ADAM SCHUSTER. Anderson Township can boast of some of the most beautiful farms to be found in Madison County, and among these none has been brought to a higher state of cultivation than the country home of Dr. Jonas Stewart, a handsome tract of 120 acres, lying on the Anderson road, This property has been brought to its present excellent condition through the efforts of Adam Schuster, who has charge of the operations for Dr. Stewart, Mr. Schuster has made farming his life work, and his long experience his constant study of farming conditions, his ready ability to adapt himself to and adopt new ideas and his untiring perseverance have made him known as an expert in his chosen line, He was born on a farm near Cincinnati, in Hamilton County, Ohio, May 28, 1858, and is a son of John and Mary (Schumberger) Schuster.

John Schuster was a native of the Fatherland, .where he received his education and was reared to manhood. He was industrious and enterprising and, seeing no satisfactory prospects in his own country, decided to try his fortunes in the United States, Accordingly, when about thirty years of age, he took passage for New York, and shortly after his landing made his way to Cincinnati, Ohio, and entered the truck gardening business in which he continued throughout the remainder of his active career, He became reasonably successful, was a well-known and highly esteemed citizen of his community, and reared a family of six children, of whom Adam is the only resident of Madison County. One brother, Daniel, is living in the vicinity of Cincinnati, while three brothers and a sister, John, George, Christopher and Kate, arc all deceased.

Adam Schuster received a public school education in the institutions of Franklin County, Ohio, and was brought up an agriculturist. As soon as he had completed his schooling, he entered upon his career as a tiller of the soil, and this occupation he has continued to follow to the present time, He assumed the management of the operations on Dr. Stewart’s property on Anderson road, Each succeeding year has seen new improvements made, and the success which Mr. Schuster has attained in the raising of crops of bumper size is a demonstration of how far the science of farming may be perfected. He believes in the use of the most progressive methods and high power machinery in his farm work, and has also been successful in breeding a high grade of cattle.

In July, 1890, Mr. Schuster was united in marriage with Miss Sarah Johnson, whose parents came to Madison County from Kentucky, Mr. and Mrs. Schuster have had one son: George, who is attending the Anderson schools. They are also rearing an adopted child, Freda Schuster, who is seven years of age and is also a school student, During his residence in Anderson Township Mr. Schuster has made many friends and everywhere he is recognized as a worthy representative of the best agricultural element.