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Elmwood Cemetery, North Gower Township, Kars County, Ontario Canada

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H Surname

Haney, James Died Feb. 20, 1910
Haney, Margaret (Milligan) Died Mar. 4, 1907
Haney, Wm. Died Aug. 3, 1881
Hannaford, Cyril L. 1893-1967
Hannaford, Lawrence A. 1924-No Dates
Haywood, Pursey 1877-1959
Hicks, Alan Fraser 1894-1919
Hicks, Annie Cecilia (McPhail) 1882-1915
Hicks, Capt. Peter 1847-1910
Hicks, Eliza Jane (Dunbar) 1850-1931
Hicks, Ellen Clara (Lewis) April 6, 1876-July 4, 1958
Hicks, Emerson Lyle 1896-1897
Hicks, George Nov. 17, 1867-No Dates
Hicks, H.D. Garfield 1892-No Dates
Hicks, J. Frederick Gorman 1889-1921
Hicks, James Died Apr. 27, 1905
Hicks, John Hilliard 1888-1888
Hicks, John J. 1860-1948
Hicks, Mary ?. (McCartney) Died June 12, 1894
Hicks, Mary A. (Craig) Died Oct. 20, 1860
Hicks, Mary Ann (McCurdy) 1863-1931
Hicks, Melinda M. (Pettapiece) 1879-1959
Hicks, Private Allan P. Died Dec. 6, 1919
Hicks, T. Allen 1871-1934
Hicks, William George 1886-1906
Hill, Donald E. 1933-1969
Hill, Heather F. Died 1961
Hobbs/McIntyre, Martha Ann (Lewis) 1876-1952
Hooly, James Died Apr. 8, 1864
Hovey, Henry R. Died Jan. 13, 1918
Hunt, Absalom Died Aug. 13, 1871
Hunt, Allan C. 1895-No Dates
Hunt, Earl P. 1887-No Dates
Hunt, Emma Jane (Boyd) Died Dec. 17, 1909
Hunt, Eva K. (Lindsay) 1891-No Dates
Hunt, George A. Died Feb. 27, 1919
Hunt, George E. 1864-1947
Hunt, James E. 1879-1966
Hunt, John Sweetland Died Nov. 22, 1903
Hunt, L. Ervin 1917-No Dates
Hunt, LeRoy L. 1892-1967
Hunt, Leslie (Hunt) 1951-1952
Hunt, Mary E. (Kerr) Died Apr. 3, 1928
Hunt, Mary L. (Nixon) 1918-No Dates
Hunt, Mervyn K. Died Apr. 29, 1928
Hunt, Orville N. 1925-1942
Hunt, Pearl C. (James) 1904-No Dates
Hunt, Sarah (Pendergast) Died Jan. 19, 1932
Hunt, Sarah J. (Hicks) 1864-1943
Hunt, Thomas Sept. 13, 1867-June 11, 1953

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