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Roster of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company B

Capt. Rolla B. Glover, Bay City 1st Lieut. Elliot Gray, Tecumseh 2nd Lieut. James C. Boughton, St. Joseph Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Ackley, Albert J., Kalamazoo Badger, Asel V., Detroit Badger Norman FL, Cadillac Bauske August, Benton Harbor Bauske, John, Benton Harbor Barney, James, St. Joseph Brown, Wm. W., Stevensville Bennett, A. L., Eaton Rapids Burke, David, Dayton Butler, Jonas, Englishville Carouth, Wm., Austin, Ne. Childs, Nathan, Marshall Cobb, Geo. P., Bay City Cobb, James W., Tekonsha Converse, James E., Lapeer Daily, Thomas, Soldier’s Home Deming, Benj. H., Palmyra Dennell, Joseph, Grand Rapids Dewitt, Hezekiah, Ada Dillingham, Phillip, Reed City Dobson, Robert F., East Saginaw Druyer, Ely, Blissfield Enos, Ira, Benton Harbor Gleason, William, Keeler Goodall John, St. Joseph Gould, David L., Adrian Henry, Munson P., Easton, Maryland Hack, Chas. H., Galien Hart. Geo. A., Manistee Haskins, William, St. Joseph Hawthorn, William, Big Beaver Heddon, Geo. H., Olivet Hendershot, Even, Grand Rapids Hill, Isaac, Findlay, Ohio Hess, Isaac, Dimondale House, Edward W., Kalamazoo Lovell,...

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Genealogy of Daniel Baker

B. Daniel Baker: 1780-1849; m. Elmina Hanford; l. In Whitestown, Jamesville, Oswega Co., Auburn and Chautauqua Co., N. Y., and thence to Leona, Winnebago Co., Ill. a. Leander Hanford : b. 1814; m. Martha C. Wing; graduated from the Univ. of Louisville (Ky.), 1842; served in Civil War as Brigade Surgeon in the Union Army; res. Belleville, Ill. Ch.: Leander Wing (b. 1853), Charles Hanford (b. 1856). b. Preserved Daniels: b. 1816; 1. at Durand, Ill. C. Preserved: 1782-1815; m. Lydia Cummings. D. Asa: b. 1791; m. Abigail Ridley. a. Samuel Ridley: b. 1828; m., Mary Bruner; 1. at Rockton, Ill. Ch.: Frank (1857), George (1859). 2. Abijah: 1749-1824; m. Esther Parker; m. (2), Phoebe Boyden; served in the army in the Revolutionary War. A. David: 1782-1861; m. Jemima Richardson; m. (2) Lucy Fairbands. held various military and civil offices in Franklin. a. Abijah Richardson: 1805-1876; grad. Amherst, 1830; D.D., Austin College, Texas, 1878; made valuable contributions to the literature of the Congregational denomination; m. Harriet Newell Woods. (I) George Stuart: b. 1838; grad. Union Theological Seminary, 1870; m. Margaret Coates; served in several different pastorates in N. Y. (II) Charles Richardson: b. 1842; grad. Cambridge Theological Seminary; m. Mary Sneden Schenck. (III) William Henry: b. 1845; grad. Harvard Medical School; professor of gynaecology there; m. Charlotte Ann Ball. Ch.: Roy Ball (1876); Harold Woods (1881). (IV) Walter: b....

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Genealogy of Richard Baker

H152 RICHARD BAKER: the first American ancestor of those known distinctively as of the Dorchester family of Baker; arrived in this country from England, 1635; m. Faith Withington about 1639; made a Freeman of the colony 1649; a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company; nearly every year from 1642-85 his name is on record as exercising some office in the town administration of Dorchester; d. 1689. (1) John: 1643-1690; m. Preserver Trott; home occupied as a barrack for American troops during the siege of Boston: an efficient townsman. (A) John: 1671-1745; owned extensive farming tracts; m. Hannah Withington. (a) James: 1713-1776; m. Priscilla Paul; inherited homestead; an extensive farmer. 1. James: 1739-1825; grad. Harvard, 1760; m. Lydia Bowman; practiced as a physician; established a country store; in 1772 began the manufacture of chocolate at Dorchester Lower Mills. A. Edmund: 1770-1846; m. Sarah Howe; m. (2), Mrs. Elizabeth Lillie (Vose); took charge of the chocolate manufacture. a. Walter: 1792-1852; graduated from Harvard 1811; began study of Law at Litchfield, Conn., ran profitable woolen manufacturing business during war with England; in 1824 took sole charge of chocolate manufacture, and under new style of “Walter Baker”, it became prosperous and widely known; m. Deborah Smith Mott; m. (2), Eleanor Jameson Williams. (I) Walter: 1827-1887; m. Frances Cordelia Temlett. Ch.: (1) Walter Sydney: has been a resident of England from boyhood; m....

