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1884 Maple Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

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Aduddell, Geo. W.
Aduddell, J. S.
Aduddell, Jesse
Alexander, Thomas
Amerman, Peter

Babcock, Julius
Baird, Edmund B.
Ballard, W. W.
Barrick, A. A.
Barto, George
Bassett, Adam
Baxter, Hector
Beard, Solomon
Beaver, T. C.
Beckwith, F.
Bell, Samuel
Bellman, D.
Benedict, Asa A.
Betts, S. T.
Bogardus, N. L.
Boles, John
Boon, Charles
Booth, Jacob
Booth, W. A.
Bowman, B. C.
Bradshaw, S. T.
Bradt, Chas.
Branch, M. L.
Britton, A.
Britton, Joe
Brown, Wm.
Brown, Josiah
Brueck, Peter
Burton, William

Callahan, G.
Callahan, J. A.
Campbell, John
Campbell, Romeo H.
**Chappel, Clarence
Chappel, Henry N.
Cheney, Herbert W.
Churchill, W. E.
Clark, D. S.
Clark, Dan
Clark, John
Coleman, David
Condit, Frank
Condit, John
Condit, Wm.
Conn, James
Cook, Frank
Cook, Wm.
Cope, Albert
Cope, Phillip
Copeland, Al
Coulter, Nathaniel
Coyle, C. F.
Cramley, J. R.
Crane, Thomas
Crane, Wm.
Crawford, Albert
Crawford, Jessie
Cummen, W.
Cunningham, Crawford

Dalgetty, Alexander
Dall, H. C.
Dall, T.
Davis, J. W.
Davis, W.
Dennis, S. W.
Detrick, P. K.
Dovie, L. A.
Dovie, L. J.
Dunne, Richard
Durfin, H. H.
Durfin, T. F.
Durst, Adolph
Durst, Henry Jr.

Early, Geo.
Edwards, J. M.
Edwards, Nathan
Elston, L. H.
Elston, Miss Elva

Ferguson, Walter A.
Fichelkorn, John
Fletcher, D.
Fletcher, Geo.
Forbes, A. B.
Fowler, David
Fowler, Wm.
Fulk, A.

Gailey, J. M.
Gailey, Wm.
Garrett, Isaac
Genet, F.
Gibbs, Charles
Gilligan, Ed
Glass, George
Glenn, G. A.
Goin, G.
Goin, Joseph
Goodenow, Fred R.
Goodenow, Sidney
Gorgas, Charles
Gowing, R. H.
Greaser, Bernard
Greene, Robert H.
Greenwood, James
Grouell, George

Hanchett, E.
Hansbarger, William
Hansen, John
Hare, David
Hare, Jacob
Harvey, Frank
Hassett, R.
Havens, T.
Hayward, A.
Hayward, Wm.
Heath, J. A.
Hilker, C.
Holcomb, John
Holcomb, N. C.
Hosler, Isaac
Hoyt, Andrew

Iverson, Jens

James, W. H.
Jamison, Robert
Jamison, Wm.
Jennett, Francis
Johnson, W. E.
Johnson, A.
Johnson, Alex
Johnson, J. T.
Johnson, Miss C.
Jones, Enoch
Jones, Wilson
Jordan, A. C.

Kavanaugh, Petrie
Keehl, Chas.
Keehl, Chris
Keehl, John
Keenan, John
Kendall, J.
Kenyon, E. M.
Kephart, J. D.
Kinney, C. F.

Lackey, Henry
Lampman, N. H.
Lampman, Willard H.
Lee, Henry
Lewis, B. F.
Lewis, Emma B.
Lewis, Frank
Lewis, J. M.
Livingston, Henry
Lund, C. P.
Luce, Albert

Majors, Byron
Mallory, H. T.
Manning, N.
Manning, S. S.
Manning, T. O.
Martin, A.
Mathais, Wm.
Mathis, Wm.
McCabe, Luke
McCarthy, John
McIntosh, G. W.
McKee, J. W.
McKinney, Wm.
McKown, Amos
McNiff, John
McPherson, Amos
McShane, Lovella
McShane, Henry
McWilliams, R. A.
McWilliams, Robert
Mendenhall, P. W.
Mendenhall, Thos. J.
Menton, H.
Merrett, S. J.
Meyers, Paul
Miller, J. A.
Moeller, Peter
Moeller, Steve
Moeller, Chris
Morey, J. H.
Morrice, Robert
Morrison, Peter
Morrow, Davie H.
Murphy, Ed

Nailor, George
Neeler, J.
Nimocks, A.
Nott, John

O’Daniel, Henry
O’Gorman, M.
Oshanters, H.

Page, J. S.
Palmer, D. D.
Patterson, David
Patterson, James
Patterson, R.
Peffer, John
Petersen, Hans
Petersen, Nelson
Petersen, Robert
Pierce, A.
Pierpont, Emmett
Pierpont, Thomas W.
Preston, Andrew
Preston, James
Preston, John
Preston, John C.
Preston, L.
Pritchard, John
Pritchard, W. H.

Randall, Fred
Reary, James
Reed, W. T.
Rickman, Otto
Riddle, E. M.
Riddle, Hiram
Riedesel, A. A.
Riedesel, John
Ritchie, Conrad
Roberts, J. M.
Rogers, Joseph
Ross, R. E.
Rowland, D. C.
Royalty, Wm.
Ruggles, A.
Ruggles, C.
Runyon, L. L.

Sale, Don
Seefeld, C. F.
Sharp, A.
Sharp, Dan J.
Shelton, John
Shelton, F. M.
Shelton, J. H.
Shelton, J. W.
Silsbee, John
Slater, Israel
Smith, Eddie
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Finley
Smith, George.
Smith, H. S.
Smith, Hans H.
Smith, Homer
Smith, Hugh
Smith, J. E.
Smith, James
Smith, John H.
Smith, Walter
Snover, Joseph
Snyder, J. F.
Snyder, J. S.
Snyder, Marcus
Soesbe, James
Spees, Ed
Spees, Frank
Spence, David
Spencer, G. H.
Spotts, A.
Spotts, J. E.
Squyers, H. D.
Stapleton, Joseph
Stapleton, John
Stapleton, Pat
Stauch, Andrew
Stauch, Godlieb
Stewart, F. M.
Stewart, James
Stewart, Robert
Stickland, Edward
Stiles, Joseph
Stiles, Samuel
Stoddard, Ed R.
Stoddard, Wm.
Stouch, Godlieb
Stoughten, James
Streeper, Wm.
Strobe, Peter
Stucki, Jacob
Summers, E. S.
Summers, G. S.

Taylor, Charles
Taylor, J. E. D.
Taylor, James
Terwatha, J.
Thomas, Hugh
Thomas, W. M.
Tillotson, C. F.
Towne, Warner

Underwood, J. M.

Virgil, C. H.

Wakeham, W. H.
Wallace, A. M.
Walter, Cora E.
Walter, Silas
Warner, Frank
Warner, Wm.
Warnock, F. B.
Warnock, S.
Warren, George
Weaver, R. B.
Wells, Wm.
Welsh, John
West, Joseph
White, A.
White, L.
Wigand, Henry
Wilcox, O. P.
Williams, Noah R.
Wilson, Capitola
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, D. L.
Wilson, I. R.
Wilson, Noah
Wolcott, Venning
Woodburn, H. L.
Wymer, W.

Youll, C. A.
Youll, James
Youll, John
Young, Edmund
Young, G. D.
Young, Phillip
Young, Seth W.

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