Table Point Reservation, Washington – On Hoods Canal.
Table Rock Fort, Oregon – On Rogue River, at mouth of Stewarts Creek, Jackson County.
Taft Battery, Tennessee – A defense of ChattanooGeorgia
Tamhert Fort, Connecticut.
Tampa Bay Fort at, Florida – Fort Brooke.
Tamrath Battery, Mississippi – At Corinth
Tanner Camp, Illinois – At Springfield.
Tanners Creek Battery at, Virginia – Opposite Craney Island.
Tar Fort, Virginia – On Craney Island, near Norfolk.
Tarentum Blockhouse at, Pennsylvania – Allegheny River.
Tarpaulin Cove Fortifications at, Massachusetts.
Tar River, Fort on, North Carolina – In Edgecombe County.
Tatnall Fort, Georgia – Okefinokee Swamp.
Tavern Fort, Florida – In East Florida.
Taylor Camp, Alabama – At Huntsville.
Taylor Camp, California – On Pitt River, 8 miles southeast from Fort Crook.
Taylor Fort, Florida – At Key West.
Taylor Fort, Florida – On Lake Winder.
Taylor Fort, Florida – In Hernando County.
Taylor Barracks, Kentucky – At Louisville
Taylor Fort, Louisianna – On Bed River, about 60 miles below Alexandria.
Taylor Fort, Massachusetts – At Charlemont, Franklin County.
Taylor Fort, Texas – On the Rio Grande: present site of Fort Brown.
Taylor Fort, Washington – On Snake River, in Walla Walla County.
Taylor Bob Camp, Texas – At Knoxville.
Taylorsville, Fort at Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Teconnett Fort, Maine – Kennebec River; afterwards Fort Halifax
Tejon, Fort, California – Kern County near Tejon Pass, 90 miles north of Los Angeles
Tellers Point Fort at New York – Month of Croton River.
Tellico Blockhouse, Tennessee – North bank of Tennessee River opposite old Fort Loudon
Ten Number, Fort, Florida – Ten miles from Palatka.
Ten Number, Battery, Kentucky – Near Island No. 10.
Tesnnally Camp, D. C. – At Tennallytown,
Ten Eyk’s Wharf Battery at, New York – New York City.
Terrett Fort, Texas – East border of Bexar County.
Terrill Battery, D. C. – One and one-half miles northeast of Tennallytown.
Terrill Camp, Virginia – At Richmond.
Terry Fort, New York – On Plumb Island, Long Island Sound.
Tee-waw, Fort, California – Near Crescent City.
Thayer Fort, D. C. – One and one-half miles southwest of Bladensburg, Maryland.
Theodore Winthrop Battery, Massachusetts – At Grovers Cliff.
Thigpens Station, Florida – Near New River.
Thomas Barracks, Alabama – At Huntsville.
Thomas Fort, Arizona- Graham County.
Thomas, Camp, Arizona – Apache County; name changed to Fort Apache.
Thomas Geo. H., Fort, North Dakota – Name changed to Fort Pembina.
Thomas Camp, Georgia – At Chickamauga Park.
Thomas Fort, Kentucky – Three miles from Newport.
Thomas Camp, Ohio – Four miles north of Columbus.
Thomas Camp, Tennessee – At Chattanooga
Thomas Fort, Virginia – On Rappahannock River, 5 miles from Fredericksburg.
Thomas Point, Fortifications at, Maryland – On Patuxent River.
Thompson Fort, North Dakota – On Missouri River at Crow Creek Agency.
Thompson Fort, Florida – On Caloosahatchie River, near the mouth of Lake Flirt.
Thompson Camp, Kansas – Near Fort Leavenworth.
Thompson Battery, Maine- On Great Diamond Island, Portland Harbor.
Thompson Fort, Missouri – Near New Madrid.
Thompson’s Battery, New York – At Horns Hook.
Thompson Fort, North Carolina – Near Newbern.
Thompson Fort, Wyoming – On the Pope Agie River, in Sweetwater County.
Thorn Fort, New Mexico – On Rio Grande, at Santa Barbara.
Thornburgh Fort, Utah – At junction of Du Chene and Greene rivers.
Thoulouse Fort, Alabama – Subsequent site of Fort Jackson; near Tuskegee, on Mobile River.
Thoulouse Fort, Mississippi – At head of Tombigbee River.
Three Number, Fort, Florida – Near Fort King.
Three Number, Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Three Number, Battery, Kentucky – Near Island No. 10.
Three Number, Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Three Brothers Reservation California – Entrance to San Pablo Bay.
Three Forks Owyhee, Camp, Idaho – On Owyhee River; first called Camp Winthrop.
Three Sisters Reservation, California – Entrance to San Pablo Bay.
Three Tree Point Reservation, Washington – North bank of Columbia River.
Throgs Neck Fort at, New York – Fort Schuyler.
Thunderbolt Fort, Georgia – Five miles southeast of Savannah.
