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Genealogy of the Cherokee Ross Family

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11 Ghi-goo-ie. William Shorey                                         |A50
1112 Annie Shorey. John McDonald
2 Elizabeth Shorey. John Lowrey
111213 Mary McDonald. Daniel Ross                                     |A51
112213 Elizabeth Lowrey. William Shorey Pack
11121314 Jennie Ross. Joseph Goody
2 Elizabeth Ross. John Golden Ross
OK 3  John Ross. Quatie and Mary Bryan Stapler
4 Lewis Ross. Fannie Holt
5 Susannah Ross. Henry Nave
6 Andrew Ross. Susan Lowrey
7 Annie Ross. William Nave
8 Margaret Ross. Elijah Hicks
9 Maria Ross. Jonathan Mulkey
11221314 Thomas Jefferson Pack. Jennie Taylor
OK 2 Cynthia Pack. John Cowart
1112131415 William Shorey Goody. Susan Henley and Elizabeth Pack Fields
2 Mary Goody. Nicholas Dalton Scales
OK 3 Daniel Ross Goody. Amanda Drew, Sarah Ross and Eliza Levisa Bennett
4 Elizabeth Goody* Greenwood LeFlore
5 Letitia Coody. Looney Price
6 Maria Ross Coody. John Gabriel Madison Hawkins
7 Louisa Jane Coody. Frederick Augustus Kerr
8 Flora Coody. General Daniel Henry Rucker
9 Joseph McDonald Coody. Mary Rebecca Harris nee Thornberry and Mary Muskogee Hardage
1112132415 William Potter Ross. Mary Jane Ross
2 Daniel Hicks Ross. Catherine Gunter
OK 3 Eliza Jane Ross*
4 John Andrew Ross. Eliza Wilkerson
5 Elnora Ross*
6 Lewis Anderson Ross. Nellie Potts
1112133415 James Ross. Sallie Mannion
2 Allen Ross. Jennie Fields
3 Jennie Ross. Return Johnathan Meigs and Andrew Ross Nave
4 Silas Dean Ross* Nannie Rhoda Stiff, Jennie Sanders and Elizabeth Raper
5 George Washington Ross. Nannie Otterlifter
6 John Ross. Elizabeth Chouteau and Louisa Catherine Means
7 Annie Bryan Ross* Leonidas Dobson
8 John Ross. Caroline Cornelison Lazalear and Christine Foreman nee Haglund
1112134415 Minerva A. Ross* George Michael Murrell
2 John McDonald Ross*
3 Araminta Ross. James Springston Vann
4 Robert Daniel Ross. Caroline Todd
5 Mary Jane Ross. William Potter Ross.
6 Amanda Melvina Ross. George Michael Murrell
7 Henry Clay Ross. Elizabeth Campbell and Josephine Pettit
8 Sarah Ross. Daniel Ross Coody
9 Helen Ross. Lewis Rogers
10 Jack Spears Ross. Elizabeth Feelin
1112135415 Eliza Nave. George Washington Gunter
2 Mary Nave. Anderson Pierce Lowrey
3 John Nave. Rachel Looney
4 Daniel R. Nave. Jennie Carey
5 Andrew Ross Nave. Jennie Meigs nee Ross
6 Elvira Nave. Charles Clayborn Price, Joseph M. Gilbert and Samuel McDaniel
7 George Washington Nave* Sarah Josephine Vaught

A50. William Shorey, a Scotchman married Ghigooie a full blood Cherokee of the Bird clan.

A51. Mollie McDonald, born November 1, 1770. She married Daniel Ross, a Scotchman, born in 1760 in Sutherlandshire, Scotland. She died October 5,1808 and he died on May 22, 1830.

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- Last updated on Oct 22nd, 2012

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