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Genealogy of James Baker

(a) Preserved: 1711-1777; m. Martha Harrington; owned and occupied the homestead property. 1. James: 1742-1803; last of the name of Baker to own and occupy the ancient dwelling house built by Richard for his son John. A. Samuel: b. 1778; m. Charlotte Muncreef. 2. Samuel: 1744-1819; m. Elizabeth Clapp; m. (2), Sarah Clark. A. Eleazer: 1784-1853; m. Susan Munroe; an ingenious mechanic. a. George Washington: 1824-1888; m. Frances L. Shedd; m. (2), Elizabeth Abbot Daland; engaged in some form of mercantile business. Ch.: Charles Daland (b. 1872). 3. Preserved: 1746-1842; m. Submit Clapp. A. John: 1780-1843; m. Patty Ellis; high sheriff of Norfolk County, appointed 1813. a. George Ellis: 1816-1887; m. Eveline M. Stevens; private secretary to gov. of New York, 1855-56; in political and personal affiliation with William H. Seward, Horace Greeley and Thurlow Weed; during President Lincoln’s administration was “disbursing agent” of the dept. of State. (1) George Fisher: b. 1840; m. Florence Tucker; elected president of the First National Bank of New York City, 1877. Ch.: George Fisher: b. 1878. b. John Joy: b. 1822; m. Harriette Pearson Titcombe. (1) Alfred Titcomb: b. 1861; m. Mattie M. Nichols. Ch.: Harold Titcomb: b. 1888. c. Fisher Ames: b. 1837; graduated from Dartmouth 1859; admitted to the Bar 1860; served in the Civil War and retired as lieut.-col.; m. Catherine Whiting Fisher. B. Benjamin: 1786-1857; m. Lydia Thayer....

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MacDonald McDonald Family Records

THE M(a)cDonald Family is among the forty-nine “best families” selected by the American Historical-Genealogical Society for whom the Society has published family histories during the past few years. The M(a)cDonald family has been prominent in the British Empire and in the United States; its members having played important roles in war and in peace. Family pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All M(a)cDonald have just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions. In reference No. 14 we find the following regarding the origin and meaning of the name MacDonald: The surname, MacDonald, means the son or descendant of Donald. Donald is a well-known northern personal name. By some etymologists it is thought to be derived from the Gaelic “donhuil,” which means “browneyed.” Others say that it comes from two Gaelic words, “domhan”-the world-and “all”-mighty. In Scotch histories of the family the name is always written Macdonald or MacDonald, while those of the clan who have come to America usually use the abbreviation, McDonald. The clan MacDonald is certainly one of the oldest and most important in Scotland. Its chiefs descended from Somerled, Thane of Argyle, but sometimes styled King of the Isles, who flourished in the twelfth century. This clan has been known for centuries for its fearlessness and bravery, and also for its ancient and unbroken lineage. It is well represented today...

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Hunt Officers in the Continental Army

HUNT, ABRAHAM (Mass.): Adjutant of Gerrish’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; 2nd Lieutenant and Adjutant 25th Continental Infantry, 1st January to 31st December, 1776; Captain 1st Massachusetts, 1st January, 1777; resigned 31st August, 1780. HUNT, DAVID (N. Y.) : Private 2nd New York, 5th May 1778, to 17th February 1779; Regimental Quartermaster 5th New York, 1st July 1780; retired 1st January 1781. (Died 1819.) HUNT, EPHRAIM (Mass.): Ensign of Jackson’s Additional Continental Regiment, July, 1777; 2nd Lieutenant, 1st May 1778; regiment designated 16th Massachusetts 23rd July 1780; transferred to 9th Massachusetts, 1st January 1781; 1st Lieutenant; 9th August 1781; transferred to 4th Massachusetts, 12th January 1782, and served to close of war. (Died 16tH October 1805.) HUNT, JESSE (N. C.): Captain North Carolina Militia, 1778. HUNT, JONATHAN (Vt.): Lieutenant-Colonel Vermont Militia in 1776 and 1777. HUNT, JOSEPH (Va.): Hospital Surgeon’s Mate, 28th June 1775, to May, 1776. HUNT, NATHANIEL (N. J.): Colonel New Jersey Militia in 1776. HUNT, OLIVER (Mass.): 2nd Lieutenant 1st Massachusetts, 1st January, 1777; 1st Lieutenant, November 1777, resigned 4th May 1870 HUNT, SAMUEL (N. H.) : Lieutenant-Colonel New Hampshire Militia, 1777-1778. HUNT, SETH (Mass.): Private in Lexington Alarm, April 1775; Regimental Quartermaster of Fellows Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1.775. HUNT, STEPHEN (N. J.): Colonel New Jersey Militia, 1776. HUNT, THOMAS (Mass.): Sergeant in Captain Craft’s Company of Minute Men at Lexington and Concord,...