Thunderer Battery, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Thuillier Fort, Minnesota – (Fort L’Huillier.)
Ticonderoga Fort, New York – On Lake George; originally called Fort Carrilow.
Tierandequat Fort at, New York -(See Iroudequot.)
Tighlman Battery, Ala – Near Mobile.
Tillinghast Fort, Virginia – Near Arlington.
Tilton General Hospital, Deleware – At Wilmington.
Tilton Fort, Washington.
Timpanogas Camp, Utah – Six miles from Provo.
Timicum Island, Fort on, Pennsylvania – Fort Gottenburg.
Tioga Point, Fort at, Pennsylvania – In Bradford County.
Tod Barracks, Ohio – At Columbus.
Todd Camp, Virginia – At Fort Albany.
Tohopeka Fort, Alabama – On Tallapoosa River.
Toll Gate, Camp, Arizona – Forty miles northwest of Prescott; name changed to Camp Hualpai.
Tomany Hill, Fort, Rhode Island- Newport Harbor.
Tomb Hill, Fort on. Connecticut – Fort Saybrook.
Tombigbee, Fort, Alabama – On Little Tombigbee River.
Tombigbee, Fort, Alabama – On Dauphine Island; subsequent site of Fort Gaines.
Tomlinson’s Fort, West Virginia – On Grave Creek, Marshall County.
Tompkins Fort, Georgia – East of Okefinokee Swamp.
Tompkins Fort, Florida – Eight miles west of Colerain.
Tompkins Fort, New York – On Staten Island, at Fort Wadsworth.
Tompkins Fort, New York – At Plattsburg.
Tompkins Fort, New York – At Sacket Harbor.
Tompkins Camp, West Virginia – On Geuley Mountain.
Toms River Blockhouse on, New Jersey.
Tongass Fort, Alaska – On Tongass Islands.
Tongue River Cantonment, Montana – Now Fort Keogh.
Tonyn Fort, Florida – On St. Marys River.
Topsail Inlet Fort at, South Carolina – Fort Beaufort.
Topsham Fort, Maine – Near Brunswick.
Tortugas Dry Fort at, Florida – Fort Jefferson.
Totonnock Fort, Maine – Kennebec River.
Totten Fort, D. C. – Two and one-half miles north of Washington.
Totten Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Totten General Hospital, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Totten Camp, Missouri – At Franklin.
Totten Fort, New York – At Willets Point.
Totten Fort, North Dakota – Benson County, southeast shore of Devils Lake.
Totten Fort, North Carolina – Near Newbern.
Toulouse Fort, Alabama – East bank of Coosa River, 4 miles above its junction with the Tallapoosa.
Tower Island Reservation, Alabama – In Mobile Bay.
Townsend Camp, New York – At Peekskill.
Townsend Fort, Washington – Near Port Townsend.
Towson Fort, Indian Territory – In Choctaw Nation.
Towson’s Battery, Pennsylvania – Near Fort Erie.
Tracey or Tracy Fort, Alabama – Near mouth of Tensas River.
Traders Hill Post at, Georgia – On St. Marys River.
Travis Fort, Texas – At Bolivar Point.
Trenholm Fort, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Trepethen Island Fort on, New Hampshire – Fort Sullivan.
Trial Fort, Virginia – On Smiths River.
Trinidad Camp, Texas – On Lake Trinidad.
Trinity Fort, Delaware – At Newcastle.
Trinity Church Battery at, New York – New York City.
Tripler General Hospital, Ohio – At Columbus.
Trumbull Fort, Connecticut- At New London.
Truson Fort, Alabama – Near Spanish Fort.
Tryon, Fort, New York – New York City.
Tulare Camp, California – In Tulare County.
Tularosa Fort, New Mexico – In Otero County.
Tunnell Camp, Delaware – At Middletown.
Turan Fort, Texas – In Angelina County.
Turchin Camp, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.
Turkey Hill Redoubts at, Rhode Island.
Turnbull Camp, Virginia – At Arlington.
Turner’s Lane General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Turner’s Rock Battery, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Turtle Creek. Works on Pennsylvania -Near Pittsburg.
Turtle Island Battery on, Georgia – Savannah River.
Tuscarora Valley Blockhouse in, Pennsylvania -Opposite Mexico, Juniata County.
Twiggs Camp, Mississippi – At East Pascagoula.
Twiggs Fort, Mississippi – On Ship Island.
Two Number Fort, Florida – Subsequently called Fort Vinton.
Two Number Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Two Number Battery, Kentucky – Near Island No. 10.
Two Number Fort, Massachusetts – On Charles River.
Tybee Barracks, Georgia – At Savannah.
Tybee Island Fort on, Georgia – Fort Screven.
Tyler’s Battery, South Carolina – At James Island.
Tyler Fort, Alabama – In Chambers County.
Tyler Fort, Florida – In Hernando County.
Tyler Camp, Illinois – At Chicago.
Tyler Camp, Virginia – At Fairfax.
Tyndale Camp, Maryland – Near Point of Rocks.