Thomas Franckline, native of Northamptonshire, England. (Wife’s name unknown.)

Issue: Four sons and two daughters.

One son named Henry Franckline, born May 26, 1573. married October 30, 1595, Agnes Joans.

Henry and Agnes (Joans) Franchline had two sons. (159498).

Henry married a second wife, name unknown, by whom he had six sons and one daughter.

His eighth and last son was Josiah, born December 23, 1657, married first wife, Ann Child of Eaton, England, and there was issue in England, three children and in New England, four children.

His second wife was Abiah Folger of Nantucket, by whom he had ten children.

Their last child was Benjamin Franklin, born in Boston, January 17, 1706; died April 17, 1790; married Deborah Reed of Philadelphia, Pa., in 1730.

Benjamin and Deborah (Reed) Franklin had: Francis, died in boyhood.

Sarah, born September 22, 1744, died October 5, 1808, married Bache of Philadelphia, Pa. (See Descendants of John Folger.)