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Topic: Santa Clara Pueblo

Santa Clara Pueblo

Santa Clara is poor. The valley which widens toward San Juan closes again on its approach to Santa Clara. The pueblo occupies a site on the right bank of the river at its junction with the canyon. The stream running from this is apt to dry up before the end of the summer. A system of acequias has been constructed here, and corn was planted this year. But little water was flowing daring my visit in the middle of August, and most of the acequias were dry and dusty, The corn was not mature. A reservoir in the canyon would relieve much anxiety and prevent frequent loss of crops to the Indians. From the northern boundary of the grant toward the town (the town invariably occupies the center of pueblo grants) little or no farming is done, the mesa here running close to the river. Below the village on the right bank lies most of the tilled land. Three hundred and fifty acres are here, devoted to corn, wheat, alfalfa, and a variety of vegetables. There are but few orchards. The largest plot owned by one man is 30 acres. From this the holdings decrease in size to 3 and. 2 acres. There are 22 horses, 4 oxen, and 30 burros in the pueblo. Some who have horses have no harness and no money to purchase. The agency granted...

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