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Lowell Massachusetts Annual Reports 1862-1928

Most towns in New England started publishing annual reports of the town’s public business in the 1800’s and many smaller towns still carry on that trait today. The following list of 52 free annual reports for Lowell Massachusetts covers the years of 1862-1928 (incomplete). Each town provided different reports in it’s annual publications, but they generally contain information on vital records (births, marriages and deaths) for the year of publication (not always included in early years), lists of public officials, lists of police officers, firemen, and other government workers, including school teachers. Don’t overlook the town’s expenditures list, as it often included payments made to town citizens for work they performed in the town’s behest. Also, many towns include payments made for the support of the indigent within the town.

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Dedham Massachusetts Historical Society Register 1890-1903

From 1890-1903, the Dedham Historical Society in Dedham Massachusetts printed a quarterly pamphlet for it’s historical society called the “Dedham Historical Register.” In this pamphlet a variety of genealogical data was published on families of Dedham and the villages emanating from the early residents of Dedham, such as Dorchester, Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Needham, and Sharon, etc.

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Free Massachusetts Town Vital Records

This is a collection of 191 free town vital records books, otherwise known as “Tan Books” for Massachusetts towns. Generally these records go up to 1849/1850 at which, the genealogist can use the census records to assist in identifying the family connections further. Included with this article is an account of why and how these manuscripts were published.

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Illinois Methodist Church Records

The following collection of material reflects 250 churches of the Methodist faith which have closed their doors since 1824 in southern and central Illinois. This region makes up the Illinois Great Rivers United Methodist Conference. While the vast majority of the information relates to membership rolls and registers of officials, many of the churches also kept vital records of their members. Ancestry claims that “Baptism records are available until 1914, and Marriage records are available until 1970.” In fact I found baptism records which occurred after 1914, however, they’re not indexed. They appear in the records on the images only.

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Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records

Most Connecticut researchers are as familiar with the Barbour Collection of town records as Massachusetts researchers are with their “tan books” of town vital records. For those not familiar, in short, the Barber Collection provides a transcription and index of pre-1870 Connecticut vital records on a town by town basis. The Lucius Barnes Barbour Collection, as it is officially known has been housed in the Connecticut State Library since Lucius created it. For non local researchers, microfilm copies have been widely distributed over the years. Finally, it’s now becoming available online in an even wider distribution. The 123 volumes are arranged in alphabetical order according to town name. Within each town, the records are arranged in alphabetical order according to surname. Each marriage record is so arranged that all the vital records for a person is together, so birth and death records may also be found within the marriage records database. Unfortunately, it’s not all available online for free. We have provided the links for each town below depending on it’s availability at a free website, and then as a backup to Ancestry if the specific resource is not available for free.

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Registers of the Parish of Michilimackinac

The records from the register at Michilimackinac are here provided as they were translated by Edward O. Brown back in 1889. His translation came from a transcript of the original, which latter is kept in the parish church of Ste. Anne, at Mackinac. Annotated throughout are Mr. Brown’s biographical knowledge of the events of Michilimackinac and the people within. Don’t pass over the footnotes for the record, you may find a biographical reference hidden there!

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Mackinac Marriage Records 1821

August 11, 1821, William McGulpin, son of age of Patrick McGulpin, and Madeleine Bourassa, daughter of age of Daniel Bourassa and of Marguerite Bertrand, both residents of this parish, having shown us a certificate from a justice of the peace, Samuel Abbot, 1Samuel Abbott was in Mackinac before 1810, when he was made collector of customs. He was later magistrate, notary public, and president of the village. For many years he was Mackinac agent of the American Fur Company. He died some time before 1859. by which it appears that they contracted marriage on August 21, 1815, and asked us to validate their marriage before the church. Accordingly on the same day and in the year aforesaid, we received their mutual marriage consent and gave them the nuptial Benediction in accordance with the ceremonies of the Roman Church, in the presence of Eloy Bourassa, Alexandre Bourassa, J. B. Bourassa, and Mathew McGulpin, who signed with us. And the said parties acknowledged as their legitimate children: Marguerite, born July 27, 1816; Pelagic, born November 4, 1818; and Marie, born on April 1, 1821 (the two fonmer having been baptized by Monsieur Joseph Crevier, missionary priest, September 9, 1818). In testimony whereof, the following have signed: Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL...

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Mackinac Marriage Records 1800-1804

January 19, 1800, I, the Undersigned one of the Justices of the Peace of the United States, received The mutual Marriage consent of Louis hamelin and of Marie Louise of the Sauteux nation. In the presence of the Undersigned witnesses, at McKinac on the day and in the year aforesaid. Adhemar St. Martin J. P. Alexis Laframbois; L Hamelin; Genevieve Plaiseé; J. Giasson. April 20, 1800, I, the undersigned, one of the justices of the peace of the United States, received The mutual Marriage consent of Jacques Chauvin and of Angelique of the Sauteux nation, In the presence of the Undersigned witnesses. The parties having declared that they could not sign their names, they made their usual mark. * * * Adhemar St Martin J. P. Jacques Chauvin, + his mark; Angelique, + her mark; Madm Mitchell, + her mark; D. Mitchell; J. Giasson; P. G. Cotté; Charles Maillet. July 28, 1800, in the afternoon, I, the Undersigned, one of the justices of the peace of the United States, received the Mutual Marriage Consent of André Sarrere de Lavictoire and of Ersule Mercier. * * * Adhemar St Martin J. P. André Sarrez; Ersule Mercier, + her mark; Benjamin Lyon; George Hengell, witness; Jac. Vasseur. December 30, 1800, in the afternoon, I, the undersigned, one of the justices of the Peace of the United States, received the mutual Marriage...