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Georgia Light Infantry – Columbus Muscogee County Georgia

J. S. CALHOUN, Captain. E. R. GOULDING, 1st Lieutenant. H. C. ANDERSON, 2d Lieutenant. W. B. PHILLIPS, 1st Sergeant. ASA B. HOXIE, 2d Sergeant. W. T. SMITH, 3d Sergeant. M. H. BLANDFORD, 4th Sergeant. R. R. HOWARD, 1st Corporal. A. SCOTT, 2d Corporal. TH. REYNOLDS, 3d Corporal. GEO. LINDSAY, 4th Corporal. Privates E. C. Allen Lucius A. G. Allen James Arledge Charles J. Barrow Leonidas T. Belk William Blankenship George W. Bronson Zachariah Boothe Amor Boyd Frederic E. Brooking Jesse S. Bryan Calvin Bryant Young G. Burke Lewis Chandler Cicero J. Clarke David S. Cooper Joseph Crepps James T. Cunningham John R. Cushing Stephen Daniels Richard Delanay Absalom M. Dennis Nathan B. Duke James F. H. Ellington John H. Ellis William Forsyth Bryant Farmer William Farmer Peter F. Farrar Michael Fitzpatrick Thomas R. Flournoy Richard Fox Albert L. Garrard Thomas Gilbert Obadiah B. R. Graham Jackson M. Greenhow Sidney Grigg James R. Hanson Upton S. Heath William M. James John G. Jones James E. Johnson William Kelley Joseph Kelley James Kellogg John Law Robert D. Lee James Love Alexander Lowther John R. Moore William Myrick Duncan H. Nix Henry C. Overton Henry S. Orr Andrew J. Pickens William V. Porter Lincoln Preble John W. Park Jesse B. Reeves Granville L. Robinett Joseph T. Robison James T. Rogers William M. Rogers Lucius C. Saunders Samuel Hedge Samuel B. Spencer Lindsay...

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Canton Volunteers – Canton Cherokee County Georgia

K. GRAMLING, Captain. A. KEATH, 1st Lieutenant. W. F. MULLENS, 2d Lieutenant. W. G. GRAMLING, 1st Sergeant. S. J. COOK, 2d Sergeant. D. F. DANIEL, 3d Sergeant. N. F. STRAIN, 4th Sergeant. JOHN G. RHODES, 1st Corporal. ALLEN MOODY, 2d Corporal. ROBT. S. KNOX, 3d Corporal. JOSHUA HUGHES, 4th Corporal. Privates William T. Archer George F. Amos Alfred H. Burns Alexander F. Burns Daniel H. Bird Elijah W. Bond John M. Bond Joseph B. Cook William S. Cook John B. Cook Alfred Cook Ludy Cothren Chesley C. Curtis Wm. M. Camp Isaac W. Carpenter Lewis A. Carpenter David P. Copeland Thomas E. Dickerson Benjamin Dean James A. Delaney Alexander M. Delaney Stephen P. Ellis John T. Dickerson John W. Finchen Richard M. Gramling Henry J. Galt. Nehemiah J. Garrison Elisha Hillhonse Samuel W. Hillhonse Joseph Heard John O. Hobson Nathaniel M. Harris Christopher Hullett John C. Hatiley Luther R. Henley Isham Jordan George W. Keith George W. Lawhorne John B. Lawson Sanford Lovers John Lusk William Lusk Zimmerman Lawhorne Henry M. Long James M. Long Levi Lancaster Joshua McConnel John C. Maddox Jesse E. Machen Samuel McConnel James McMahan Samuel G. Mathis Christenbury Phillips James O. Phillips John A. Roberts Samuel M. Rice Albert Rodgers John A. Roark William A. Rivers Ray Manning William W. Rich Isaac L. Scago Benjamin F. Strain Henderson Simeraly John B. Sutherland Robert Spriggs...

