Albert Todd7, (Chauncey6, Jonah5, Stephen4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Aug. 25, 1816, died May 20, 1854, married July 30, 1839, Abigail Maria Andrews, who was born May 23, 1818, died May 14, 1871.

In early life he went to Woonsocket, R. I., his mothers brother, Edward Hotchkiss, living near that town. There he pursued his calling of a printer. He married the daughter of a farmer living not far from Woonsocket, and lived in the old farm house until his death.

*1247. Javan Nelson, b. Jan. 7, 1841.
*1248. David Chauncey, b. Dec. 6, 1842.
1249. Sarah Ames, b. May 5, 1847, d. May 3, 1857.