A Village situated in the Township of North Oxford, County of Oxford, Canada West distant from London, 15 miles-usual stage fare, 6s. 3d. usual stage fare to Hamilton, 16s. 3d to Woodstock, 2s. 6d. to Brantford, 10s.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C.
Belton, Willis, shoemaker, Thomas st.
Berry, William, tailor, King st.
Blythe, Mrs., dressmaker, King st.
Browett, Joseph, general merchant, King st.
Brown, Thomas, tailor, King st.
Buchanan, John, cabinetmaker, King st.
Byrne, Thomas, saddler and harness maker, King st.
Campbell, Homer, cabinetmaker, King st.
CARROLL, R. H., hotel keeper and dealer in wheat and grain of all kinds, King st.
Daly, Absalom, hotel keeper, King st.
Daly, E., general merchant, King st.
Eastwood, W., general merchant and saddler, King st.
Elliot & McDonald, butchers, King st.
Featherston, William, cabinetmaker, Thomas st.
Galliford, John, shoemaker, King st.
Gordon, Alexander, tailor, King st.
HAINING, ROBERT, tinsmith and general dealer in dry goods and groceries of all descriptions, Thomas st.
Hall. C. P., watchmaker, King st.
Haywood, William, ornamental painter, King st.
Hopkins, H. B., saddler and harness maker, King st
Hoyt, J. J., physician and surgeon.
Ingersoll, James, notary.
Lonecks, Silas, baker, King st.
Macklin, John, general merchant, corner of King and Thomas st.
McCarthy, James, druggist, Thomas st.
McDonald, James, general merchant, King st.
McGill, Mathew, merchant, King st.
McKenzie, J. T., general merchant, Thomas st.
McNAB, J., merchant, general dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware and Thomas st.
MORRISON, JOHN, general merchant, corner of King and Thomas st.
Murdoch, James, wagonmaker, King st.
PATTERSON, J., Royal Exchange hotel, Thomas st.
Phalen & Adair, general merchants, King st.
Phelps, Uriah, blacksmith, King st.
Pool, Samuel, tailor, King st.
RAMSAY, W. A., iron foundry, Thomas st.
Revell. Rev. H., Church of England.
Reynolds, Dr., physician.
Shepley, Rev. J., Wesleyan Methodist.
Snelgrove, A., chairmaker, King st.
Wallace, Rev. R., free Church.
Webster, G. W., cabinetmaker, King st.
Wonham, W. G., Mansion House hotel, and surveyor.