas 14 Riceville
Reiken, Henry Douglas 25 Riceville
Reiken, W.L. Douglas 25 Riceville
Reiken, W.L. Douglas 25 Riceville
Renner, E.M. Burroak 26 Osage
Renner, Elizabeth Burroak 26 Osage
Renner, J.F. Burroak 26 Osage
Renz, George Stacyville 36 McIntire
Replogle, Rollo Jenkins R Riceville
Retherath Jacob Stacyville 23 McIntire
Retherath, Anna M. Stacyville 23 McIntire
Reuhlow, Paul Newburg R St. Ansgar
Reynolds, E. H. Liberty 24 Little Cedar
Reynolds, E. J. Union 25 Stacyville
Reynolds, Joseph Union 28 Stacyville
Reynolds, Lawrence Union 25 Stacyville
Reynolds, T.S. Burroak 36 Osage The Elms
Richards, H.H. Burroak 28 Osage
Richards, R.F. Burroak 28 Osage Elm Lawn Farm
Richter, William Douglas R Osage
Ritter, Earl Burroak R Osage
Robbins, Marilla C. Jenkins 6 Riceville
Roberts, Alice Burroak 33 Little Cedar
Roberts, C.C. Burroak 33 Little Cedar Pleasant Hill Farm
Robertson, C. F. Mitchell 26 Osage
Robertson, M. N. Union 34 St. Ansgar
Robertson, W. A. Mitchell R Osage
Rodemaker, W. T. Cedar 34 Osage Pleasant Hill Farm
Roehr, Alvin G. Cedar 9 Nora Springs Evergreen Stock Farm
Rogers, C. E. Cedar 5 Osage
Rogers, Henry P. Jenkins Riceville
Rogers, J. A. Cedar 30 Osage
Rogers, W. H. Cedar 32 Osage
Rosbeck, F.E. Cedar 35 Nora Springs
Rosel, Albert Rock R Mitchell
Rosel, Fred St. Ansgar 19 St. Ansgar
Roselle, George Rock R Mitchell
Rosenberg, Edmund Newburg 29 St. Ansgar
Rosenberg, R. C. Newburg 29 St. Ansgar
Rosseter, Emma Newburg 23 St. Ansgar
Rosseter, J. E. Newburg 23 St. Ansgar
Rossum, Iver Rock 12 Osage
Rossum, T. L. Rock 31 Plymouth
Ruebe, C. F. Otranto 19 Lyle, Minn.
Ruechel, A. M. Newburg 9 St. Ansgar
Ruechel, Edward Newburg St. Ansgar
Ruechel, H. L. Newburg R St. Ansgar
Ruehlow, C. F. St. Ansgar 5 Toeterville
Ruehlow, L. W. Union 14 Lyle, Minn.
Ruester, Rasmus Rock R Mitchell
Runge, Ed. E. Osage 14 Osage
Runge, Emil Rock 5 Mitchell
Runge, W. D. Osage 29 Osage
Russell, Doris Union R St. Ansgar
Rust, N. H. Otranto 36 St. Ansgar
Rustad, R. C. Otranto 22 Lyle, Minn.
Ryndes, J. B. Osage 13 Osage
Sadler, John Jenkins 3 McIntire
Sadler, M. H. Jenkins 3 McIntire
Sahr, M. Douglas 20 Osage
Salz, John, Jr. Liberty R Little Cedar
Salz, John, Sr. Liberty 17 Little Cedar
Salz, William Liberty R Little Cedar
Sandvig, Anne Otranto 12 Lyle, Minn.
Sauer, Henry Jenkins 33 Riceville
Saug, Borger L. Cedar R Nora Springs
Saug, Lars B. Cedar 5 Nora Springs
Schaefer, M. Stacyville 15 Adams, Minn.
Schaefer, Mathias A. Stacyville 35 Meyer
Schers, Charles Jenkins Riceville
Schersach, Fred Cedar R Osage
Schillinger, Paul Union 16 St. Ansgar
Schlaff, Bernard Stacyville 8 Adams, Minn.
