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1861 Directory of Forest Hill California

1861 Directory of Forest Hill California

Acker E. M. carpenter
Adams S. S. miner
Adams Samuel, butcher
Aikins H. D. tinsmith
Alers William, miner
Alix Joseph, miner
Allen John, miner
Allen T. miner
Allington. John, miner
Andrews George W. saloon-keeper
Angell A. J. saloon-keeper
Armstrong Adam, ranchman
Arras Conrad, boot-maker
Arthur William, miner
Ash H. teamster
Atkinson J. W. miner
Atwill J. M. miner
Avens John, miner
Awart Chas. miner

Babbitt J. J. lumberman
Baines J. M. miner
Baire M. miner
Beswick W. G. miner
Bissell E. L. miner
Blanchard Charles, steward in hotel
Bower S. S. miner
Bradley E. S. musician
Brewer J. C. miner
Brothers A. L. miner
Buckman M. miner
Burdong Henry, miner
Burns Dennis, miner
Burns Patrick, miner
Burns Robert, miner
Burrows G. W. miner

Calton James, miner
Campbell J. A. miner
Campbell Thomas, ditch owner
Camron John, miner
Cantwell M. Jr. miner
Cantwell M. miner
Carr Joseph, miner
Carroll G. W. clerk in store
Cartwell James, miner
Case Charles, miner
Cassiday John, miner
Caules Wm. miner
Cawgill Elisha, ditch superintendent
Chatterson T. D. music teacher
Clark Anthony, miner
Clark Henry J. miner
Clark Henry, miner
Clark J. H. stage proprietor
Cogle John, miner
Collins John, miner
Conly James, miner
Cook Wm. miner
Copely A. W. carpenter
Corcoran John, miner
Covington J. miner
Cox C. miner
Cox Frank, miner
Cox John, miner
Craig J. W. miner
Craig James, miner
Craig M. W. miner
Craig P. C. miner
Craig P. R. miner
Craig R. J. miner
Craig W. H. miner
Craig W. P. A. miner
Crandall Frank, miner
Crandall H. hotel keeper
Craner A. P. miner
Crapsey J. R. miner
Creagh Thos. A. saloon keeper
Creamer A. R. miner
Cribbs Abraham, miner
Cullom John, miner
Curran A, miner
Curtis C. miner
Curtis D. C. miner

Dagan Frank, miner
Daggett Charles, miner
Dasey Tim. miner
Davis Benjamin, miner
Davis D. W. saloon keeper
Davis Daniel, miner
Davis G. S. miner
Davis H. R. miner
Davis J. L. miner
Davis J. W. miner
Davis John L. miner
Davis William E. miner
Davison A. N. surveyor
Days Oliver, miner
Dean James C. miner
Deeds William M. miner
Dempwolff -, merchant
Dempy Jo. miner
Denton Benjamin, carpenter
Dewar John, livery stable prop’r.
Dewy Charles H. miner
Dickinson John, miner
Dignum John, miner
Dixon George, miner
Dodd James, merchant
Dodds David, miner
Dore Robert, miner
Douglas John, miner
Dow C. W. miner
Driskell M. miner
Driskell T. miner
Dubuque P. miner
Duffee John, miner
Dunlap John, miner
Dunlap John, miner
Dunn A. engineer
Dunn E. P. miner
Dunn Joseph, miner
Dunn Thomas, miner
Dupey Hugh, miner
Durien John, boot-maker
Durkee F. D. watchmaker
Dyer W. S. miner

Eddy Geo. miner
Eddy J. N. miner
Edgington A. M. clerk in store
Edmundson J. W. miner
Eidenger E. merchant tailor
Elfendahl Ernst, miner
Ellenwood D. lumberman
Elsey John, miner
Elsey Wash. miner
Emerson L. H. teamster
Evans John, miner
Evers Martin, miner
Ewert Chas. miner

