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West Virginia Naturalization Records

Naturalization to become a U.S. citizen was a two-part process: the Declaration of Intent to Naturalize, or First Papers, and the Naturalization Record (including the Naturalization Petition), or Final Papers. The First Papers were normally filed five years before the Final Papers because of the five-year residency requirement to become a citizen.

No centralized files existed before 1906. In 1906 federal forms replaced the various formats that had been used by the various courts. Copies were sent to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), creating a central file for naturalization papers. The INS is now known as the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

These naturalization records can be found on two different websites, one paid and one free. There is no difference between the indices at either location, it really depends on what software you may be using to record your family tree, as you will want to use Ancestry’s database if you’re using either their online tree or FTM and have a membership.

Naturalization Certificate

An example of a West Virginia Naturalization Record

Barbour County WV

Berkeley County WV

Brooke County WV

Clay County WV

Fayette County WV

Gilmer County WV

Hampshire County WV

Hancock County WV

Hardy County WV

Harrison County WV

Lewis County WV

Logan County WV

Marion County WV

Mason County WV

McDowell County WV

Mineral County WV

Mingo County WV

Monongalia County WV

Nicholas County WV

Pocahontas County WV

Preston County WV

Raleigh County WV

Randolph County WV

Roane County WV

Summers County WV

Tucker County WV

Upshur County WV

Wetzel County WV

Wyoming County WV

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