Schmarzo Burroak 33 Little Cedar
Schmidt, C. F. Mitchell 17 Mitchell
Schmidt, H. St. Ansgar 13 St. Ansgar
Schmidt, Michael Mitchell 18 Mitchell
Schmidt, William Mitchell 7 Mitchell
Schneider, Anton Stacyville 9 Stacyville
Schneider, W.W. Burroak R Osage
Schoger, Alfred Cedar R Nora Springs
Schoger, Andrew Cedar 10 Nora Springs
Schoger, C. E. Cedar 15 Nora Springs Pleasant View Farm
Schomaker, Barthel Stacyville 24 McIntire
Schoonover, A. N. Liberty R Stacyville
Schoonover, Irwin Union 34 St. Ansgar
Schoonover, Lee Union R Stacyville
Schroeder, Albert St. Ansgar 9 St. Ansgar
Schroeder, George C. Union 28 St. Ansgar
Schroeder, Herman St. Ansgar 8 St. Ansgar
Schroeder, W. F. St. Ansgar 13 St. Ansgar
Schuchart, A.J. Burroak 2 Osage
Schulte, Anton Mitchell 9 Mitchell
Schultheis, B.W. Burroak 24 Osage
Schultheis, John Osage Osage
Schultz, August Rock 5 Mitchell
Schultz, George Union R St. Ansgar
Schultz, H. W. Rock 2 Mitchell
Schumacher, John Union 25 Stacyville
Schuttler, Bertha Cedar 9 Osage Maple Dale Farm
Schuttler, Edward Cedar 9 Osage
Schweiger, E.B. Douglas 31 Osage
Scott, Joseph Liberty 18 Little Cedar
Seaver, William S. Rock 1 Mitchell
Sedelacek, Frank St. Ansgar R St. Ansgar
Sedlacek, Joseph Mitchell 21 St. Ansgar
Seefeldt, Herman Newburg 32 St. Ansgar
Seefeldt, Otto Newburg 28 St. Ansgar
Seefeldt, Wilhelmina Newburg 32 St. Ansgar
Seeley, H. F. Liberty R Stacyville
Sefert, Charles H. R Newburg Carpenter
Seibert, Jacob Stacyville 27 Stacyville
Sephong, Arnold Wayne 8 McIntire
Severson, Henry Douglas 30 Osage
Sewright, A. B. East Lincoln 7 Orchard
Sewright, David, Jr. East Lincoln 7 Orchard
Sewright, David, Sr. East Lincoln 7 Orchard
Sewright, Robert West Lincoln 3 Orchard
Sheldon, Fred C. Jenkins 26 Riceville
Shoger, Julian Rock 25 Osage
Shrode, Charles Jenkins 15 Riceville
Shrode, William Jenkins 5 McIntire
Shulze, E.E. Burroak 36 Osage
Shulze, H. W. Burroak 36 Osage
Sigler, George Jenkins McIntire
Sigler, John Jenkins R McIntire
Sikola, Frank Mitchell R Osage
Simmering, Henry Otranto 10 Lyle, Minn.
Simpson, F. R. Cedar R Osage
Simpson, M. J. West Lincoln 32 Osage
Simpson, William Osage 22 Osage
Sinott, E. Liberty R Little Cedar
Siple, M. H. Wayne 26 McIntire
Sjogren, Ieven Cedar 35 Osage
Slawson, H. J. Osage 36 Osage
Smalley, C. E. East Lincoln 16 Orchard
Smalley, H. H. Mitchell R Osage
Smalley, T. D. Liberty 22 Little Cedar
Smith, C. H. Cedar 10 Osage
Smith, Clyde H. Jenkins 30 Riceville Clover Leaf Stock Farm
Smith, F. X. Stacyville 7 Stacyville
Smith, Fred Wayne 32 McIntire
Smith, George Jenkins 15 Riceville
Smith, Joseph Stacyville 17 Stacyville
Smith, L. G. Liberty 13 Little Cedar
Smith, Thomas Stacyville 7 Adams, Minn.
