Battle Hymn Of The Allens

Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic

There’s something strong and mighty in a good old family name;
The name of Allen shineth high upon the scroll of fame;
For nearly all the Allens have pursued a lofty aim.
The Clan goes marching on!

Chorus: Glory to the name of Allen!
Glory to the Tribe of Allen!
A-mi-ci-ti-a si-ne fraude!
The Clan goes marching on!

Fitz-Alan was the ancestor of Allen, so they say.
He crossed the sea with WILLIAM I, the hero of his day.
The Allens do their duty and will not a trust betray!
The Clan goes marching on!

Hosts of Allens claim, as “Mecca,” “Claremont” on the James.
Ethan was the soldier brave with patriotic aims.
In righteous causes Allen spirits rise to fervent flames.
The Clan goes marching on!

In England, Wales and Scotland, and the Emerald Isle as well,
In U. S. A. and Canada, in city, plain and dell,
Where English tongue is spoken–that is where the Allens dwell.
The Clan goes marching on!

The Allen Clan is mighty–nearly half a million strong;
In seventy-six, two thousand Allens fought to right a wrong.
Fifty towns bear Allen names. Let’s sing both loud and long,
“The Clan goes marching on!”

The Allen blood is mingled with the royal bloods of old.
Each century our members have increased a hundred fold.
Among the world’s great families our family is pure gold.
The Clan goes marching on!

The House of Allen cherishes traditions of the past,
With the world’s great movements they have all their fortunes cast;
And when they pledge their honor they are loyal to the last.
The Clan goes marching on!

If you claim the blood of Allen join the chorus of the Clan,
In our Records and Reunions–All according to our plan.
The name to highest honors boost it every way you can.
The Clan goes marching on!