G.W. Chamberlain, of the firm of Chamberlain & Lyman, dealers in groceries and queens ware, was born in Feb., 1838, at Grand Detour, Ill. He enlisted in the 75th Ill. Inft., and was discharged in 1863, on account of lung disease; returned to Ill., and in 1868 came to Dunlap, Ia., and opened a restaurant, which he sold in 1874; remained out of business two years; then engaged in his present business with Ge. Baker, who sold to H. Gleason, and he to Mr. Lyman in 1881. He was town recorder two years, and member of the city council. He was married in Sterling, Ill., to Mary Ellmaker, who engaged in millinery business in 1869, which she still continues, carrying a large and complete stock of goods, at her location on Upper Ia. Avenue.