Somsen, C. H. Jenkins Riceville
Sorlie, Lars L. Cedar 1 Osage Oak Hill Stock Farm
Spaanum, Augusta E. Cedar 9 Nora Springs
Spaanum, S. K. Cedar 9 Nora Springs Prairie Heights Stock Farm
Specht, Joseph St. Ansgar 17 St. Ansgar
Sponheim, H. O. Rock 2 Mitchell
Sponheim, Knute Osage R Osage
Sponheim, Magnus O. Cedar 10 Nora Springs Green Lawn Farm
Sponheim, Ole Cedar R Nora Springs
Sponheim, Sigurd Mitchell R Osage
Spring, Arthur Jenkins 16 Riceville
Spring, Fred Jenkins 16 Riceville
Springman, Conrad Stacyville 19 Stacyville
Squire, Joseph East Lincoln R Orchard
Squires, Roy West Lincoln R Orchard
St. John, John A. Douglas 3 Riceville
Staeblow, W. F. Jenkins Riceville
Staff, Anna Cedar 17 Osage
Staff, John W. Cedar 17 Osage
Stakel, John Burroak R Osage
Stallman, W.F. Burroak R Osage
Stambro, Claus Jenkins Riceville
Stanburough, Charles Jenkins R Riceville
Stanton, John Douglas 8 Riceville
Stark, Charles Douglas 24 Riceville
Starrey, J. W. Jenkins Riceville
Steiger, Frank Fr. Stacyville 18 Stacyville
Steiger, William Union R Stacyville
Steinberg, Emil Rock R Mitchell
Steinberg, William F. Newburg 34 St. Ansgar
Stelter, Gus Cedar R Osage
Stelter, William Cedar 3 Osage Burr Oak Stock Farm
Stephony, Jacob Wayne 8 McIntire
Stewart, John Wayne 11 McIntire
Stirneman, Emil Douglas 12 Riceville Riverside Farm
Stokes, A. R. Mitchell R Mitchell
Stolzenberg, Nic Stacyville Adams, Minn.
Stolzenberg, Peter Stacyville Adams, Minn.
Strand, P. O. Otranto 25 Lyle, Minn.
Strand, Sam Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Streblow, F.A. Douglas 9 Riceville
Strong, J. M. Osage R Osage
Struben, John Cedar 17 Osage
Stuart, Cornelius East Lincoln 8 Orchard
Stuart, L. W. East Lincoln 8 Orchard
Suchy, Anton Mitchell 21 St. Ansgar
Suchy, John Mitchell 2 Osage
Sullivan, D.R. Burroak 14 Osage
Sullivan, J.L. Burroak 13 Osage
Sullivan, William C. Burroak R Osage
Sundre, P. O. Otranto 28 Otranto Station
Swain, E. M. Otranto 33 St. Ansgar
Swain, O. E. Otranto 33 St. Ansgar
Swan, E.E. Douglas 19 Osage Elmdorf
Swan, Henry Burroak R Osage
Swann, A. J. Cedar 18 Nora Springs
Swanson, Louis Otranto 34 St. Ansgar
Sweet, C.H. Liberty 20 Little Cedar
Syverson, Maria Rock 15 Osage
Tabbert, Christian Rock 17 Mitchell
Tabbert, H. J. Rock 18 Mitchell
Tabbert, William Rock 9 Mitchell
Tabbert, William F. Rock 16 Mitchell
Tatum, Jasper N. Cedar 18 Nora Springs
Taylor, Emery Jenkins R Riceville
Taylor, Nelson W. Jenkins 25 Riceville
Taylor, Wade B. Jenkins R Riceville
Templeton, William Douglas 2 Riceville
Tepel, Frank Douglas R Riceville
Tesch, August Rock 6 Mitchell
Tesch, Frederick Rock 5 Mitchell
Tesch, H. J. Rock 5 Mitchell
Tesch, Herman Union R St. Ansgar
Tesch, Otto Union 33 St. Ansgar
Theobald, Jacob Stacyville 25 Meyer
Theobald, Nicholas Stacyville 30 Stacyville
Theobald, Thomas Stacyville R Stacyville
Theobald, Thomas A. Stacyville 30 Stacyville
Thies, John Douglas 14 Osage
Thomas, J. F. Liberty R Little Cedar
Thomas, John Union R Osage
Thome, John Stacyville 35 McIntire
Thompson, Christian Mitchell 32 Mitchell
Thompson, F. B. Otranto 19 Lyle, Minn.
Thompson, H. G. St. Ansgar R Toeterville
Thompson, Knut Otranto 22 Lyle, Minn.
Thompson, S. M. Wayne 12 LeRoy, Minn.
Thornburg, A. S. West Lincoln 17 Orchard
Thornburg, E. M. West Lincoln 17 Orchard
Thorson, Bergit Newburg 15 St. Ansgar
Thorson, Knudt H. Newburg 15 St. Ansgar
Thorson, Ole E. Newburg 15 St. Ansgar
Thorson, T. K. Otranto 28 Lyle, Minn.
Thrams, H. G. Rock Osage
Tibbetts, O. D. Mitchell 4 Mitchell
Tiedemanson, Iver Mitchell R Mitchell
Tieman, Betsy Otranto 12 Lyle, Minn.
