A Village And Parish situated on the River St. Lawrence in the County of Bellechasse, C. E. distant from Quebec, 15 miles. Population about 1800.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C.
Belleau, Edouard Severin, M. D., postmaster. ,
Boissonneault, Captain Peyrre, general store and J. P.
Corriveau, Miss Esther, dry goods store.
Daigneault, Pierre, general store.
Dugal, Captain Louis.
Forgues, Panthaleon, registrar of the county of Bellechasse.
Fortier, Rev. Narcisse Charles, Roman Catholic.
Fortier, Francois, M. D., and J. P.
Fortier, Mrs. Jean Baptiste, general store.
Furois, Lieut. Col. Joseph.
Gagné, Jean Baptiste, general store.
Goupille, Antoine, card millowner.
Lanniere Lieut. Col. Ludger, seignior and J. P.
Lanniere, Wilfred, notary public.
Lame, Francois Xavier, notary public.
Leclaire, Alexis, saw millowner.
Lemieux, Joseph, miller.
McIll, Ignace, boarding house.
Merceyr, Ursin, general store.
Montminil, Jean Baptiste, millowner.
Morin, Captain Joseph.
Pouliot, Barthélemi, notary public.
Raby dit Sanschagrin, Joseph, miller.
Ruellant, Slimere, saw millowner.
Ruellant, Ludger, general store.
Soucy, Maurice, general store.