The following is a list of men who were imprisoned upon the ship called “The Old Jersey” during the Revolutionary War. The tales the men told of their sufferings can be compared with those suffered by the North imprisoned at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison) during the War of the Rebellion. To find out more about the condition of life upon this ship during their incarceration, see the source listed below.

M Surnames

Jean Franco Mabugera
John Macay
Nicholas McCant
John Mace
Anthony Macguire
Pierre Marker
William Macgneol
Romulus Mackroy
John Madding (2)
Peter Madding
Peter Maggot
John Maginon
Stringe Mahlan
Peter Mahrin
Jean Maikser
William Main
Joseph Mainwright
Simon Majo
Pierre Malaque
John Maleon
Lewis Malcom
Maurice Malcom
John Male
William Malen
Francis Maler
Matthew Malkellan
Enoch Mall
Daniel Malleby
Thomas Malleby
Frederick Malleneux
John Mallet
Daniel Mallory
John Malone
Paul Malory
Thomas Makend
Nathaniel Mamford
—- Mamney
Peter Manaford
Josiah Manars
John Manchester
Silas Manchester
Thaddeus Manchester
Edward Mand
Edward Manda
Jonathan Mandevineur
Sylvester Manein
Pierre Maneit
Etien Manett
George Manett
George Mangoose
John Manhee
William Manilla
Anthony Mankan
Jacob Manlore
William Manlove
John Manly
James Mann
John Manor
Isaac Mans
Benjamin Mansfield
Hemas Mansfield
William Mansfield
Joseph Mantsea
Jonathan Maples
Jean Mapson
Auree Marand
—- Marbinnea
Mary Marblyn
Etom Marcais
James Marcey
Jean Margabta
Jean Marguie
Timothy Mariarty
John Mariner (2)
Hercules Mariner (2)
Elias Markham
Thomas Marle
James Marley
Jean Marlgan
Francis Marmilla
David Marney
James Marriott
Zachary Marrall
William Marran
James Marriott
Alexander Marse
Jarnes Marsh
Benjamin Marshall
James Marshall
John Marshall
Joseph Marshall
Samuel Marshall
Thomas Marshall
Timothy Marson
Thomas Marston
Adam Martellus
Antonio Marti
Ananias Martin
Damon Martin
Daniel Martin
Daniel F. Martin
Emanuel Martin
Embey Martin
Francis Martin
George Martin
Gilow Martin
Jacob Martin
James Martin
Jesse Martin
John Martin (4)
Joseph Martin (3)
Lewis Martin
Martin Martin
Michael Martin
Peter Martin
Philip Martin
Samuel Martin (2)
Simon Martin
Thomas Martin (2)
William Martin (3)
Jose Martine (2)
Thomas Martine
Pierre Martinett
Philip Marting
Martin Martins
Oliver Marton
John Marton
Baptist Marvellon
Anthony Marwin
Andrew Masar
Thomas Mash
Matthew Maskillon
Thomas Masley
Jean Maso
Augustus Mason
Francis Mason
Gerard B. Mason
Halbert Mason
James Mason
Louis Mason
Charles Massaa
James Massey
James Maston
Pierre Mathamice
James Mathes
Jeffrey Mathews
John Mathews
Joseph Mathews (2)
Josiah Mathews
Richard Mathews (2)
Robert Mathews
Thomas Mathews
William Mathews (2)
Thomas Mathewson
Robert Mathias
Joseph Matre
James Matson
William Matterga
George Matthews
Joseph Matthews
Josiah Matthews
Richard Matthias
Thomas Maun
James Maurice
John Mawdole
Patrick Maxfield
Daniel Maxwell
David Maxwell
George Maxwell
James Maxwell (6)
John Maxwell (3)
William Maxwell (5)
George May
John Maye (3)
John Maygehan
Pierre Maywer (3)
Parick McAllister
Charles McArthur
John McArthur
Peter McCalpan
Nathaniel McCampsey
William McCanery
Edward McCann
Daniel McCape (2)
Andrew McCarty
Cornelius McCarty
William McCarty
John M. McCash
Francis McClain
James McClanagan
Daniel McClary
Henry McCleaf
Patrick McClemens
John McClesh
Patrick McCloskey
Murphy McCloud
Peter McCloud
James McClure
William McClure
Johnston McCollister
James McComb
Paul McCome
James McConnell
Hugh McCormac
James McCormick
William McCowan
Donald McCoy
George McCoy
Peter McCoy
Samuel McCoy
John McCrady
Gilbert McCray
John McCray
Roderick McCrea
Patrick McCuila
Francis McCullam
William McCullock
Daniel McCullough
William McCullough
Patrick McCullum
Caleb McCully
Archibald McCunn
James McDaniel (3)
John McDaniel
John McDavid
William McDermott
Alexander McDonald
Donald McDonald
John McDonald
Petre McDonald
William McDonald (2)
Patrick McDonough (2)
William McDougall
Ebenezer McEntire
John McEvan
John McFaggins
James McFall
Bradford McFarlan
Daniel McFarland
William McFarland (2)
Bradford McFarling
Bushford McFarling
John McFamon
William McGandy
John McGee (2)
Andrew McGelpin (3)
James McGeer
John McGey (3)
Arthur McGill
James McGill
Henry McGinness
James McGinniss
John McGoggin
Robert McGonnegray
James McGowan
John McGoy
Barnaby McHenry
Duncan Mclntire
Patrick McKay
Matthew McKellum
Barnaby McKenry
John McKensie
Thomas McKeon
Patrick McKey