Fagan William M. ditch owner
Faler A. lumberman
Fannon Dan. miner
Fannon M. millman
Farrell Patrick, miner
Fast Adolph, miner
Fast William D. miner
Faylor William, miner
Felt Charles, merchant
Ferris William, miner
Fich Frank, miner
Field Anson, miner
Field Peter, miner
Field William, miner
Fike Samuel, miner
Fillbrown Charles, miner
Fisher J. E. miner
Fisher J. W. carpenter
Fisher S. H. miner
Fitch, J. Ives, lawyer
Fitzpatrick P. miner
Fitzpatrick W. miner
Fletcher Edward, miner
Flinn Larry, miner
Flinn Thomas, miner
Follensbee Fisher, miner
Follensbee J. S. miner
Ford Henry, miner
Forest William jr. machinist
Forest William, machinist
Foster C. miner
Fowles Thomas, miner
Fox james, miner
Fox Thomas, miner
French John, miner
Friedlander H. merchant
Frosberg John, miner

Garry Daniel, saloon keeper
Gage R. W. miner
Gallagher Thomas, miner
Gallaway Robert
Ganson T. miner
Garrett James, miner
Garrison J. C. miner
Gehrmann J. C. C. carpenter
Genther A. miner
George Thomas
Getchell G. W. lumberman
Gillespie A. miner
Gillespie S. miner
Glisson Wm. merchant
Glover J. J. miner
Goble Hugh, miner
Goff A. W. miner
Goldie Marcus, miner
Goller John, miner
Gorman Patrick, miner
Gould George, miner
Gover Frank, blacksmith
Grant Daniel, teamster
Grant J. A. lumberman
Grant Richard, miner
Gray G.W. miner
Greeley John, miner
Green Gilbert, miner
Green I. I. miner
Green Michael, miner
Grogan Thomas, miner
Grover J. miner

Howard Charles, butcher
Homier Max, saloon-keeper
Hawkett A. W. brick-mason
Hause Lucien, miner
Herold Philip, shoe-maker
Hules Arnold, packer
Holland. H. R. (colored) barber
Harrington J. H. butcher
Hamilton R. J. tinsmith
Haskell A. C. constable
Haskell W. L. miner
Howard James, miner
Hardy William H. merchant
Huntly A. clerk
Horine John, miner
Howatt James, miner
Howatt James, jr. miner
Hannan John, miner
Hawell Fred. miner
Hawell Morgan, miner
Hawell M. P. miner
Hurtzig Nathaniel, miner
Hyland. Dennis, hotel keeper
Hummel Benedict, miner
Hatch J. A. miner
Hatch John, . miner
Herrick J. E. miner
Hurd W. T. miner
Houlton C. A. miner
Herbert J. B. merchant [H. S. Bar]
Hicks Joseph, miner

Ives Wm. H. Miner
Inefeldt Joseph, Miner

Jackson J. J. miner
James Wm. miner
Jase Benjamin, miner
Jenkins E. miner,
Jessen Henry, miner
Jewett H. lumberman
Johnson Otto, saloon keeper
Johnson Samuel, miner
Jones C. F. miner
Jones John D.
Jones John E. miner
Jones John N. miner
Jones John, miner
Jones Wm. miner
Julius John, teamster

Kate James, miner
Kay Joseph, miner
Kay Wm. miner
Keenan M. miner
Kelly Ed. lumberman
Kelly Edward, miner
Kelly Michael, miner
Kenna Wm. miner
Kennedy Sam’l S. merchant
Kent Wm. L. miner
Keys James, miner
Kibard Jacob, miner
Kidd A. U. miner
Kidd L. W. miner
Kilmar John, baker
Kinman Levi, miner
Kinney Wm. miner
Kirby John, miner
Klener Henry, miner
Knight Wm. C. miner
Knowles Robt. miner
Koch Adam, miner
Krausce Davis, saloon keeper
Krause H. daguerreotypist
Krysher J. barkeeper
Kurne Chas. saloon keeper

