Frederick Frommel, Charleston, of the firm of Weiss & Frommel, proprietors of the Charleston Woolen-Mill; was born in Ravensburg, Kingdom of Wurtemberg, Germany, Dec. 5, 1825; at the . age of 14, he was apprenticed in a woolen-factory to learn the trade, and worked there until he came to this country in 1854; he spent several years in Philadelphia, New York and Connecticut; after which, he came West to Cincinnati, where he was engaged in traveling for two of the principal woolen houses in that city until 1869; he then removed to Charleston, and engaged with Henry Weiss, proprietor of the Charleston Woolen-Mill. On the death of Mr. Weiss, in the fall of 1869, he became a member of the firm of Weiss, Ginther & Co., till 1874, since which time it has been Weiss & Frommel; they employ about thirty hands, and manufacture all kinds of woolen goods and yarns. Mr. Frommel was a member of the City Council of Charleston, from 1874 to 1878. He was married May 16, 186(1, to Miss Annie Stuber, of Cincinnati, and has five children living – Emma K., Albert G., Ernst H., Minnie Ch. and Otto H.