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Kenesaw Rangers – Marietta Cobb County Georgia

A. NELSON, Captain. JAS. M. DOBBS, 1st Lieutenant. W. J. MANAHAN, 2d Lieutenant J. H. MEHAFFEY, 1St Sergeant. H. TROTTER, 2d Sergeant. ANDREW B. REED, 3d Sergeant. JOSERP H. WINTERS, 4th Sergeant. S. M. ANDERSON, 1st Corporal. WM. D. NEAL, 2d Corporal. WM. D. GRAY, 3d Corporal. WM. H. CRAFT, 4th Corporal. Privates W. A. Appling Cicero H. Allen T. J. Boyce A. M Boyd. W. W. Brown Jesse Blackburn Thomas A. Burroughs John I. Bennett J. B. Burton Ephraim Bishop Daniel R. Bruce William Buse L. D. Buse John E. Conger E. W. C. Champion James J. Crawford J. N. Carter Green Copeland John A. Cox John Dunwoodie Jr. William F. Davenport Thomas Dillon John D. S. Foote James C. N. Foote C. C. Farris W. H. Goodwin Washington Green Hugh Gray John Gray W. D. Gann Andrew P. Guess W. P. Guess J. O. Hackett J. H. Hand W. J. Haines J. B. Haden Cicero C. Hammock William H. Head George Hodge Nicholas Hunt Samuel Hawkins Caleb Higgins J. M. Jordan Josiah Jordan B. D. Jordan Thomas R. Johnsop David P. Kendrick Andrew J. Lafoy John B. Lindley John Merrett John C. McConnell John McConnell John McAdams J. N. Miller William H. Miller J. M. McGuire W. H. McCuchin John McGuffe Chandler McGuffe Bedney F. McDonald James W. Mann L. P. McCarthur Elisha N. Knight Thomas A....

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Fannin Avengers – Pike County Georgia

H. J. SARGENT Captain. G. D. ALEXANDER, 1st Lieutenant. H. B. HOLLIDAY, 2d Lieutenant. F. M. ISON, 1st Sergeant. G. D. JOHNSON, 2d Sergeant. WILLIAM F. MOORE, 3d Sergeant. ROBT. LATTIMER, 4th Sergeant. ALEX. 0. REED, 1st Corporal. T. D. PERTODY, 2d Corporal JOS. JOHNSON, 3d Corporal BENJ. F. INGRAHAM, 4th Corporal Privates Jonathan Allen Thomas R. Arnold William Aycock William E. Beall John H. Baker Osborn Brewer Cicero L. Brown George D. Boutwell John I. Belcher Thomas Burks Robert I. Bedell William D. Bailey David AI. Crenshaw Nathaniel L. Collins William T. Crawford Alfred Carpenter Henry F. Carpenter Henry Coker John W. Crow Wm. W. Campbell George Dugan Frederick Dickens Wm. Deloaeh Jesse N. Davis Ruffin Durham Thomas Dye John B. Folds James A. Green Archibald Gibbes Henderson Gibbs James R. George Eliphalet Hatton Wm. R. Head Thomas I. Ison Anthony Ivy Benjamin F. Jones Samuel A. Kennedy John T. Leggett Andrew J. Low John W. Lake Burrell Lawrence Hilliard I. Legg Andrew Lendberg Drury Lewis John Millen Dawson Millborn John G. Morgan Hugh C. McGehee Joseph B. Matthews Gerardin I. Ogilsby Sterling C. Pritchard John C. Pryor William I. Perry Wm. L. Prescott John T. Reid David R. Ross Wm. T. Ready John C. Smith Robert Shaws Joseph H. Shivers James W. Spencer John Stewart Benjamin Shinn Robert W. Terry Henry I. Tidd John W. Turner Thomas...

