The following titled Allen families are listed in “Burke’s General Armory”: Cheshire, Suffolk, and Wilts; Viscount Allen; Dale Castle, co. Pembroke (heir-Elinor m. 1776); Cresselly, co. Pembroke; Patrick Allen; Chelsea, 1563; Errol, co. Perth; Stanton Woodhouse, Derbyshire, 1586; Derbyshire, London, and Staffordshire; Devonshire; Essex (3 families); Grove, co. Kent, 1610; Kent (two families); Hoyland, W. R., co. York; Broughton, co. Lanc. 1664; Brindley, co. Chester; City of Chester, 1697; Rathtimney, co. Wexford, Visit. co. Wexford, 1618; Alenscourt; Lancashire; Whetston, Leicestershire, Visit. Leicester; Sheriff of London, 1620, Camden’s Grants, London (five families); Suffolk and Sussex; Edward, Founder of Dulwich College; Capt. Fountaine Hogge-Allen (had royal license to take the name and arms of Allen in addition); William Ferneley Allen, Esq., J. P. (Alderman of the city of London); Rossal, co. Lancaster; Perthshire, of Errol, in Carse of Gowrie; William Allen, Esq. of Streatly, co. Berks, J. P.; Sir William Allen, Lord Mayor of London, 1572; John Allen, M. A., archdeacon of Salop and vicar of Rees, co. Salop; Giles Allen, Mayor of Dublin, 1577; Lyne Shany, co. Cavan, 1633; William Allen, Capt. of foot; and others.

Fitz Alan, whose arms were “azure, a lion rampant within a bordure, or,” came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066.

Allen formerly of Richeston
A101 THOMAS ALLEN: Resided at Gelleswich in 1600; had with other issue:
     (1) William: his heir--A102.
     (2) Joseph: of Dale Castle; built St. Ann's Lighthouse in 1713. From
         him descended the Phillips of Dale.
     (3) David: of Fobstone; ancestor of Allens of Cressely.
A102 WILLIAM ALLEN: High Sheriff, 1742; will proved at Carmarthen, 1744;
     had with other issue:
A103 JOSEPH ALLEN: b. 1729; m., 1751, only dau. of Chas. Phillips, of St.
     Brides Hill, of the Phillips family of Picton Castle, co. Pembroke.
     (1) John: his heir--A104.
     (2) William.
     (3) Charles: assumed surname of Phillips by sign manual about 1799
         on inheriting St. Brides Hill estate; High Sheriff of co. Pembroke;
         m.; left issue.
A104 JOHN ALLEN: b. 1752; of Gelleswick; J. P., Pembroke.
A105 CHARLES BOWEN ALLEN: of Richeston Hall, co. Pembroke; b. 1799;
     m. 1824; had, with other issue:
     (1) John Bowen: b. 1824; m. 1856.
         (A) Charles Lewis Reece: b. 1858; of Klerksdorp, Transvaal; m.
             1880. Ch.: Graham Charles (b. 1881), John Murray McKellop
             (b. 1883, m. 1921), Donald Walter (b. 1883), Angus Torrens
             (b. 1886), Alfred Peregrine (b. 1886), Nevill Durant
             (b. 1889).
         (B) John Hutchings Bowen: b. 1861; m.
         (C) Harvey Graham: b. 1864; m. 1892; issue.
         (D) Florence Ellen: m. and had issue.
     (2) William Bowen: b. 1830; d. unm., 1848.
     (3) Charles Hugh: b. 1831; of Richeston--A106.
     (4) Catherine Luther Ann: b. 1838; m. 1859; left issue.
A106 CHARLES HUGH ALLEN: J. P.; m. 1856; d. 1907.
     (1) Allen Charles: b. 1857; d. 1907.
     (2) Hugh William: now of Stanley House, Chepstow, formerly of
     (3) Earnest Ince: b. 1866; m. 1889; issue.
         (A) Charles Earnest: b. 1889.
         (B) Catherine Helene Mary Edith: b. 1893.
     (4) Edith Mary: m. 1895.
A107 HUGH WILLIAM ALLEN: b. 1864; of Pwllmeyric House; m. 1897; issue.
     (1) Maurice Hugh Charles: b. 1898.
     (2) Edith Helene Monica: b. 1899.