The following is a list of men who were imprisoned upon the ship called “The Old Jersey” during the Revolutionary War. The tales the men told of their sufferings can be compared with those suffered by the North imprisoned at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison) during the War of the Rebellion. To find out more about the condition of life upon this ship during their incarceration, see the source listed below.

F Surnames

Jean Paul Fabalue
John Faber
Ashan Fairfield
Benjamin Fairfield
John Fairfield (2)
William Faithful
Henry Falam
Ephraim Falkender
George Falker
Robert Fall
Thomas Fallen
Henry Falls
Francis Fanch
Jean Fanum
John Farland
William Farmer
John Faroe
Michael Farrean
William Farrow
Thomas Fary
Henry Fatem
Jacob Faulke
Robert Fauntroy
Joseph Feebe
Martin Feller
James Fellows
Nathaniel Fellows
John Felpig
Peter Felpig
Benjamin Felt
David Felter
Thomas Fennall
Cable Fennell
John Fenton
Cable Fenwell
Joseph Ferarld
Domigo Ferbon
David Fere
Matthew Fergoe
Pierre Fermang
Noah Fernal
Francis Fernanda
Thomas Fernandis
Matthew Fernay
Ephraim Fernon
Fountain Fernray
Ehemre Ferote
Joseph Ferre
Lewis Ferret
Toseph Ferria
Kennedy Ferril
Conway Ferris
Paul Ferris
William Fester
Elisha Fettian
Manuel Fevmandez
Frederick Fiarde
John Ficket
Charles Field
John Fielding
W Fielding
William Fielding
John Fife
Edwin Fifer
Nathaniel Figg
Benjamin Files
Jean Francis Fillear
Patrick Filler
Ward Filton
John Fimsey
Bartholomew Finagan
David Finch
John Fincher
George Finer
Dennis Finesy
Francis Finley
James Finley
Dennis Finn
John Finn
Jeremiah Finner
Jonathan Finney (3)
Seth Finney
Thomas Finney
Robert Firmie
Joseph Firth
Asel Fish
Daniel Fish
Ezekiel Fish
John Fish
Nathaniel Fish (2)
John Fisham
Abraham Fisher
Archibald Fisher
Isaac Fisher
Jonathan Fisher
Nathan Fisher
Robert Fisher (3)
Simon Fisher
William Fisher (2)
William Fisk
John Fist
Solomon Fist
Ebenezer Fitch
Jedeiah Fitch
Josiah Fitch
Peter Fitch
Theopilus Fitch
Timothy Fitch
Henry Fitchett
William Fithin
Cristopher Fitts
Patrick Faroh Fitz
Edward Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald
Thomas Fleet
John Fletcher
John Fling
William Fling
John Flinn
Berry Floyd
Michael Fluort
Thomas Fogg
Francis Follard
Jonathan Follett
Stephen Follows
John Folsom
John Folston
Joseph Fomster
Louis Fongue
Daniel Foot
Samuel Foot
Zakiel Foot
John Footman
Peter Forbes
Bartholomew Ford (3)
Daniel Ford
George Ford (2)
John Ford
Philip Ford
William Ford
Benjamin Fordham
Daniel Fore
Hugh Foresyth
Vancom Forque
Matthew Forgough
George Forket
Samuel Forquer
Nathaniel Forrest
Francis Forster
Timothy Forsythe
John Fort
Anthony Fortash
Emanuel Fortaud
Tohn Fortune
Thomas Fosdick
Andrew Foster
Asa Foster
Boston Foster
Conrad Foster
Edward Foster
Ephraim Poster
Henry Foster (2)
George Foster
Jacob Foster
Jebediah Foster
Josiah Foster (2)
John Foster (6)
Nathaniel Foster
Nicholas Foster
William Foster
Ephraim Fostman
John Fouber
Francis Foubert
William Foulyer
Edward Fousler
Pruden Fouvnary
Gideon Fowler
James Fowler (2)
John Fowler (2)
Joseph Fowler
Michael Fowler
John Butler Foy
William Foy
Jared Foyer
Ebenezer Fox
William Fox (3)
Jacob Frailey (2)
Fortain Frances
John Frances
Joseph Frances
Scobud Frances
John Francis
Thomas Francis (2)
William Francis
Manuel Francisco
Jean Franco
Jean Francois
Anthony Frankie
Pernell Franklin
Christopher Franks
Michael Franks
John Frasier
Thomas Frasier
Nathaniel Frask
John F Fravers
John Fravi
William Frey
Andrew Frazer
Thomas Frazier
Pierre Freasi
Iman Frebel
William Freebal
Charles Freeman
David Freeman
Henry Freeman
Humphrey Freeman
John Freeman
Thomas Freeman (2)
Zebediah Freeman
James French
Jonathan French
Michael French
Josias Frett
John Fretto
Juban Freway
Anthony Frick
Post Friend
Shadrach Friend
James Frieris
Ebenezer Frisby
Isaac Frisby
Josiah Frith
John Frost
Joseph Frost (2)
Peter Frume
James Fry (2)
Robert Fry
Abijah Fryske
Joseph Fubre
Joseph Fuganey
Joshua Fulger
Reuben Fulger
Stephen Fulger
Benjamin Fuller
James Fuller
Joseph Fuller
Thaddeus Fuller
Thomas Fuller (2)
George Fullum
James Fulton
Thomas Fulton
Abner Furguson
Samuel Furguson
John Furse
John Fury
Iman Futter