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Crawford Guards – Moscogee County Georgia

JOAN JONES, Captain. R. G. MITCHELL, 1st Lieutenant. J. S. DISMUKES, 2d Lieutenant. T. SCHOONMAKER, 1st Sergeant. H. S. TISDALE, 2d Sergeant. A. M. SAULS, 3d Sergeant. D. A. WINN, 4th Sergeant.. JOHN MAY, 1st Corporal. JOHN LOCHABY, 2d Corporal. JAS. B. WELLS, 3d Corporal. N. J. PEABODY, 4th Corporal. Privates Matthew Allen William Barbarce Charles L. Bass J. R. Beck Tryon Best A. Blake Wesley R. Bradford Joshua Canter Thomas Carter Edmond Christian Reuben T. Clayborne Richard C. Clarke Daniel Crane W. G. Cunningham John H. Davis John C. Davis W. C. H. Doyle David B. Edwards Theophilus Fowler George W. Farrar Samuel D. Gamble William B. Garratt Calvin Going John Hancock Sterling E. Hannah John R. Hall Richard W. Hinton Robert H. Hood Matthew A. Hubert David Huson Joseph T. Hyde Cader C. Knowles Moses Land Arthur Lawrence John Leigh John Magner Elijah Martin Patrick McCabe John R. McCorkle Hezekiah McGraw William Misenheimer William Moody Martin Mooney James Moran Andrew L. Mott Patrick O’Haire Gustavus A. Palmer William B. Parker Joseph Perdue James Pettitt Elbert Presly Mitchell Ralston Harvey Rice Thomas R. Robinson Milton Rose Thomas J. Salter Christopher Salvo Allen W. Sanders William Slaught Abner Smith Thomas J. Stockton John Sullivan Coleman B. Tait Samuel L. Taylor William H. Tillotson John F. Turner James Welden Thomas White Uriah Williams T. H. Wooten Musicians William M. Champion...

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Sumter County Volunteers – Americus Georgia

J. A. S. TURNER, Captain. 0. C. HORNE, 1st Lieutenant. J. COTTLE, 2d Lieutenant. S. P. WOODWARD, 1st Sergeant. N. N. THOMPSON, 2d Sergeant. L. T. TAYLOR, 3d Sergeant. G. HUGHES, 4th Sergeant. H. EDWARDS, 1st Corporal. C. H. COTTLE, 2d Corporal. M. S. THOMPSON, 3d Corporal. W. A. ELKINS, 4th Corporal. Privates Jeremiah B. Ansley Thomas J. Aiken James T. Ballard Joshua Boyd Salathiel Buckner John Burgess Abner B. Conner William J. Connier Norman Carmichael Elias Clarke John Clarke William B. Chandler John M. Cauthen Uriah Collpm William Champion George W. Compton Shadrick Crawford Daniel J. Derrizeaux George Derrizeaux Franklin Duvan Jacob Duckworth Richard O. Echolls James Fudge William Goodson John B. Gibson William K. Gilmore Robert R. Golding Charles Graham James H. Hefting William Hardy John H. Horne John W. Haugabook John A. Hunter Sylvester Hewitt Hugh G. Ivy Bradford Johnston Jeremiah Jackson William P. Jourdan James Jackson James Lewis Rasco Lepsey John G. McDonald Joseph McMath Jacob McNair John J. Murphy Jefferson Morris John Morris Jefferson Montgomery Milus F. Noland Jacob Newman Albert Peddy Joshua Richards James Richards Samuel Smith Abram R. Smith Daniel Smith James R. Smith John D. Smith Wesley A. Smith Henry J. Smith Albert Sorrell Oliver N. Stewart James Seahorn Franklin Singleton Norban T. Taylor James J. Tompkins John Taylor David Turner Albert T. White George M. Welda Barton P. Wright William...

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Macon Guards

ISAAC HOLMES, Captain. E. L. SHELTON, 1st Lieutenant. E. S. RODGERS, 2d Lieutenant WM. D. GRIFFIN, 1st Sergeant. J. B. CUMMING, 2d Sergeant J. A. McGREGOR, 3d Sergeant P. J. SHANNON, 4th Sergeant. A. B. ROSS, 1st Corporal. EDWIN HARRIS, 2d Corporal THOS. E. ORCUTT, 3d Corporal R. T. McGREGOR, 4th Corporal Privates James A. Abbott Wilson J. Aderhold Edmund Barnard James W. Beasley Orran W. Buffington Edward Curd Peter W. Clayton William J. Cumming Rufus Cook William Carter John W. Cooper John Cleesby James Carson John R. Candler William Davis Isaac Domingos John L. Fells William English James E. Flint Elijah Foster Alfred T. Franklin Alexander II. Franklin Charles E. Flanders Simon W. Freeman George .A. Grimes Lewis Gee Solomon Groce Richard Head Elliott Higgins William Hughes Alexander Hammersley Andrew W. S. Harris William A. Harris Alexander H. Hawkins Simeon Horton William S. Johnston William Kennedy D. G. Kennedy William King William L. King John T. Lamar Wilson Logue A. D. Logan John Loughridge John H. Lane Allen J. McGraw John McGowan Seaborn Moore James Martin Alfred B. McKee William W. Munson Robert E. Macarthy Thomas McNeely Sanford Moore Robert Melton Sanford F. Miniard Thomas J. McCrary Thomas J. Moody A. A. Park William Robinson Alexander Reynolds William M. Ralston Alexander R. Ralston David A. Ralston Caleb W. Rembert Marcus Roberts Albert L. Ross Thomas Shirty Sebastian Shaw...

