A Village situated in the Township of Toronto, County of York, Canada West distant from Toronto, 16 miles usual stage fare, 1s. 101/2d. from Hamilton, 32 miles. Population about 350.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C.
Blevins. Mrs. saw mill.
Church. R., brewer.
Cook, Jacob, mail contractor.
Cotter. Dr. George C.
Crewe, Dr. William.
Dunn, Jonathan, tannery.
Galbraith. John. shoemaker.
Guthrie, E. L., blacksmith.
Harris, James. ship carpenter.
Harris. Samuel, carpenter.
Hemphill, Ezra, wagon maker.
Hughes, Rev. James, Wesleyan.
Logan. Francis, general store.
Mackenzie, John, carpenter.
Mackenzie, John, tailor.
Macready, James, carpenter.
Magee, H. F., carpenter.
Markle, Elijah, pump maker.
Miller, George, wagon maker.
MORLEY, F. B., postmaster and agent for Marriage Liscense
Morley, John, tailor.
Oldfield, Miss, teacher.
Parker, William, tinsmith.
Redman, Michael, blacksmith.
Romain, Charles E., steam saw mill.
Romain, P. Z., general store and commissioner of court of Queen’s bench.
Ryder, John, shoemaker.
Saunders, W., school teacher.
Scott, W., innkeeper.
Silverthorn, J., saw mill.
Soady, James, last and peg factory.
Teeter, R., innkeeper.
Thomson, Thomas J.. general store.
Weeks, William, shoemaker.
Wilson, Rev. James, Wesleyan.
Also, 1 butcher. 1 saddler, and 2 saw mills.