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Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers – Company F

Roster of Company F, Twenty-fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Civil War


George H. Napheys.

First Lieutenants.

Henry Kimball,
Henry H. Goodale.


Jonas G. Holden,
Henry R. Pease,
William O. Bissell,
Charles D. Grover,
Augustus S. Lancaster,
Carlos W. Thrall.


Charles K. Belknap,
Orville F. Belknap,
Arthur A. Hyde,
Samuel A. Smith,
Harlow Spencer,
Wallace S. Talcott,
John Thompson,
Alva T. Thrall,
Carlos Thumb.


Horton Pease,
George Warner.


Horatio R. Baker,
Roger G. Beebe,
William H. Bennet,
Norton M. Braman,
Patrick Brannen,
Oliver Burke,
Charles Cavanaugh,
John A. Chism,
Timothy Conner,
Martin Connins,
Patrick Duffy,
William Finney,
Henry M. Fowler,
Enoch C. Haskings,
William Hatter,
Francis Hoffman,
Harvey E. Kibbee,
Michael Long,
Francis Morgan,
John Nick,
Alonzo Nobles,
Mark Nobles,
Andrew Palmer,
Byron W. Pease,
John Porus,
William Reed,
George R. Robinson,
John M. Royce,
Samuel Schlesinger,
Edward Shears,
Charles P. Smith,
Daniel Sullivan,
Francis M. Taft,
Jason Thrall,
Erskine Wallace,
Henry Weller,
Jonas E. Wilson,
James W. Wright,
Jerome H. Mather.

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