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Jasper Greens – Savannah Georgia

J. MCMANON, Captain. G. CURLETTE, 1st Lieutenant. D. O’CONNER, 2d Lieutenant JNO. DEVAVY, 1st Sergeant. M. CAREY, 2d Sergeant. P. MARTIN, 3d Sergeant. LEO. WYLLY, 4th Sergeant. M. FERRY, lst Corporal. P. TIERNEY, 2d Corporal. T. BOURSE, 3d Corporal. OWEN RIELLY, 4th Corporal. Privates. William Bandy W. D. Burke P. Bossu Francis Camfield James Chalmers P. Clark Patrick Cody John Coffee William Coffee James Coulihan Elijah Condon Joseph Davis Dennis Desmond Michael Downy Michael Duggan Francis Dutzmer Charles Farrelly Thomas Fenton David Fountain James Fleeting James Flynn William P. Fielding James Feely Patrick Gerrin Moses Gleason O. B. Hall Michael Hoar Timothy Howard R. M. Howard E. W. Irwin John Keegin Humphrey Leary W. S. Levi David Lynch Michael Lynch L. Mahony Henry Marony John Makin Bryan Morris Jas. McFeehilly H. V. Morel John Mcldrum William Murray Michael Murphy Daniel Murphy Hugh Murtagh Henry Nagle Dan Nickels M. M. Payne George Perminger Thomas Pidgeon John Regan Francis Reeves R. Richardson J. Rinehart B. Rodebuck R. M. Robertson J. D. Ryan Thomas Ryan John Sanderlin Michael Shea Peter Suzmell David Stokes C. F. E. Smith R. L. S. Smith Patrick Shiels Patrick Tidings Daniel F. Towles J. W. Warden James Waters Michael Weldon John Whaling James Waters Jr. Jacob Zimmerman Musicians William Gatehouse George Gatehouse...

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Richmond Blues – Augusta Georgia

D. W. DILL, Captain. J. PHINIZY, 1st Lieutenant. A. H. MCLAWES, 2d Lieutenant. W. PHILLIPS, 1st Sergeant. D. D. MCMURPHY, 2d Sergeant. R. H. RINGGOLD, 3d Sergeant. J. F. GLOVER, 4th Sergeant. S. JOHNSON, 1st Corporal. H. BAKER, 2d Corporal. A. PHILLIP, 3d Corporal. G. GORDON, 4th Corporal. Privates. Francis Agnew Benjamin Ansley William Archy R. H. Bush John Bradey R. D. Bridges John Batly J. W. Berry P. Barret J. M. Brown John ‘PV. Conklin James Callahan F. C. Cattinet Joseph M. Collins Washington Collins Milton Cawley Timothy Crawley John C. Colo Patrick Cole M. M. Copeland N. M. Drummond William Dye Matthew Doyle C. Donovan M. Dolon Willq,in Darby William Dickson John Evans Thomas Farrell Alfred Guthrie Thomas Guideron John Griffin Michael Gaffney T. Gallagher James Hickey William S. Hawthorne E. H. Holliday T. Haley James M Jennings A. J. Knox T. Little William Larkin James Lamar James Lynch John P. McKenzie Thomas McPherson Briton Mims Andrew Michell Terrance McGuire Robert Musgrove John F. Markee W. Medlar R. W. Murray T. McCabe Martin O’Riley William Oaks William Pardue F. D. Pettagrew Bernard Rowe F. E. Roathe J. Ridde L A. G. Roberts James J. R. Roper J. E. Richardson James Riley Matetsew Smith George Shannon J. D. Salmons Lewis Sumner Willis Seay Thomas Tobin J. W. Taylor Lewis Vanzandt Jas. Wolfing Samuel Wilcox William Wiivox J. S....

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