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Biographical Sketch of A. A. Armstrong

Archie A. Armstrong, one of the progressive, intelligent and well-known young farmers of the County and Camargo Township, was born in Lawrence County, Ohio, September i0, 1861. He is the son of John Armstrong, who is also a native of Ohio and now a resident of Champaign. He came to Douglas County in 1879, and bought several farms in Tuscola Township and in other localities. He resided for some years on one of his farms, when he removed to the city of Champaign. He is now living a retired life in the sixty-fifth year of his age.

Archie Armstrong owns one of the most beautiful and attractive farms in the County, which he has well stocked with Aberdeen Angus cattle. In 1886 lie wedded Miss Nora Rice, of Champaign County. They have one child, Floyd, ten years of age. Mr. Armstrong is a director of the Douglas County Fair Association, and a member of the Masonic lodge at Camargo.

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