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Benjamin Woodworth, SR Family

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Benjamin Woodworth, SR., b 1638, d 1728 Apr. 22.
M (I) Deborah _______
3-1 Elizabeth, prob. d young.
3-2 Deborah, m Sprague.
3-3 Mary, prob. d young.
M (2) Hannah ______
3-4 Benjamin, Jr.
3-5 Ichabod.
3-6 Ebenezer, b 1691 March 12.
3-7 Amos.
3-8 Ezekiel.
3-9 Caleb.
3-10 Hannah, m _____ Walter.
3-11 Ruth, m Caleb Fitch April 4.
3-12 Judith, m Thomas Newcomb 1720 removed to Salisbury, Ct.
3-13 Margaret, m Joshua Owen, Nov. 5, 1718
3-14 Priscilla, m Amos Fuller, June 29, 1721.

(Note) Elizabeth and Mary not mentioned in father’s will.

(Note) Benjamin Woolworth (3) born in Scituate. In 1703 bought for 250 pounds from Phillip Smith a large tract of land in Lebanon, Ct., where many of the Scituate people settled. He moved soon after to Lebanon with his family; was admitted inhabitant Dec. 22, 1704. In deeds of lands at Lebanon he is described as Benjamin Woolworth of Little Compton, R. I.

Benjamin’s (3-4) father Benjamin, is found in Lebanon, Conn. as early as 1701. Town of Lebanon, Conn. records vol. 2, page 469 says:

Moses Woolworth of Norwich, Conn. to Benjamin Woolworth of Lebanon, Conn.–5 acres–in Little Compton, Bristol Co. –colony of Massachusetts Bay,–being one-third part of a fifteen acre lot which originally was Walter Woolworth’s Nov. 4, 1714.

Benjamin’s farm was in the northeast part of the town. In 1714 among twenty-four signers for a new church the names of Benjamin, Ezekiel, Benjamin, Jr., Ebenezer and Mary appear. In 1716 a new church was formed called Lebanon, North Parish, and in 1804 this parish was cut off from Lebanon and made town of Columbia. The farm of Benjamin is now in the possession of the Kingsley family.

The will of Benjamin Woodworth of Lebanon was executed Jan. 21. 1726-7, containing legacies to his sons Benjamin, Ichabod, Ebenezer, Amos, Ezekiel and Caleb, and daughters Deborah Sprague, Hannah Walter, Ruth Fitch, Judith Newcomb, Margaret Owen and Priscilla Fuller. He disposes of his real and personal estate in Lebanon and in Town of Seconet, Mass. Bay (now R. I.), his son Benjamin executor.

Will proved June 20, 7728.

(Note) Benjamin, Sr., soldier King Philips war, lands were assigned to him in 7676 as he applied to be paid in land.

Benjamin Woodworth Jr.

3-4 Benjamin Woodworth, Jr., Lebanon, Ct. d 1747, April 22, m Mary Weeks, July 26, 1721, in Lebanon, Ct.
3-4-1 Desire, b 1724 Apr. 26. d 1728 Mar. 11.
3-4-2 Elizabeth, b 1726 Apr. 20.
3-4-3 Mary, b 1727 Oct. 27.
3-4-4 Benjamin, b 1729 June 8, m Catherine Shields, June 10, 1756.
3-4-5 Desire, b 1730 Jar 10.
3-4-6 James, m (1) (2) b 1733 Oct. 11.
3-4-7 Hannah b 1735 Dec. m Samuel Walter.
3-4-8 Mercy, b 1737 Jan. 24.
3-4-9 Naomi, b 1739 May 22, m Eliot Hill, Nov. 9, 1757.

(Note) Benjamin Woodworth, Jr., probably born in Seconet, R. L, where his father owned lands. Is mentioned first in father’s will and was probably oldest child. Executor of father’s estate.

Benjamin, Jr., was member of First Congregational Church, Lebanon, 1736, wife, Mary, member of same church 1726.

He was soldier grantee, Lebanon, Ct., in Narragansett township No. 4, now Greenwich, Mass„ 1735.

Letter of Samuel Woodworth to Benjamin Woodworth

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Letter of Samuel Woodworth to Benjamin Woodworth

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Letter of Samuel Woodworth to Benjamin Woodworth

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