The following is a list of men who were imprisoned upon the ship called “The Old Jersey” during the Revolutionary War. The tales the men told of their sufferings can be compared with those suffered by the North imprisoned at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison) during the War of the Rebellion. To find out more about the condition of life upon this ship during their incarceration, see the source listed below.

H Surnames

Samuel Hacker
John Hackett
Benjamin Haddock
Caraway Hagan
Anthony de la Hage
James Haggarty
John Haglus
Ebenezer Hail
David Halbort
William Haldron
Matthew Hales
Aaron Hall
Ebenezer Hall
Isaac Hall
James Hall
John Hall (3)
Joseph Hall
London Hall
Lyman Hall
Millen Hall
Moses Hall
Nathan Hall
Samuel Hall
Spence Hall
Thomas Hall (3)
William Hall
Willis Hall
Thomas Hallahan
James Hallaughan
Benjamin Hallett (2)
James Hallett (2)
Ephraim Halley
John Halley
Joseph Halley (2)
Samuel Halley
Richard Halley
Charles Hallwell
Henry Halman
William Halsey
Moses Halton
Jesse Halts
Byron Halway
Benjamin Halwell
James Ham
Levi Ham
Reuben Hambell
William Hamber
Empsen Hamilton
Henry Hamilton (2)
John Hamilton (2)
William Hamilton (2)
Flint Hammer
Charles Hammond
Elijah Hammond
Homer Hammond
James Hammond
Joseph Hammond
Thomas Hamsby
James Hanagan
Stephen Hanagan
Henry Hance
Abraham Hancock
Samuel Hancock
Elias Hand
Elijah Hand
Gideon Hand
Joseph Hand (2)
Thomas Hand
William Hand
Levi Handy
Thomas Handy (3)
John Hanegan
Josiah Hanes
Patrick Hanes
Samuel Hanes
John Haney
Gideon Hanfield
Peter Hankley
Every Hanks
John Hannings
Hugh Hanson
James Hanwagon
Jonathan Hanwood
John Hanwright
Neil Harbert
John Harbine
Daniel Harbley
Augustus Harborough
Peter Harcourt
Jean Hard
Lewis Harden
Richard Harden
William Harden
Turner Hardin
Frances Harding
Nathaniel Harding (2)
George Hardy
James Hardy
Joseph Hardy (2)
Thomas Harens
John Harfun
Joel Hargeshonor
Jacob Hargous
Abraham Hargus
Thomas Harkasy
John Harket
Solomon Harkey
Thomas Harkins
Charles Harlin
Selden Harley
Solomon Harley
Byron Harlow
John Harman
Richard Harman
John Harmon
Joseph Harner
William Harragall
John Harragall
Lewis Harrett
Bartholomew Harrington
Daniel Harrington
Charles Harris
Edward Harris
Francis Harris
George Harris
Hugh Harris
James Harris (2)
John Harris (2)
Joseph Harris
Nathaniel Harris (2)
Robert Harris
William Harris
Charles Harrison
Elijah Harrison
Gilbert Harrison
John Harrison
William Harron
Charles Harroon
Cornelius Hart
Jacob de Hart
John Hart
Samuel Hartley
Jacob Hartman
James Hartshorne
Thomas Hartus
John Harwood
John Harvey
Peter Haselton
Michael Hashley
Philip Hashton
John Hasker
Jacob Hassa
John Hassett
John Hassey
Benjamin Hatam
Charles Hatbor
Edward Hatch
Jason Hatch
Nailor Hatch
Prince Hatch
Reuben Hatch
William Hatch
Edward Hatchway
Burton Hathaway
Jacob Hathaway
Russell Hathaway
Woolsey Hathaway
Andrew Hatt
Shadrach Hatway
Michael Haupe
Jacob Hauser
William Hawke
Jacob Hawker
John Hawker
John Hawkin
Christopher Hawkins
Jabez Hawkins
John Hawkins (2)
Thomas Hawkins
Jacob Hawstick
John Hawston
George Haybud
Benjamin Hayden
Nicholas Hayman
David Hayne
Joseph Haynes
Peter Haynes (2)
Thomas Haynes
William Haynes
David Hays
Patrick Hays
Thomas Hays
William Hays
William Haysford
Benjamin Hazard
John Hazard
Samuel Heageork
Gilbert Heart
Samuel Heart
Joseph Hearth
Charles Heath
Joseph Heath
Seren Heath
Seson Heath
Jack Hebell
Heraclus Hedges
George Heft
Edmund Helbow
Matthias Hellman
Lacy Helman
Thomas Helman
Odera Hemana
Daniel Hemdy
Jared Hemingway
Alexander Henderson
Ephraim Henderson
