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Allen Virginia Emigrants

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The following Allens emigrated to Virginia in the years 1623-1665:

Anthony, 1653, Charles City Co.;
Charles (s. of Hugh), 1638, Charles River Co.;
Charles, 1638, Charles River Co.;
Charles, 1651, Yorke Co.;
Edward Allen, 1635;
Edward, 1656.
Francis, 1643, James City Co.;
George, 1650;
George, 1654;
Gregory, 1648, Lower Norfolk Co.;
Hezekiell, 1652, Northampton Co.;
Hugh, 1638, Charles River Co.;
James, 1643;
James, 1646, North Hampton Co.;
James, 1653, Lancaster Co.;
John, 1636, James City Co.;
John, 1638, James City Co.;
John, 1639, Charles City Co.;
John, 1643, North Hampton Co.;
John, 1651, North Hampton Co.;
John, 1652;
John, 1656;
Nicholas, 1653, Northumberland Co.;
Oliver, 1636, Henrico Co.;
Oliver, 1637, Henrico Co.;
Patrick, 1653, Gloucester Co.;
Richard, 1649, Lower Norfolk Co.;
Richard, 1653, Northampton Co.;
Robert, 1638, James City Co.;
Robert, 1653, Gloucester Co.;
Teague, 1653, Charles City Co.;
Thomas, 1649;
Thomas, 1651, Yorke Co.;
Thomas, 1656, James City Co.;
Valentine, 1650;
William, 1638, Charles River Co.;
William, 1640, James City Co.;
William, 1650, James City Co.;
William, 1653, Gloucester Co.;
William, 1653, Yorke Co.;
William, 1656, Elizabeth City Co.;

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