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Topic: Natchitoches Confederacy

Natchitoches Confederacy

Natchitoches Indians, Natchitoches tribe. The word “Natchitoches” is generally supposed to be derived from “nashitosh”, the native word for pawpaw but an early Spanish writer, Jose Antonio Pichardo, was told that it was from a native word “nacicit” signifying “a place where the soil is the color of red ochre,” and that it was applied originally to a small creek in their neighborhood running through red soil. The following are synonyms: Nachittoos, Yoakum, 1855-56, vol. 1, p. 392. Nachtichoukas, Jefferys, 1761, pt. 1, p. 164. Nacitos, Linares (1716) in Margry, 1875-86, vol. 6, p. 217. Nactythos, Iberville (1699) in Margry, 1880, 1875-86, vol. 4, p. 178. Nadchito, Bienville (1700), in Margry, 1875-86, vol. 4, p. 434. Naketosh, Gatschet, Caddo and Yatassi MS., p. 77, B. A. E. Napgitache, McKenney and Hall, 1854, vol. 3, p. 82. Naquitoches, Belle-Isle (1721), in Margry, 1875-86, vol. 6, p. 341. Nashi’tosh, Mooney, 1896, p. 1092. Nasitti, Joutel (1687) in Margry, 1875-86, vol. 3, p. 409. Natsytos, Iberville (1699) in Margry, 1875-86, vol. 4, p. 178. Notchitoches, Carver, 1778, map. Yatchitcohes, Lewis and Clark, 1840, p. 142. As part of the Caddo, the same terms were applied to them as appear under Kadohadacho. Natchitoches Connections. They belonged to the Caddo division of the Caddoan linguistic stock, their nearest relatives being the Indians of the Kadohadacho and Hasinai Confederacies. Natchitoches Location. In northwestern Louisiana. Natchitoches...

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