Topic: Powhatan

Powhatan Indian Locations

The tribes, in the order of their location on Smith’s map, were as follows: Tauxenent, Fairfax county Potomac, Stafford and King George counties Cuttatawomen, King George county Pissasec, King George and Richmond counties...

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Powhatan Indian Villages

The following were Powhatan villages: Accohanoc, Accomac, Acconoc, Accoqueck, Accossuwinck, Acquack, Anaskenoans, Appocant, Appomattoc, Arrohattoe, Askakep, Assaomeck, Assuweska, Attamtuck, Aubornesk, Aureuapeugh, Cantaunkack,...

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Powhatan Tribe Divisions

Appomattoc. A tribe of the Powhatan confederacy formerly living on lower Appomattox River, Virginia. They had 60 warriors in 1608, and were of some importance as late as 1671, but were extinct by 1722. Their principal village,...

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Accohanoc Tribe

Accohanoc Indians. A tribe of the Powhatan confederacy that formerly lived on the river of the same name, in Accomac and Northampton counties, Virginia. They had 40 warriors in 1608. Their principal village bore the name of the...

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