Laird William, miner
Lampman Charles, ranchman
Lander John, miner
Landman L. miner
Langdon George, saloon keeper
Larrabee Samuel A. miner
Larratt L. E. miner
Lawdon William, miner
Lawrence J. A. miner
Lawselle L. miner
Leat Jack, miner
Lee D. H. clerk in hotel
Lewis Robert, miner
Lewis W. L. lumberman
Libbee Dr. M. L. dentist
Libo H. miner
Linck Henry, miner
Lindsey William, lumberman
Lofrath Henry, miner
Loller Patrick, miner
Long John, miner
Longley A. S. miner
Longley W. R. miner
Love W. W. P. miner
Lowden Thomas, miner
Lowe George, miner
Lowell N. T. ranchman
Luitz M. H. bootmaker
Lum George, miner
Lunbacher Peter, barber
Lunn George, shoemaker
Lyman J. P. miner
Lynch Philip, editor
Lynn Robert, miner
Lyons M. R. miner
Lyons Michael, miner
Lyons Thomas, miner

Maurice Jos. porter in Forest House
Maus Matthew, miner
May George, miner
May Henry, miner
May Hermann, miner
May Martin, miner
May Martin, miner
Maye Hermann, miner
Mayfield P. miner
McAvoy Joseph, miner
McCabe Geo. lumberman
McClanahan Wm. miner
McClary Carr, blacksmith
McComb Wm. miner
McCorcle S. miner
McCullin Michael, miner
McCullough A. miner
McCullough L. J. miner
McDermott Henry, miner
McDermott John, miner
McDonald. Adam, miner
McDougle D. miner
McDougle Wm. miner
McEnerney, ______, miner
McFee C. miner
McGill James, miner
McGlenn Daniel, miner
McGlin Bartlett, miner
McGlin Daniel, miner
McGlin P. miner
McGoey James, miner
McGoey Thos. miner
McInnerny Pat. miner
McIntire Benj. miner
McKean John, miner
McKean Wm. miner
McKinnan Daniel, miner
McLean James, painter
McMannery Thos. miner
McManus Thos. miner
McManus Thos. miner
McQuade James P. miner
McRae Geo. miner
McRitchie, _____. miner
Means Robt. miner
Melcherson John, miner
Melton Wm. J. miner
Mewer James, miner
Mewer Thos. miner
Mewer Wm. miner
Miller Abraham, miner
Miller Alfred, miner
Miller Henry, miner
Mills John L. miner
Mills John S. teamster
Moffatt L. S. miner
Monroe J. M. K. saloon keeper
Mooney James, miner
Moore Alex. miner
Moore John, miner
Moore John, miner
Moore Samuel, miller
Moorehead John, miner
Morehead A. miner
Morehead Andrew, miner
Morrison John, watchman
Mullen Edward, miner
Mundell John, printer
Murphy Matthew, miner
Murray John, miner
Myers Mark H. miner

Nelson T. miner
Nelson Thomas, laborer
Newth Robert, laborer
Nisson Earnst, miner
Nithart George, laborer
Norres P. laborer
Northcut M. miner
Northwood William, miner

O’Conner C. miner
O’Conner J. miner
O’Neil F. miner
O’Rourke James, miner
Orr David, livery-stable keeper
Osborne Henry, miner
Ott H. miner
Owen W. W. packer

Paff Anthony, miner
Paff Chas. miner
Page J. H. miner
Parker E. bar keeper
Parker Wm. miner
Parkhurst R. druggist
Peas Geo. miner
Peas John, miner
Perada john, miner
Peters Wm. miner
Peterson Peter, miner
Peterson Wm. miner
Phelan. M. restaurateur
Pierson John, miner
Platt James; miner
Porter C. miner
Prescott _______, saloon keeper
Prescott A. merchant
Prescott J. merchant
Preston Ed. miner

Quinn Duncan, miner

Rafty Pat. miner
Randlett Chas. ranchman
Randlett John, miner
Randolph _______, blacksmith, [H. S. Bar,]
Rannison James, miner
Rarey Martin, miner
Rassoe Eugene, livery-stable keeper
Ratwan Chas. miner
Ray T. lumberman
Ray Wm. lumberman
Reamer G. W. miner
Reason John, miner
Record Chas. carpenter
Redmond James, miner
Redmond Wm. miner
Regles August, miner
Reno H. B. miner
Rice IL lumberman
Richards Wm. miner
Richards Wm. miner
Richardson R. engineer
Roach Geo. miner
Robertson J. S. miner
Roland Willis, miner
Rowell John W. miner
Ruckenberger Lewis, blacksmith
Rulafs A. miner
Russell James, miner
Rustler John, miner

