A121 GEORGE IV, EARL OF HUNTLY. Succeeded his grandfather when age 10. “He was a youth of lovely countenance and appearance. When the King went to France, 1535, to marry lady Magdaline, the King of France’s daughter, he nominated the Earl of Huntly (then about age 28) lieutenant of the kingdom in his absence. The earl so prudently managed the affairs of the nation that there were no tumults nor disorders committed all that time; and the king, finding such peace and quiet on his return, continued ever after to have a very great esteem for Huntly, and employed him in the most important affairs in all the time of his reign. He married lady Elizabeth Keith, daughter of the Earl Marischal. He had nine sons and three daughters. See E209.

A122 GEORGE V, EARL OF HUNTLY. Lord high chancellor of the kingdom, and general of her majesty’s (Queen Mary) forces. During Queen Mary’s captivity in England, Huntly continued a dutiful and loyal subject and defended her cause to the last extremity. “The loyalty of the Gordon family to their prince has always been constant, and no Gordon is mentioned to have bore arms in any faction or party opposite to the supreme authority, whether swayed by the kings themselves, or managed by regents.”

A123 GEORGE VI, EARL OF HUNTLY, MARQUIS OF HUNTLY. Lord Lieutenant of all the north of Scotland. He was active in the affairs of his country. Was created Marquis of Huntly.

A124 GEORGE II, MARQUIS OF HUNTLY. Was lord lieutenant of all North Scotland. In 1624 he was Captain of Scots Gens d’Arms, which consisted entirely of “genteel young men, well appointed.” They fought in France, 1624, and was called “the bravest company that had ever been seen in France.” He lost his life and fortune because of his loyalty to his king and country. (1) LORD CHARLES 131.


A126 GEORGE LORD GORDON V, MARQUIS OF HUNTLY. Educated in France. Entered the French army and was in siege of Strassbourg.

A127 GEORGE: Created Duke of Gordon, by King Charles, for services performed by the illustrious Gordon family to his royal ancestors. Privy councilor of Scotland and Lord of the Treasury. Was active in the of airs of his country.

A128 ALEXANDER IInd, DUKE OF GORDON. Visited several of the courts of Europe and figured considerably in them. He was honorably entertained by the sovereigns and contracted friendship with several of them.

A129 COSMO GEORGE IIIrd, DUKE OF GORDON. Knight of the most honorable order of the thistle, and one of the Scots peers in the Parliament of Great Britain.

(1) George – A135.

A131 LORD CHARLES GORDON, EARL OF ABOYNE (Son of 124) . Created earl, Sept. 10, 1661.

A132 CHARLES IInd, EARL OF ABOYNE. Married his cousin. Died 1705.


A134 CHARLES IVth, EARL OF ABOYNE. (1) George-136.

A135 GEORGE Vth, DUKE OF GORDON: b. 1770. Connected ,with the Duke of York’s first expedition to Flanders (SON of 130) .

A136 GEORGE Vth, EARL OF ABOYNE (son of 134) : b. Edinburgh June 28, 1761. Spent some time in France, at the court of Louis XIV, but returned home shortly before the Revolution.


A138 CHARLES IIth, MARQUIS OF HUNTLY and VIIth EARL OF ABOYNE : b. March 5, 1847. Gordon of Auchendolly


B140 ALEXANDER, of Auchenreoch.

B141 ROGER, of Barr: m., 1434, Lady Malise Graham; dau. of the Earl of Strathearn.

B142 JAMES, of Auchendolly (by purchase, 1645, from Kenmure Gordon), of Lochenkit ; of Killilour (by grant from Oliver Cromwell, 1612) ; and of Gartrogo (by grant from Oliver Cromwell, 1650) , co. Kirkcudbright, was cited, 1640, before Committee of – Convenanters.
1. Edward-B143.
2. George.

B143 EDWARD, of Auchendolly, Trowdaill, and Gartrogo : m. Elizabeth Gordon, 1657 ; d. 1691.
1. James B144.
2. Robert.

B144 JAMES, of Auchendolly, Trowdaill, and Bartrogo : 1658-1708 ;
bur. with his wife in Crossmichael Churchyard.
1. Robert B145.
2. William, of Kilnotrie.

B145 ROBERT, of Auchendolly and Trowdaill: b. 1685.

B146 ALEXANDER, of Auchendolly and Trowdaill : b. 1720 ; a Chirurgeon of Dumfries, 1753 ; d. unm. 1777 ; succeeded by his brother B147.

B147 ROBERT, of Auchendolly, Trowdaill and West India estates: b. 1724 ; member of Society of Merchant Venturers at Bristol; d. 1784 ; bur. with his wife at St. James’, Bristol.
1. (1) William A110.
2. (2) John, of Stapleton Grove, Bristol: 1758-1839.
A. James, of Montego Bay, Jamaica: b. 1795 ; d. in London, 1860.
B. James Rollings : late representative.
3. (3) Robert: b. 1760 ; served in Egypt during campaign of 1801-02 under Sir Ralph Abercrombie; d. in Jersey, 1845.
4. (4) Ann: m. 1789, Charles Westley Coxe, of Kemble House.
A. Elizabeth Ann Coxe : m. Robert Gordon, of Auchendolly, her 1st cousin.
5. (5) Mary: Issue.