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Macon Guards

ISAAC HOLMES, Captain. E. L. SHELTON, 1st Lieutenant. E. S. RODGERS, 2d Lieutenant WM. D. GRIFFIN, 1st Sergeant. J. B. CUMMING, 2d Sergeant J. A. McGREGOR, 3d Sergeant P. J. SHANNON, 4th Sergeant. A. B. ROSS, 1st Corporal. EDWIN HARRIS, 2d Corporal THOS. E. ORCUTT, 3d Corporal R. T. McGREGOR, 4th Corporal Privates James A. Abbott Wilson J. Aderhold Edmund Barnard James W. Beasley Orran W. Buffington Edward Curd Peter W. Clayton William J. Cumming Rufus Cook William Carter John W. Cooper John Cleesby James Carson John R. Candler William Davis Isaac Domingos John L. Fells William English James E. Flint Elijah Foster Alfred T. Franklin Alexander II. Franklin Charles E. Flanders Simon W. Freeman George .A. Grimes Lewis Gee Solomon Groce Richard Head Elliott Higgins William Hughes Alexander Hammersley Andrew W. S. Harris William A. Harris Alexander H. Hawkins Simeon Horton William S. Johnston William Kennedy D. G. Kennedy William King William L. King John T. Lamar Wilson Logue A. D. Logan John Loughridge John H. Lane Allen J. McGraw John McGowan Seaborn Moore James Martin Alfred B. McKee William W. Munson Robert E. Macarthy Thomas McNeely Sanford Moore Robert Melton Sanford F. Miniard Thomas J. McCrary Thomas J. Moody A. A. Park William Robinson Alexander Reynolds William M. Ralston Alexander R. Ralston David A. Ralston Caleb W. Rembert Marcus Roberts Albert L. Ross Thomas Shirty Sebastian Shaw...

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Jasper Greens – Savannah Georgia

J. MCMANON, Captain. G. CURLETTE, 1st Lieutenant. D. O’CONNER, 2d Lieutenant JNO. DEVAVY, 1st Sergeant. M. CAREY, 2d Sergeant. P. MARTIN, 3d Sergeant. LEO. WYLLY, 4th Sergeant. M. FERRY, lst Corporal. P. TIERNEY, 2d Corporal. T. BOURSE, 3d Corporal. OWEN RIELLY, 4th Corporal. Privates. William Bandy W. D. Burke P. Bossu Francis Camfield James Chalmers P. Clark Patrick Cody John Coffee William Coffee James Coulihan Elijah Condon Joseph Davis Dennis Desmond Michael Downy Michael Duggan Francis Dutzmer Charles Farrelly Thomas Fenton David Fountain James Fleeting James Flynn William P. Fielding James Feely Patrick Gerrin Moses Gleason O. B. Hall Michael Hoar Timothy Howard R. M. Howard E. W. Irwin John Keegin Humphrey Leary W. S. Levi David Lynch Michael Lynch L. Mahony Henry Marony John Makin Bryan Morris Jas. McFeehilly H. V. Morel John Mcldrum William Murray Michael Murphy Daniel Murphy Hugh Murtagh Henry Nagle Dan Nickels M. M. Payne George Perminger Thomas Pidgeon John Regan Francis Reeves R. Richardson J. Rinehart B. Rodebuck R. M. Robertson J. D. Ryan Thomas Ryan John Sanderlin Michael Shea Peter Suzmell David Stokes C. F. E. Smith R. L. S. Smith Patrick Shiels Patrick Tidings Daniel F. Towles J. W. Warden James Waters Michael Weldon John Whaling James Waters Jr. Jacob Zimmerman Musicians William Gatehouse George Gatehouse...

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Richmond Blues – Augusta Georgia