Sack L. musician
Sawyers S. T. miner
Schmitt Jacob, merchant
Schmutzler Chas. miner
Scott A. B. prop’r of water works
Scott J. C. merchant
Scott L. W. miner
Sears John, miner
Sears Louis, miner
Seer Oliver, steward
Senate Thos. miner
Shag J. V’ miner
Shaw J. W. miner
Sheaver Jo. miner
Sheldon Chas. miner
Sheller Chas. miner
Sherman James, miner
Sherridan B. K. miner
Sherridan Dr. G. 111. physician
Sherridan Felix, miner
Sherror Win. miller
Silverthorn Win. T. cook
Simpson Robt. miner
Singleton Willis, miller
Slaughbauer Robt. teamster
Smith Daniel, miner
Smith Stephen C. saloon keeper
Smith Wm. C. wagon maker
Snodgrass A. miner
Spaulding G. K. miner
Spear S. miner
Spear S. N. miner
Spencer Dr. C. G. physician
St. John 1U. miner
Stanwood A. K. P. miner
Stanwood Robt. miner
Steele Chas. H. miner
Steele John, miner
Steele S. G. miner
Steele Will. miner
Stephenson G. C. carpenter
Stevens D. P. miner
Steward John, miner
Stick Philip, saloon keeper
Stone O. J. miner
Strasburg John, miner
Stratton J. N. clerk
Streeter B. lumberman
SullIvan C. J. blacksmith
Sullivan Case, Trainer
Sullivan Dennis, miner
Sullivan Jerry, miner
Sutton James, ruiner
Sutton N. B. miner

Tannehill A. miner
Taylor A. lumberman
Taylor S. lumberman
Taylor Wm. miner
Thayer F. M. carpenter
Thomas John, miner
Thomas R. M. miner
Thomas Richard, miner
Thomas W. G. miner
Thomas Wm. miner
Tipton Robt. teamster
Trask E. F. painter
Tritton Thos. carpenter
Trumbull John, miner
Trumbull L. ranchman
Twahchman Fred. miner

Van Ahnden Johannes, miner
Van Vankin B. carpenter
Vanderwalker J. lumberman
Varuld H. C. boot maker

Waddell David, miner
Ward Mrs. B. saloon keeper
Watkins -, miner,
Webster, G. G. express agent
Weed A. miner
Weed Wm. miner
Welsh H. miner
Welsh Pat. miner
Welsh Pat. miner
Welsh Thos. miner
Welsh Thos. miner
Welsh Thos. miner
Wentworth T. miner
Westenfeldt H. S. clerk
Westenfeldt John O. miner
White P. C. miner
White Tim. miner
White Walter R. ditch superintendent
Whitney W. M. miner
Whitton Chas. miner
Whitton D. M. blacksmith
Wier Geo. miner
Wier Wm. miner
Wiggins Ambrose, miner
Willets P. miner
Willett Edward, miner
Willett Sefoid, miner
Williams D. R. miner
Williams Evan, miner
Williams R. J. miner
Williams Richard, butcher
Williams Wm. miner
Williams Wm. miner
Willis M. miner
Willis Wm. miner
Wilson Chas. miner
Wilson Edward, miner
Wilson J. B. lumberman
Wilson James, miner
Wilson S. S. saloon keeper
Winspear Robt. teacher
Won John, miner
Woolney Joseph, miner
Wright Chas. miner
Wright Chas. S. lumberman
Wright J. B. miner

Young Dan. miner
Young Sam. news agent
Young Thos. A. surveyor
Young Thos. miner
Yule John, butcher

MLA Source Citation:

Steele, R. J.; Bull, James P.; Houston, F. I. Placer County Directory of 1861. Placer County, California: Placer County Historical Society. 1861. Web. 25 July 2016.
- Last updated on Apr 27th, 2013

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