Joseph Henderson
Michael Henderson
Robert Henderson
William Henderson
Archibald Hendray
Robert Hengry
Leeman Henley
Butler Henry
James Henry
John Henry (3)
Joseph Henry
Michael Henry (2)
William Henry (2)
John Hensby
Patrick Hensey (2)
Enos Henumway
Dennis Henyard
Samson Herart
Thomas Herbert
Philip Herewux
Ephraim Herrick
John Herrick (2)
William Herrick
Michael Herring
William Herring
Robert Herrow
Robert Herson
Robert Hertson
Augustin Hertros
Stephen Heskils
John Hetherington
John Hewengs
Lewis Hewit
William Heysham
Diah Hibbett
John Hibell
Michael Hick
Daniel Hickey
Baptist Hicks
Benjamin Hicks
John Hicks
Isaac Higgano
George Higgins
Ichabod Higgins
Samuel Higgins
Stoutly Higgins
William Higgins (3)
Henry Highlander
John Highlenede
John Hill (2)
James Hill
Joshua Hill (2)
Thomas Hill (2)
Edward Hilley
James Hilliard
Joseph Hilliard
Nicholas Hillory
Hale Hilton
Nathaniel Hilton
Benjamin Himsley
Peter Hinch
James Hines
William Hinley
Aaron Hinman
William Hinman
Nathaniel Hinnran
Jonathan Hint
John Hirich
Christian Hiris
Samuel Hiron
John Hisburn
Nathaniel Hise
Samuel Hiskman
John Hislop
Philip Hiss
Loren Hitch
Robert Hitch
Joseph Hitchband
Edward Hitchcock
Robert Hitcher
John Hitching
Arthur Hives
Willis Hoag
Edwin Hoane
Henry Hobbs
William Hobbs
Jacob Hobby
Nathaniel Hobby
Joseph Hockless
Hugh Hodge
Hercules Hodges (2)
Benjamin Hodgkinson
Samuel Hodgson
Conrad Hoffman
Cornelius Hoffman
Roger Hogan
Stephen Hogan
Stephen Hoggan
Alexander Hogsart
Jacob Hogworthy
Ephraim Hoist
Humphrey Hoites
Lemuel Hokey
William Hold
William Holden
Thomas Holdridge
John Holland
Michael Holland
William Holland (2)
Nicholas Hollen
William Holliday
Michael Holloway
Myburn Holloway
Grandless Holly
Henry Holman
Isaac Holmes
James Holmes
Joseph Holmes
Nathaniel Holmes
Thomas Holmes (3)
George Holmstead
Charles Hole
Samuel Holt
James Home
Jacob Homer
William Homer
William Honeyman
Simon Hong
Warren Honlap
Daniel Hood (2)
Nicholas Hoogland (2)
George Hook
John Hook (2)
George Hooker
Ezekiel Hooper
John Hooper (3)
Michael Hooper (3)
Sweet Hooper
Caleb Hopkins
Christopher Hopkins
John Hopkins
Michael Hopkins
Stephen Hopkins
William Hopkins
Edward Hopper
John Hopper
Richard Hopping
Levi Hoppins
Joseph Horn (2)
Jacob Horne
John Horne
Ralph Horne
Samuel Horne
Augusta Horns
Michael Horoe
Charles Horsine
Ephraim Hort
Jean Hosea
John Hosey
Jean Hoskins
James Hottahon
Ebenezer Hough
Enos House
Seren House
Noah Hovard
Joseph Hovey
John Howe
Absalom Howard
Ebenezer Howard
John Howard
Richard Howard
Thomas Howard
William Howard (3)
James Howburn
Edward Howe
John Howe
Thomas Howe
Ebenezer Howell
Jesse Howell
Jonathan Howell
John Howell
Luke Howell
Michael Howell
Thomas Howell
Waller Howell
William Howell
Daniel Howland
Joseph Howman
Benjamin Hoyde
Dolphin Hubbard
Jacob Hubbard
James Hubbard
Joel Hubbard
Moses Hubbard
William Hubbard
Abel Hubbell
William Huddle
John Hudman
Fawrons Hudson
John Hudson
Phineas Hudson
John Huet
Conrad Huffman
Stephen Huggand
John Huggins
Abraham Hughes
Felix Hughes
Greenberry Hughes
Greenord Hughes
Jesse Hughes
John Hughes
Peter Hughes
Thomas Hughes
Pierre Hujuon
Richard Humphrey
Clement Humphries
W W Humphries
Ephraim Hunn
Cephas Hunt
John Hunt (2)
Robert Hunt
Alexander Hunter
Ezekiel Hunter
George Hunter
Robert Hunter
Turtle Hunter
Rechariah Hunter
Elisha Huntington
Joseph Harand
Benjamin Hurd
Joseph Hurd
Simon Hurd
Asa Hurlbut
George Husband
John Husband
Negro Huson
Charles Huss
Isaac Huss
Jesse Hussey
James Huston
Zechariah Hutchins
Esau Hutchinson
John Hutchison
Abraham Smith Hyde
Vincent Hyer