James McKinney (2)
John McKinsey
George McKinsle
William McKinsley
Benjamin McLachlan
Edward McLain
Lewis McLain
Philip McLaughlin
Daniel McLayne
James McMichael
Philip McMonough
Francis McName
John McNauch
Archibald McNeal
John McNeal
James McNeil
William McNeil
John McNish
Molcolm McPherman
William McQueen
Charles McQuillian
Samuel McWaters
Samuel Mecury
John Medaff
John Mede
Joshua Medisabel
Joseph Meack
John Meak
Usell Meechen
Abraham Meek
Joseph Meek
Timothy Meek
John Mego
Springale Meins
William Melch
Joseph Mellins
Harvey Mellville
William Melone
Adam Meltward
George Melvin
Lewis Meneal
John Menelick
Jean Baptist Menlich
William Mellwood
John Mercaten
James Mercer
Robert Mercer (2)
Jean Merchant (2)
John Merchant
Peter Merchant
William Merchant
John Merchaud
Sylvester Mercy
Bistin Mereff
Jean Meritwell
Francis Merlin
John Merlin
Augustus Merrick
John Merrick
Joseph Merrick
Samuel Merrick
Nimrod Merrill
John Merritt
John Merry
John Mersean
Clifton Merser
John Mersey
Abner Mersick
William Messdone
Thomas Messell
George Messingburg
George Messmong
Thomas Metsard
Job Meyrick
Roger Mickey
Thomas Migill
James Migley
Jean Milcher
John Miles (2)
Segur Miles
Thomas Miles
Timothy Miles
George Mildred
James Millbown
Robert Millburn
John Millen
Christopher Miller
David Miller
Ebenezer Miller
Elijah Miller (2)
George Miller
Jacob Miller
John Miller (3)
John James Miller
Jonathan Miller
Michael Miller
Peter Miller
Samuel Miller (2)
William Miller (2)
Maurice Millet
Thomas Millet
Francis Mills
John Mills (2)
William Mills
Dirk Miners
John Mink
Renard Mink
Lawrence Minnharm
Arnold Minow
Kiele Mires
Koel Mires
Anthony Mitchell
Benjamin Mitchell
James Mitchell
Jean Mitchell
John Mitchell (2)
Joseph Mitchell
David P. Mite
Elijah Mix
Joseph Mix
Paul Mix
James Moet
William Moffat
David Moffet
Emanuel Moguera
Peter Moizan
Joseph Molisan
Alexander Molla
Mark Mollian
Ethkin Mollinas
Bartholomew Molling
Daniel Mollond
James Molloy
John Molny
Gilman Molose
Enoch Molton
George Molton
Isaac Money
Perry Mongender
William Monrass
James Monro
Abraham Monroe
John Monroe
Thomas Monroe
David Montague
Norman Montague
William Montague
Lewis Montaire
Matthew Morgan
Francis Montesdague
George Montgomery (2)
James Montgomery (3)
John Montgomery (2)
James Moody
Silas Moody
Hugh Mooney
Abraham Moore (2)
Adam Moore
Frederick Moore
Henry Moore
Israel Moore
James Moore
John Moore (2)
Joseph Moore
Nathaniel Moore
Patrick Moore
Ralph Moore
Richard Moore
Samuel Moore
Stephen Moore
Thomas Moore (6)
Wardman Moore
William Moore (6)
Charles Moosey
John Mooton
Acri Morana
John Morant
Adam Morare
John Baptist Moraw
W. Morce
Gilmot Morea
Toby Morean
Joseph Morehand
Abel Morehouse (2)
Grosseo Moreo
Jonathan Morey
Lewis Morey
Louis Morey
Abel Morgan
Henry Morgan
John Morgan (3)
Joseph Morgan
Matthew Morgan
John Moride
Edward Moritz
William Morein
James Morley
John Morrell
Osborne Morrell
Robert Morrell (3)
Francis Morrice
Andrew Morris (2)
Daniel Morris
David Morris
Easins Morris
Edward Morris
Foster Morris
Gouverneur Morris
John Morris (3)
Matthew Morris
Philip Morris
Robert Morris
W Morris
William Morris
Hugh Morrisin
James Morrison
Murdock Morrison
Norman Morrison
Samuel Morrison
Richard Morse
Sheren Morselander
William Morselander
Benjamin Mortimer
Robert Mortimer (2)
Abner Morton (2)
George Morton
James Morton
Philip Morton (2)
Robert Morton
Samuel Morton
Philip Mortong
Simon Morzin
Negro Moses
Daniel Mosiah
Sharon Moslander
William Moslander
John Moss (2)
Alexander Motley
William Motley
Elkinar Mothe
Enoch Motion
Benjamin Motte
Francis Moucan
Jean Moucan
George Moulton
John Moulton
Richard Mount
John Muanbet
Hezekiah Muck
Jacob Muckleroy
Philip Muckleroy (2)
Jacob Mullen
Eleme Mullent
Jean Muller
Leonard Muller
Robert Muller
Abraham Mullet
Jonathan Mullin
Leonard Mullin
Jonathan Mullin
Robert Mullin
William Mullin
Edward Mulloy (2)
Francis Mulloy
Richard Mumford
Timothy Mumford
Michael Mungen
John Mungon
John Munro
Henry Munrow
Royal Munrow
Thomas Munthbowk
Hosea Munul
James Murdock (2)
John Murdock
Peter Murlow
Daniel Murphy (2)
John Murphy
Nicholas Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Thomas Murphy (2)
Bryan Murray
Charles Murray
Daniel Murray (2)
John Murray (4)
Silas Murray
Thomas Murray
William Murray
Antonio Murria (2)
David Murrow
John Murrow
Samuel Murrow
Adam Murtilus
Richard Murus
Antonio Musqui
Ebenezer Mutter
Jean Myatt
Adam Myers (2)
George Myles
Henry Myres