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Mackinac Marriage Records 1790-1799

January 21, 1792, I, the undervsigned Justice of the Peace, received the mutual Marriage Consent of Jean Baptiste La Borde dit Sans regret, and of marguerite Machar Chevalier, In the presence of the undersigned witnesses * * * Adhemar St Martin J. P. 1A well-known family of Detroit, whose ancestor came there in 1709. At what time this person was appointed justice of the peace at Mackinac does not appear. Alexis Laframboise; J. B. Barthe; C. Gaultier; Joseph Laframboise; J. B. la Borde Di Sanregret; Ezechiel Solomon; John Kirby; Louis Chevalier, + His Mark; Madme Gaultier, + Her Mark. March 19, 1792, I the Undersigned, Commandant of this Post, received the Mutual Marriage Consent of Alexis Laframboise, Esquire, and of Josette Adhemar, 2See a reference to this family in Wisconsin Historical Collections, xiv, p. 20. in the presence of the Undersigned witnesses, in the House of Gabriel Cotté, Esquire, Michilimakinac, * * * Edw. Charleton 3Capt. Edward Charleton was captain in the 5th infantry of the British army in 1783. Apparently he was commandant at Fort Michilimackinac from 1790-92. In 1794 he was promoted to a majority, and three years later retired on half-pay, dying at his English home in 1839., Capt. 5th Reg. Comg. J. B. Barthe; Chles Chaboillez; C. Gaultier; Benjamin Roche 4Benjamin Roche, of the same regiment, entered the army in 1782, being made lieutenant of...

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Mackinac Marriage Records 1780-1789

April 19, 1781, the Marriage Ceremony was solemnized between Thomas Stone and Margaret Paterson, daughter to Geo. Paterson, soldier in the 8th Regiment, by their mutual consent and before the undersigned witnesses. In testimony whereof the said Parties have also affixed their names – the Ceremony performed by Patrick Sinclair Esq., Governor of the Post. 1This is, so far as we know, the first civil service performed at Mackinac by an officer; possibly it was the first marriage ceremony performed on Mackinac Island. The original entry is in English. Tho Stone Witnesses: John Coates, Notary Public. July 20, 1786, I, the undersigned priest, having granted dispensation of bans between Sieur Charles Viarville dit Gauthier son of Sieur Claude Germain Viarville and of Therese Villeneuve, his father and mother, of this parish, of the one part; and Magdelaine Paschal Chevalier, daughter of Sieur Louis Paschal Chevalier and of the late Magdeleine Reaume, her father and mother, residing in the same place, of the other part – administered the sacrament of matrimony to the said consorts after receiving their mutual consent which they had already pledged before witnesses pending an opportunity of having their marriage confirmed and ratified by an approved priest and before several witnesses according to the usage and custom of and as prescribed by our mother the holy church and as testified below by the signatures of Messieurs...

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Mackinac Marriage Records 1770-1779

July 28, 1773, I, the undersigned Vicar-General of Illinois received the mutual marriage consent of Sieur Hyacinthe Amelin, trader; and of Marie Joseph Maingans, and gave them the nuptial Benediction according to the form prescribed by the Holy Roman Church and in the presence of Sieurs Louis Cardin and Charles Chaboiller, friends of the husband; and of Sieurs Charles Mudox and Amable Roy, and of Therese Campion wife of Sieur Du Bois, friends of the wife, who signed with us these presents duly read. Gibault. H[y]ast Hamelin; Charles Maddox; Cardin; Amable Roy ; Therese Campion Dubois; Chaboillez. June 23, 1775, I published one marriage ban and granted dispensation from the two others in favor of Francois Maurice de la Fantaisie, a native of the town of Montreal residing in this parish, son of Francois Maurice de la Fantaisie and of Magdeleine le Due, his father and mother, of the one Part; and in favor of Marie Anne Cardin, a native of the village, daughter of Louis Cardin formerly a Notary at this Post and of the late Constante Chevalier, her father and mother, of the other Part. No impediment to the marriage having been discovered, we, the undersigned missionary Priest and Vicar-General of Monseigneur the bishop of Quebec in these Countries, received their mutual marriage consent * * * and in the presence, on be half of the husband...

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Mackinac Marriage Records 1750-1759

February 1, 1750, I, the undersigned priest of the society of Jesus, performing the duties of parish priest, received the mutual marriage consent of Poncelet Batillo de Clermont, a soldier, son of the late Jean Batillo and of Marguerite Pierrot, of the parish of St Pierre de Mousar in Clarmontor, bishopric of Treves; and of Francois[e] Cardinal, widow of the late Pierre Hubert la Croix, of the parish of Lachine, and gave them the nuptial benediction * * * P. Du Jaunay, miss. of the society of Jesus. Poncelet Batillo et Clermont; Francois Cardinalle; Allexis Sejourne dit Sansragin [Sanschagrin]; Bourassa; Duplessyfaber 1For this officer see Wisconsin Historical Collections, vol. xviii, p. 61, note 3..   February 1, 1750, I, the undersigned priest of the society of Jesus, performing the duties of parish priest, received the mutual marriage consent of Jean Baptiste la Feriere dit Jasmin, widower of the late Catherine le Febvre of the parish of la Prairie de la Madelaine; and of Francoise Hubert la Croix, daughter of the late Pierre Hubert dit la Croix and of Francoise Cardinal, of the parish of La Chine * * * P. Du Jaunay, of the society of Jesus. Jean Baptiste Lafaitiere Jasmain; Faran la Croix; Poncelet Batillot; Francoise Cardinalle; Allixis Sejourné Dit Sanchagrin; Bourassa; [Name Illegible]. July 16, 1750, dear brother Nicolas Demers, born on the 12th of January, 1722...

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