Tieman, Oscar Otranto 12 Lyle, Minn.
Tingelstad, H. E. Cedar 1 Osage
Titus, B. M. Mitchell 36 Osage
Titus, F. A. Mitchell 2 Osage
Titus, Joe Mitchell R St. Ansgar
Toelle, C.E. Douglas 20 Osage
Tollefson, A L. St. Ansgar 12 St. Ansgar
Tollefson, George B. St. Ansgar 18 St. Ansgar
Tollefson, J. O. Newburg 3 St. Ansgar
Tollefson, M. A. Newburg 26 Mitchell
Tollefson, M. G. St. Ansgar 12 St. Ansgar
Tollefson, T. M. St. Ansgar 14 St. Ansgar
Tollefson, T. O., Jr. Newburg 3 St. Ansgar
Tollefson, T. O., Sr. Newburg 3 St. Ansgar
Torblaa, M. E. Rock R Mitchell
Torblaa, Ole L. Cedar 14 Nora Springs
Torgerson, Alfred Otranto 8 Lyle, Minn.
Torgerson, Nels St. Ansgar 11 St. Ansgar
Torney, A. R. Rock 29 Osage
Torney, E. J. Rock 30 Osage
Torney, Edward Rock 28 Osage
Torney, Richard Rock 20 Osage
Torney, W. H. Rock 29 Osage
Torsleff, John Mitchell R Mitchell
Towne, E. G. Osage 21 Osage
Towne, R. P. East Lincoln 21 Osage
Towne, R. P. Osage 21 Osage
Trager, John St. Ansgar 11 Osage
Troge, H. C. Cedar 14 Osage
Troge, M. C. Cedar 14 Osage
Troge, William, Mrs. Cedar 14 Osage
Tubbs, C. E. Rock R Osage
Tubbs, C. J. Rock R Osage
Tubbs, E. C. Rock R Osage
Tubbs, J. R. Rock R Osage
Tucker, W. B. Cedar Osage
Tupper, Bert Douglas 33 Osage
Tupper, C. S. East Lincoln R Osage
Tupper, G. C. East Lincoln R Osage
Tupper, George A., Jr. East Lincoln R Osage
Tupper, George A., Sr. East Lincoln 1 Osage Lincoln Center
Turek, Peter Mitchell 22 St. Ansgar
Turner, F. H. East Lincoln R Orchard
Tusler, L. A. Osage 31 Osage
Van Deest, M. Liberty 20 Little Cedar
Varnum, Melissa D. West Lincoln 9 Orchard
Verhay, A. East Lincoln R Orchard
Vining, E. W. West Lincoln 7 Orchard
Virchow, C.J. Newburg 31 Mitchell
Voaklander, F.A. Burroak 33 Little Cedar
Voaklander, W. E., Jr. Liberty R Osage
Volbrecht, A. W. Douglas 25 Riceville
Volbrecht, Martha A. Douglas 25 Riceville
Volbrecht, W. A. Douglas 25 Riceville
Volstad, Charles Union 8 Lyle, Minn.
Von Bergen, John Otranto 33 St. Ansgar
Wachlin, Fred Newburg 32 St. Ansgar
Wagner, John Cedar Osage
Wagner, Joseph A. Stacyville 36 McIntire
Wagner, Margaret Douglas 29 Osage
Wagner, Mathias East Lincoln 3 Orchard
Wagner, Steve East Lincoln R Orchard
Walker, A.E. Burroak R Osage
Walling, W. N. West Lincoln 16 Orchard
Walter, John Jenkins 24 Riceville
Wamstad, Andrew Cedar 29 Osage
Wamstad, Brede Rock R Osage
Wamstad, Henry Cedar R Nora Springs
Wamstad, Lars H. Cedar 15 Nora Springs
Wamstad, Lars T. Cedar 3 Osage
Wamstad, Milton B. Cedar Nora Springs
Wamstad, Ole Cedar 16 Nora Springs
Wamstad, Oscar G. Cedar Nora Springs
Wantermute, S. D. Jenkins R Riceville
Wardall, R. R. St. Ansgar 10 Osage
Warrington, Robert Mitchell R St. Ansgar
Waters, Charles West Lincoln 14 Orchard
Weber, Jacob East Lincoln 3 Osage
Weber, John Stacyville R Stacyville
Weber, Peter Burroak 26 Osage
Weber, Peter Liberty Stacyville
Weber, Peter W. Stacyville 26 Meyer
Weinberger, R. J. Rock 25 Osage
Weinberger, William Jenkins 27 Riceville