D. W. DILL, Captain. J. PHINIZY, 1st Lieutenant. A. H. MCLAWES, 2d Lieutenant. W. PHILLIPS, 1st Sergeant. D. D. MCMURPHY, 2d Sergeant. R. H. RINGGOLD, 3d Sergeant. J. F. GLOVER, 4th Sergeant. S. JOHNSON, 1st Corporal. H. BAKER, 2d Corporal. A. PHILLIP, 3d Corporal. G. GORDON, 4th Corporal. Privates. Francis Agnew Benjamin Ansley William Archy R. H. Bush John Bradey R. D. Bridges John Batly J. W. Berry P. Barret J. M. Brown John ‘PV. Conklin James Callahan F. C. Cattinet Joseph M. Collins Washington Collins Milton Cawley Timothy Crawley John C. Colo Patrick Cole M. M. Copeland N. M. Drummond William Dye Matthew Doyle C. Donovan M. Dolon Willq,in Darby William Dickson John Evans Thomas Farrell Alfred Guthrie Thomas Guideron John Griffin Michael Gaffney T. Gallagher James Hickey William S. Hawthorne E. H. Holliday T. Haley James M Jennings A. J. Knox T. Little William Larkin James Lamar James Lynch John P. McKenzie Thomas McPherson Briton Mims Andrew Michell Terrance McGuire Robert Musgrove John F. Markee W. Medlar R. W. Murray T. McCabe Martin O’Riley William Oaks William Pardue F. D. Pettagrew Bernard Rowe F. E. Roathe J. Ridde L A. G. Roberts James J. R. Roper J. E. Richardson James Riley Matetsew Smith George Shannon J. D. Salmons Lewis Sumner Willis Seay Thomas Tobin J. W. Taylor Lewis Vanzandt Jas. Wolfing Samuel Wilcox William Wiivox J. S....

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Columbus Guards – Columbus Georgia

JNO. E, DAVIES, Captain. JNO. FORSYTH, 1st Lieutenant. C. P. HERVEY, 2d Lieutenant. R. ELLIS, 1st Sergeant. J. KING, 2d Sergeant. W. C. HOLT. 3d Sergeant. W. C. HODGES, 4th Sergeant. W. G. ANDREWS, 1st Corporal. V. D. THORPE, 2d Corporal. JAS. HAMILTON, 3d Corporal. R. A. MCGIBONY, 4th Corporal. Privates. Francis J. Abbot Enoch H. Adams William Boland Elijah N. Boland John C. Blackman James M. Bugg Robert Boseman John B. Buffington Michael Claffy James Curley William E. Cropp Freeman W. Clem James E. Cammack Wesley G. Cox Robert W. Coleman William W. Crenshaw John F. Daniel Francis W. Davidson Ethelridge A. Dye John B. Elam John G. Eubanks Charles S. Fontaine Daniel Finnegan Solomon Gowan Benjamin F. Graves William B. Gilliam William H. Hallman Lafayette 11. Harwell Absalom Hollingsworth John E. Hagan George A. Huckaby James B. Hickey William W. Huff Calvin A. Hearne John R. Ivey M. Johnson Marks Kanz William Kayler Bailey B. Light Malcolm F. McNeil William P. McGehee H. L. McGehee Patrick McDonald Phillips Mooney William W. McCall William H. Mitchell Marion Mallsby Alfred Mays Thomas Mulligan William P. Martin George Pervis Gustavus A. Parker P. D. Roberts Snowden Roberts Thomas Y. Redd Erastus Roland William F. Ruff Hugh Reese Lewis Rix Cyrus Robertson John T. Sledge Asberry Seats Edward R. Sloat William Sells Joseph Shippey Charles Smith Nathaniel S. Turner William Woods...

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Choctaws Who Served in 1794

Choctaws who served a campaign under General Anthony Wayne in 1794 Mungoohemeter In Leflore’s district Ishlomakahacho Mushulatubbee’s district Atokoli Mushulatubbee’s district Tishlerwelblue Mushulatubbee’s district Achuckmatibi Mushulatubbee’s district Tishumiko Mushulatubbee’s district Hikatibi Mushulatubbee’s district Shikopoomma Mushulatubbee’s district Hepoe Mushulatubbee’s district Pashitunabi Mushulatubbee’s district Pashistubi Mushulatubbee’s district Hollabbee Mushulatubbee’s district Shophanchobi Mushulatubbee’s district Yakkaya Mushulatubbee’s district Jishkeatoka Mushulatubbee’s district Lanchebi Mushulatubbee’s district John Locus Mushulatubbee’s district Hanothomma Mushulatubbee’s district Japenahomma Mushulatubbee’s district Locka Mushulatubbee’s district Falasner Mushulatubbee’s district Okloha Mushulatubbee’s district Hikatibi Mushulatubbee’s district Aholhtina Mushulatubbee’s district Total number now living is 24, and only 20 are provided...

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Cornplanter (Corn Plant) Chief of the Seneca

Son of John Abeel and the Indian Princess, Alquipiso Corn Plant, KI ON-TWOG-KY (usually, but improperly spelled Cornplanter) was one of the most unique characters in American history, and it appears somewhat strange that after a lapse of a century or more the true history of his parentage should now for the first time be brought to light, proving beyond a doubt that he was a grandson of one of Albany’s most distinguished mayors. There may have been an effort on the part of those interested to cover up the facts at the time by permitting a misspelling the...

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