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First Arrivals From Sea In The Port Of Quebec.
May 9th, 1760-11. M. S. Leostoff, Captain Deane.
May 16th, 1765 Snow Apthorp, F. Bushia, from Glasgow and Belfast.
May 29th, 1766-Sloop Elizabeth, G. Snow, from Boston.
May 6th, 1767-Sloop Fanny and Jenny, Capt. Cobb, from Boston.
May 12th, 1771 Brig Pitt, Capt. Palmer, 6 weeks from London.
May 13th, 1772-Brigantine Canadian, Abbott, from London.
May 20th, 1773-Ship Canadian, Abbott, from London.
May 5th, 1777-Transport Ship Genl. Conway, from Newfoundland.
May 20th, 1778-Snow Jason, Sloper, 7 weeks from Cadiz.
May 7th, 1781-Harriet, Bacon, from London.
May 14th, 1786-Ship Integrity, from the Downs.
May 11th, 1787-H. M. S. Thistle, Capt. Coffin, 11 days from Halifax.
May 14th, 1789-Ship Achilles, Pile, from Liverpool.
June 2nd, 1795-Brig Caroline, Jenkins, 17 days from Trinity Bay.
May 20th, 1796-Brig Jessies, Paterson, 3rd April from Greenock.
May 15th, 1797-Schooner Susan Craigie, Macintyre, 56 days from St. Domingo.
May 11th, 1798-Schooner Swift, Robson, 2nd March from Jamaica.
May 8th, 1799-Brig Nympth, Pryor, 4th March from St. Vincent, &c.
May 17th, 1800-ketch Firm, Dutramel, 1.9 days from Halifax.
April 25th, 1801-Ship Nancy, Bain, 27th March from Liverpool.
May 12th, 1802-Brig Mary, Sartus, 11th March from Newcastle.
May 4th, 1803-Brig Antelope, Boucher, 49 days from Jamaica.
April 25th, 1804-Ship Jane, Perkins, 16th March, from Liverpool.
May 5th, 1805-Ship Quebec, Bailey, 19th March from London.
May 9th, 1806-Brig Caledonia, Wilson, 26 days from Ayr.
April 28th, 1807-Brig Henrietta, Losh, 22 days from Liverpool.
April 19th, 1808-Brig Triton, Wright, from Hull.
May 4th, 1809-Ship Ocean, Tracey, 52 days from Portsmouth.
May 3rd, 1810-Ship Prospect, Wake, 33 days from Newcastle.
April 26th, 1811-Ship Hero, Stephenson, 30 days from London.
May 2nd, 1812-Ship Christopher, Coward, 38 days from London.
May 5th, 1813-H. M. S. Woolwich, five weeks from Portsmouth.
May 8th, 1814-Schooner Priam, Pye, 27th April, from Halifax.
May 10th, 1815-Ship Hope, Banner, 45 days from Alicant.
May 12th, 1816-Ship Glory, Shand, 42 days from Liverpool.
May 13th, 1817-Ship Fame, Mimet, 25th March, from Hull.
May 7th, 1818-Brig Patroit, Anderson, 32 days from Aberdeen.
May 1st, 1819-Brig Patroit. Anderson, 25 days from Aberdeen.
May 9th, 1820-Brig Royal Charlotte, Hobson, 50 days from Alicant.
May 8th, 1821-Brig Southampton, White, 30 days from Grenada.
April 27th, 1822-Brig Mary, Murphy, 20th March from St. Vincent.
May 9th, 1823-Brig Hugh, Greig, 27th March from Belfast.
May 1st, 1824-Bark Europe, Willis, 25th March from London.
April 24th,1825-Ship Perseverance, Egg, 29th March from Plymouth.
April 25th, 1826-Ship Walrus, Wright, 18th March from London.
April 30th, 1827-Ship Quebec Packet, Anderson, 2nd April from Aberdeen.
May 8th, 1828-Ship Gaspe, Bonnyman, 4th April from Gibraltar.
May 2nd, 1829-Brig Ann Eliza and Jane, Reid, 23rd March from Bristol.
April 26th, 1830-Ship Unicorn, Troup, 31st March from Liverpool.
April 16th, 1831-Brig Nemesis, Roallins, 24th March from Poole. –
May 4th, 1832-Ship Canada, Allan, 2nd April from Greenock.
May 10th, 1833-Brig Favourite, Allan, 27 days from Greenock.
May 6th, 1834-Bark Ottawa, Douglas, 31st March from London.
May 2nd, 1835-Brig William Ash, Randall, 20th March from Bordeaux.
May 11th, 1836-Ship Canada, Allan, 2nd April from Greenock.
April 29th. 1837-Bark Great Britain, Swinburn, – days from London.
May 3rd, 1838-Pocris, Arnold, 27th March from Poole.
May 8th, 1839-Ship Rainbow, Arnold, 31st March from Poole.
April 25th,1840-Ship Vero, Webb, 25 days from Poole.
April 29th, 1841-Ship Vern, Mills, 2nd April from Poole.
May 2nd, 1842-Bark Kingston, Robson, 50 days from Gibraltar.
April 18th, 1843 Bark Great Britain, Swinburn, from London.
May 3rd, 1844-Bark Great Britain, Swinburn, 19th March from London.
May 1st, 1845-Bark Great Britain, Swinburn, 13th March from London.
April 24th, 1846-Ship Albion, Allan, 28th March from Glasgow.
May 8th, 1847-Ship St. Andrew, Lorby, from Glasgow.
May 1st, 1848-Ship Caledonia, Greenhorn, 27th March from Greenock.
April 28th, 1849-Ship Albion, McArthur. 20th March from Glasgow.
April 28th, 1850-Ship Montreal, McMaster, 19th March from Liverpool.
April 20th, 1851-Ship Toronto, Ballantine, 17th March from Liverpool.