Welch, C. W. Osage 22 Osage
Welch, James St. Ansgar R Osage
Weldin, E. Mitchell R Osage
Werner, Martin Stacyville 24 McIntire
Wertz, John, Rev. Stacyville Meyer
West, F. L. Douglas R Osage
West, Frank Douglas R Osage
Westbrook, Edith J. Jenkins Riceville
Wheeler, F. J. Wayne R McIntire
Wheeler, J. C. Wayne 25 McIntire
Wheeler, Walter Jenkins 13 Riceville
Wheelock, S., Mrs. Jenkins 19 Little Cedar
Whitacher, E. F. Osage R Osage
Whitacher, John Osage Osage
Whitaker, D.B. Burroak 28 Osage
Whitcomb, S. F. East Lincoln 6 Osage
Whitcomb, William R. East Lincoln 6 Osage
White, A. G. St. Ansgar 1 St. Ansgar
White, Ed Douglas 3 Riceville
White, Henry East Lincoln 5 Osage
White, Jas. Jenkins 17 Riceville
White, Michael Jenkins R Riceville
Whitney Jenkins 22 Riceville
Wiger, John A. Newburg 3 St. Ansgar
Wilde, Carl Rock 8 Mitchell
Wilde, Ferdinand Rock 9 Mitchell
Wilde, Henry Rock 7 Mitchell
Wilde, Herman Rock 7 Mitchell
Wilde, William Rock 10 Mitchell
Wilder, E. L. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Wilder, F. E. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Wilder, F. R. Otranto 7 Lyle, Minn.
Wilder, I. D. Otranto R Lyle, Minn.
Wilk, Albert, Jr. Cedar 18 Nora Springs
Wilk, Henry Cedar 4 Osage
Wilke, Ferdinand Newburg St. Ansgar
Williams, Gustave Millard Cedar 12 Osage
Williams, J. A. Liberty R Little Cedar
Williams, J. C. West Lincoln 35 Osage
Willis, E. F. Douglas 2 Riceville
Willis, E. J. Douglas R Riceville
Wilson, Thomas Burroak R Osage
Winer, Charles Liberty 22 Little Cedar
Winer, Fred Liberty Little Cedar
Winer, John Liberty 10 Stacyville
Winkels, Franz Stacyville 10 Adams, Minn.
Winkels, Henry Stacyville R McIntire
Winkels, Jacob Stacyville 23 Meyer
Winkels, John J. Stacyville R McIntire
Winkeman, Carl Newburg R St. Ansgar
Wirth, Louisa, Mrs. St. Ansgar 20 St. Ansgar
Wist, John Liberty 28 Little Cedar
Witt, J. R., Jr. Rock 19 Osage
Witt, John R. Rock 19 Osage
Witt, Walter Rock R Osage
Wolf, Anton, Mrs. Stacyville 25 Meyer
Wolf, Martin Liberty R Little Cedar
Wolff, George Liberty 22 Little Cedar
Wolff, William Liberty 14 Little Cedar
Woodard, B. S. East Lincoln 12 Orchard
Woodley, Anthony Otranto 20 Otranto
Woodley, Charles A. Otranto 18 Lyle, Minn.
Woods, E. W. Rock R Osage
Worseldine, G. H. West Lincoln 18 Orchard
Worseldine, W. R. West Lincoln 18 Orchard
Wright, B. F. East Lincoln 12 Orchard
Wright, G. F. Mitchell 1 Osage
Wright, George Liberty Little Cedar
Wright, J. P. East Lincoln 10 Orchard
Wright, Katie Mitchell 1 Osage
Wright, Ray Liberty R Little Cedar
Wright, S. H. Osage 15 Osage
Yager, Marian E. Rock 12 Mitchell
Young, Rolla Jenkins R Riceville
Young, T. J. Jenkins 35 Riceville
Young, William H. Mitchell 24 Little Cedar
Zacharda, Annie, Mrs. St. Ansgar 4 St. Ansgar
Zacharda, W. F. St. Ansgar 16 St. Ansgar
Zastrow, Carl Cedar 18 Nora Springs
Zemanek, F. J. St. Ansgar 17 St. Ansgar
Zemanek, V. F. St. Ansgar 16 St. Ansgar
Zilk, Fred Jenkins 22 Riceville