The following is a list of men who were imprisoned upon the ship called “The Old Jersey” during the Revolutionary War. The tales the men told of their sufferings can be compared with those suffered by the North imprisoned at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison) during the War of the Rebellion. To find out more about the condition of life upon this ship during their incarceration, see the source listed below.

J Surnames

Michael Jacen
Black Jack
John Jack (2)
John Jacks (2)
Frederick Jacks (2)
George Jacks (2)
Henry Jacks
John Jacks
John Jackson
James Jackson
Josiah Jackson
Nathaniel Jackson
Peter Jackson
Robert Jackson
Jean Jacobs
Bella Jacobs
Joseph Jacobs
Wilson Jacobs
Andrew Jacobus
Guitman Jacques
Guitner Jacques
Lewis Jacques
Peter Jadan
John Jaikes
Benjamin James
John James (2)
Ryan James
William James
Daniel Jamison
Josiah Janes
Jean Jardin
Francis Jarnan
Edward Jarvis
Petuna Jarvis
Negro Jask
John Jassey
Francis Jatiel
Clement Jean
Joseph Jean
William Jean
Benjamin Jeanesary
Roswell Jeffers
Samuel Jeffers
James Jeffrey
John Jeffries
Joseph Jeffries
Philip Jeffries
George Jemrey
Pierre Jengoux
David Jenkin
Enoch Jenkins
George Jenkins
Solomon Jenkins
George Jenney
John Jenney
Langdon Jenney
Langhorn Jenney
Nathaniel Jennings
Thomas Jennings
William Jennings
John Jenny
Langhorn Jenny
Frances Jerun
Abel Jesbank
Oliver Jethsam
Germain Jeune
Silas Jiles
Nathan Jinks
Moses Jinney
Verd Joamra
Manuel Joaquire
Robert Job
—- Joe
Thomas Joel
Elias Johnson (2)
Francis Johnson
George Johnson
James Johnson (3)
John Johnson (3)
Joseph Johnson
Major Johnson
Samuel Johnson
Stephen Johnson
William Johnson (8)
Ebenezer Johnston
Edward Johnston
George Johnston
John Johnston (2)
Joseph Johnston
Major Johnston
Michael Johnston
Miller Johnston
Paul Johnston
Peter Johnston
Robert Johnston (3)
Samuel Johnston
Simon Johnston
Stephen Johnston
William Johnston (8)
William B. Johnston
James Johnstone
John Joie
Thomas Joil
Adam Jolt
—- Joan
Benjamin Jonas
Abraham Jones
Alexander Jones
Benjamin Jones (3)
Beal Jones
Clayton Jones
Darl Jones
Edward Jones (2)
James Jones
Jib Jones
John Jones (7)
Thomas Jones (2)
Richard Jones (2)
Samuel Jones (3)
William Jones (10)
Jean Jordan
John Jordan
Philip Jordan
Nicholas Jordon (2)
Anthony Joseph
Antonio Joseph
Emanuel Joseph
Thomas Joseph
William Joslitt
Antonio Jouest
Thomas Joulet
Jean Jourdana
Mousa Jousegh
Jean Jowe
Thomas Jowe
Curtis Joy
Josiah Joy
Peter Joy (2)
Samuel Joy
Samuel Joyce
Conrad Joycelin
Randon Jucba
Manuel Joseph Jucerria
Peter Julian
Henry Junas
Henry Junus (2)
Jacques Jurdant
George Juster
Samuel Justice
Simeon Justive
George Justus
Philip Justus